Thursday, November 16, 2006

Update for Episode # 6236 November 16, 2006

A cab pulls up in the street and out steps Rosie back from her ski trip in Switzerland. The Websters seem a happy family for a few moments, Rosie shows her pictures from the alps and almost seems grateful to her parents for a change. Sophie has to get her oar stuck in though and tells her sister about the news regarding Craig and his 'new girlfriend' Suzie Watkins. Rosie is devastated by this turn of events and makes the assumption that Craig has dumped her while she was gone skiing. Kev and Sal of course do not want their daughter to be unhappy but in the big picture are overjoyed that the teen romance has come to an end. As soon as they can sneak off to The Rovers for a celebratory drink.Craig manages to waylay Rosie on the street later and convinces her that he has done nothing wrong. The two of them being apart goes against nature - they are meant to be together. Before long they are having a good snog on the sofa just like the old days. Rosie imagines her parents will have a bit of a wobbler when they hear the two teens are back together, but Craig suggests that they not tell Kev and Sal, so it will be easier for them to get together for trysts in the future. Clever boy.

Janice sees Kev working outside his garage and screeches shrilly about his shoddy workmanship. She warns Fred not to drive his van after having it worked on by The Webster Garage. Fred remarks that his van is not being repaired, and that what she is blathering on about is libel, I say libel. 'It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it'. Wise man our Fred. Later Janice finds another audience to screech at in the The Rovers when she has a drink with Danny and Leanne. Lippy goes on about how they could really have got hurt in the accident and how someone is going to pay. Danny tells her the only injury likely to occur is their ears getting bruised by all the nagging.

Fred continues to be as happy as a pig in muck over his engagement to Bev. The tone in the house turns ominous though when the post arrives and Ashley opens a letter from Matt Ramsden - Joshua's biological father. Ashley is worried about losing his son or the impact it might have on their relationship. Fred and Ashley then have a nice bit of sharing about their past, how Fred gave up Ashley to be raised by others, until they were reunited when Ashley was 22.

Ed and Eileen are walking peacefully down the street until he spies Emily and chases after her, telling her it is her christian duty to forgive him. Naturally Emily is somewhat traumatized by this intrusion. Rita tells Ed she thought christianity is about being compassionate. Back inside at Number 11 Ed tells Eileen that if Emily won't forgive him then his life won't be worth living. Eileen is rightfully put off by this, doesn't she help to make his life worthwhile? She tells him that his past is killing their relationship. She has given up her friends and her standing in the community for the sake of their relationship, but is tired of arguing about the same thing over and over, and about feeling dirty whenever they have a bit of fun. She loves Ed but she wants to strangle him. He loves Eileen but is unable to give up his goal of achieving forgiveness, however long it might take. They care deeply for each other - Ed wants to stay - but Eileen shows him the door anyways.


Debbie said...

Man did I feel badly for Eileen (I too know what it is like ending a relationship on the night that you are supposed to go to a 70'S disco -Oouch). Ed is a fool, that woman is a gem!

In this episode I think Ed was totally out of order. He really needs to stop tormenting Emily. I guess this is the end of the tripple E triangle.

Rob Swizzle said...

"screeches shrilly about his shoddy workmanship"

Nice bit of alliteration, Papa Smurf!

papasmurf said...

Thanks robswizzle! - I do like to sneak in a little alliteration every once in a while.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, Ed really crossed the line this time. I mean, chasing Emily down the street saying "You have to forgive me - you're a Christian!" is pretty horrible. Give her some space, man! Geez Louise!

I feel badly for Eileen too, because I want her to be happy, but I don't think she and Ed are meant to be.

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...


The relationship is doomed, that's for sure. I'd like to see her with someone. Hopefully the writers will find someone for her. He totally understood her and got her to stop hiding behind her sense of humour, fantastic as it is.

On a completely different note. Jason Grimshaw: Hot. Hot with three 't's HOTTT.

Can I get a witness?

Maude_Lynn said...

Meh. Todd was the cuter Grimshaw.

missusmac said...

Ed chasing Emily was brilliant! I've been on Ed's side up until now, I confess I've been an Emily basher -- but in that 5 seconds I saw Emily's side very clearly.

Ed's a stalker, with a Christian soul. It was just terrific, creative, jarring writing.

Poor Eileen. However, I do hope Deirdre grovels.

And as icky as this is gonna sound, 'cause the kid is only like 16, but Craig is very nice to look at, even with the black fingernails.

papasmurf said...

Rosie is easy on the eyes as well.

Debbie said...

Craig is a nice looking chap. He can sing too. He won the Soapstar Superstar contest - it was awesome. He just gets better looking. Sweet Craig Harris.

Todd is just OK. Jason is the hunk a-hunk a burnin' love.

Rosie is beautiful. Actually, I think she may have been a casting mistake. Coronation Street has been known for casting actors who look like regular people. She may be better looking than they had anticipated

Rob Swizzle said...

What a discussion! Hottest underage characters on the street. I'm shocked, appalled, and . . .

Katie Harris.

Anonymous said...

Criag is gorgeous and Jason is cute too...So what if I am a older woman? I have eyeballs and a mind!

:P LOL!!!! Michigan Corrie LoverLady

missusmac said...

Hmm, funny no one mentioned underage Candice, whose entire mission in life was to look hot!