Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Update for Episode # 6234 November 14, 2006

Ed returns to Weatherfield seeking forgiveness. Or maybe just a pint.

The Flat

Norris is chomping at the bit to get Rita out of her flat and moved in with Emily so he can have the place to himself. He helps Rita schlep her belongings across the street and then scurries back and puts all of Rita's knick knacks into boxes as fast as he can so he can create his notion of feng shooey a al Chez Norris.

Across the street Emily and Rita are having a heart to heart about how long they have known each other and how tough it is getting old and how they used to be young and interesting and full of life. Rita harks back to the days when she would welcome the navy back from a cruise and show the boys a good time. Needless to say Emily is not impressed.

Before long Norris is feeling a bit lonely and rings the girls to tell them he is making coffee. Shortly thereafter he shows up uninvited to get some tea. It seems there was no tea in the flat or in the corner shop. Emily tells him he can borrow some tea but he thinks since there is already some tea ready on the table he may as well get himself a cup and join them for a bit of chin wag.

The Car

Leanne and Janice return from the first test drive of the clapped out Toyota that Danny gave his gold digging diva. Taking the last corner at Warp 7 Leanne tries to stop the death car but to avail - the brakes seem to have failed. The Battersby women come to a stop by battering down a brick wall in front of The Kabin. Thankfully no one is seriously hurt, but as Janice correctly points out, had it happened at a different time or place things could have been much worse.

Everyone from the street rushes out to see what has happened. Danny dashes from the factory to check on Leanne, who seems to have done some damage to one of her legs. As he helps her out of the car, Danny looks up to see Kevin and Tyrone standing there, and they all share a knowing look. Did Danny have the boys at the garage give the car a full MOT* like he let people believe or did he just tell them to spruce the car up a bit because he didn't want to spend any more money on it? Hoist by his own petard it would seem.

Back in the flat Janice is furious about what has happened and is ready to march over to the garage and tear a strip off of the boys there for their shoddy and potentially lethal workmanship. Danny tells her to relax, and that he will take care of sorting things out with Kevin.

A short time later Janice is banging on the door at # 13, she wants a word with Kevin. As she suspected Danny has done nothing yet, so she tears into Sal and Kev, accusing him of all sorts of unpleasant things. In the face of this barrage the truth comes out about what Danny wanted done, or rather didn't want done to the car all in the name of saving a few quid.

* MOT is the Ministry of Transport test for every car (older than 3 years) that is on the road in the UK certifying that it is indeed safe for use on public roads.

The Engagement

Fred and Bev finally return to the street. He wants to tell everyone the good news right away. He is as happy as a pig in muck. She thinks they should tell their respective families first.

Bev tells Shel that she is engaged. To Greg? No - to Fred. Shel is none too impressed by this turn of events. Betty responds unfavourably too.

Fred tells Ashley that he is engaged. To a hitchhiker? No - to Bev. Ashley is none too impressed by this turn of events. Claire responds favourably though.

The children try to counsel caution to their impulsive parents. Shel tells her mom that it is worse than being on the rebound, it's like she is on a flaming trampoline. Ashley is worried that Bev will get cold feet and it is his dad that will get hurt in the process. Fred and Bev both seem to harbour some misgivings about their choice but in the end confirm their engagement and their future together - happy as two pigs in muck.

The Prodigal Son

Ed finally returns to Coronation Street to visit with Eileen. Of course Norris the gossip king sees Ed pull up and has to tell Emily about it. Ed and Eileen share an awkward lunch at hers, trying to pretend that things are normal. Jason, the king of tact, shows up for a buttie and asks Ed 'What's it like killing someone?'

Eileen thinks they should go out for a drink at The Rovers, if they are going to have a normal relationship they have to try and at least act normal. They show up and are given a bit of grief by Shel, who suggests they take their trade to The Arms down the road. Eileen insists that this is her local, that Ed has paid his debts for his actions and they have every right to frequent that public house. Shel relents, but requests that they leave if Emily were to show up. The two of them try to have a nice time but it is apparent that they are not welcome there so they soon retreat to Eileen's.

The two pariahs have a nice snuggle of the sofa. Eileen wishes they could go back to the way it was between them before everything got turned upside down when Ed revealed his past. In spite of it all they agree that they care for each other and somehow things will work out for them - God moves in mysterious ways.

Of course as Ed is leaving who steps out of her door to leave her empty milk bottle on her step - Emily.


Maude_Lynn said...

Did anyone else briefly entertain the thought that maybe Danny wanted to rid himself of Leanne?

No? Just me then?

Heh. I'm just kidding. I mean, why would he go to all that trouble when a simple clove of garlic would do!


missusmac said...

Good point!

And was that Sally standing up for Kevin? Wow. Haven't seen that before.

I understand the actress who plays Leanne is pregnant, so I'm now watching to see what clothing she's wearing and how inventive they will be hiding the bump. I don't think it's been written into the show.

Poor Norris. He's going to be living in that front room by the end of next week. He's not made to live alone.

Good update!

Debbie said...

It was upsetting that our Shelly and our Ashley were so negative about Fred and Bev. They were so happy at the Trader's Ball over the holidays, I say they were happy at the Trader's ball!

Rob Swizzle said...

Maybe Sarah will have a talk with Jason about mums who believe their murderous boyfriend's stories. Eileen and Gail have never had so much common ground: killer-boinkers, the pair of 'em!

(London) Rob said...

FYI: the voting for the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards started yesterday - Round 1 continues until Nov 21.

Corrie Canuck is nominated in 2 categories: Best Group Blog; and Best Entertainment Blog.

You can vote once a day, but ONLY once a day - like that makes sense...


raindrizzlefog said...

What was the word Janice used on Sal when she was reaming out Kevin for the crap job on the brakes? Snek? Schneck?

Rob Swizzle said...

Has anyone else seen that skin care ad with some starlet named Misha Barton? It's like Leanne Battersby doing commercials and it freaks me out!

howdi said...

If it wouldn't be for this blog, I would miss a lot of stuff on Corrie. The updates are great and the comments interesting. Thanks guys.