Monday, November 13, 2006

Update for Episode 6233 November 13, 2006

Fred searches for happiness whilst surrounded by rotting meat

Craig surprises Keith

Keith is preparing some home made carrot and cumin soup for his beloved Audrey. She thinks it is quite aromatic but is somewhat distressed to discover the spice is dated from 2001. Keith assures her that egyptian mummies were preserved with cumin so soup made with a five year old spice would be fine. The two old geezers - er lovebirds are surprised to see Craig pop in at lunch time when he should be at school. They are especially surprised to see he has brought home a girl - Suzie. They are doing some coursework together, which to Keith means they will be doing the horizontal limbo upstairs in no time.

Audrey of course has to tell Sal and Kev about the new girl Suzie. The Websters wonder if Rosie will blame them for this turn of events, since they sent her off to the land of Edelweiss for a ski trip in order to keep her away from the nether regions of the young Harris lad. Sal decides that regardless of who gets blamed for what, it is best that Craig and Rosie are no longer an item.

Danny surprises Leanne

Danny leaves the factory in a cab for an 'important business meeting'. Naturally everyone is suspicious. He shows up later at The Rovers to tell Leanne he has a surprise for her, but wants her to guess what it is. She rattles off a long litany of trivial girly things but finally twigs onto to the fact that Old Danny boy has gotten her the car she wanted. Sean wishes he has a sugar daddy. They all rush outside to see what Danny has bought for Leanne - and it turns out to be a clapped out Toyota. Sean points out that a good sugar daddy would at least buy a new car. Danny assures her that Kev and the boys will make it as good as new and Leanne seems genuinely happy with her present. But remember what happened to the kilted wonder boy and his used car.

Emily surprises Eileen

Eileen pops round Number 3 for a chat with Emily. She tries to explain that while Ed did a terrible thing, it does not make him a terrible person. He has paid his debt to society and has every right to get on with his life - including finding some love and happiness. Emily finds it impossible to fathom how Eileen could love the man who killed her husband, that Eileen is the stupidest woman that she has ever met, and must be truly desperate to be willing to take a killer into her bed.

Eileen returns home to find Jason and Sarah back from holiday. Eileen asks her son what he thinks of Ed. Jason replies that he is a sound bloke for a God squadder. Sean, who is being quite the bitch lately, pipes up about the history of Ed and Emily and the murder of her husband. Amidst all this Eileen declares that she will do what she wants with who she chooses, and does not care what anyone thinks.

Rita surprises Norris

Rita is back from her visit to the Sunnydale Retiremment Community. Norris is bursting with curiosity about where she has been. Rita tells him about where she was but assures Norris that it is not the place for her. While it was quite pleasant, Sunnydale seems like a place where old people go to die. And all this time I thought it was Florida. Anyway, Rita decides to move in with Emily for a while, and is letting Norris live in her flat over the shop for the time being. He is quite chuffed with this idea, and no doubt will have it re-arranged to his liking in no time.

Fred and Bev surprise each other

After rescuing Bev from the side of the road she and Fred are having a wonderful chat while they motor their way back to Weatherfield. However Bev soon detects a foul odour emanating from somewhere and they have to stop. Thankfully the smell is not coming from Fred but from the meat in the back of the van. The refrigeration unit has given up the ghost, as Ashley predicted it would. Fred rings for some roadside assistance. Bev feels guilty about what has happened to the van and the contents therein. Fred assures her that she is more important that any meat shipment. Bev is relieved to know she is more important than a rotting carcass. Fred tells Bev about the return of Orchid and the events that took place while she was gone. (at this point it begins to rain -an ominous portent?) The two seek refuge back in the cab of the van.

Fred admits that he is sorry that he did not go on the cruise with Bev. He is worried that the moment keeps passing the two of them by, in spite of the fact they both know that they care for each other.

Fred tries to explain that he has an undeserved reputation for proposing often, but it was actually more a case of him getting turned down quite often. Chicken and egg if you ask me.

At this point Bev has to throw up, seemingly because of the smell of the meat, not because of what Fred has to say.

Bev admits that the man she met on the cruise dumped her, not the other way around.

Fred then tells Bev he is falling for her and it might seem a bit sudden but would she consider marrying him? He tells her to answer right away, not to sleep on it or to think about, she should know the answer in heart that very instant.

To the delight of all and sundry, Bev agrees to marry Fred.


Anonymous said...

I thought Fred's proposal was lovely. I had tears in my eyes.


Maude_Lynn said...

I could not believe Emily - yes, she has every right to feel the way she does, and it's understandable that she'd be upset, but some of the things she said to Eileen were just cruel. Poor Eileen.

Audrey! What the heck? How dare she tell the Websters an assumption as if it were fact? Argh!

All of this, however, was made up for by Fred's proposal to Bev. Absolutely wonderful moment, that. I actually cheered out loud at my telly. Aw!

missusmac said...

So do you think Rita and Emily will just stay up all night togeher, getting loaded?

Drunk Emily would be something worth seeing, if last night's performance was anything to go by.

Rob Swizzle said...

The more mature actors are getting smart plotlines these days, and they are doing wonders with them. For a while there, everyone over 60 just acted as a sort of sherry-soaked Greek chorus in the corner of the Rover's.

Hooray for Fred and Bev's rotten meat engagement! I loved how Bev kept giving reasons she's bad for him, staccatto style: "I'm flighty! I drink too much! I speak too soon! I'm trouble!"

Anonymous said...

I was cheering for Fred too. He's such a good guy.

I also cheered when Rita said she wasn't ready for the old folks home - she ROCKS!

Yeah, Emily was pretty harsh with Eileen, but, on the other hand, I think Eileen probably should have left well enough alone for a few days, until Emily calms down a little. I mean, it's not like she was unaware how upset Emily has been. Personally, I like seeing another side of Emily. She has been fairly one-dimensional, a sugary sweet Christian. This storyline is giving her some grit and depth.

And can I just say that Leanne is starting to really REALLY raise goldigger flags!

BTW, hasn't Mike been in Spain a really long time?

Michigander Fan

Kristin said...

i wondered how long this ski trip in switzerland is? will we ever see rosie again? it's been nice not having sally snipe so much

(London) Rob said...

The other thing about the Ed story is that he hardly went into that robbery at the factory itching to gun someone down.

Granted he was holding the gun on Earnest but it seems to me (having seen that old video clip) that it only went off when Mike came lurching through the door and crashed into him, looking for all the world like Ed Grimley.

Debbie said...

AGAIN Emily delivered half her lines off into the distance. I think it is her version of 'acting.' She may be irritating me, but it is great to see this different side of her.

The same goes for Eileen. I really like that character and you really feel her heartbreak (of the women, she and Fizz-bomb are among my favourites!).

I loved that scene with Fred and Bev, with him looking up and the camera shooting them from above.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mike and Rosie have met up on the Continent...they both seem to have fallen off the face of the earth.

Debbie, I think you are right - her monologues are reminiscent of old Joan Crawford movies. Old wirehangerhater used to do something very similar. I think it's just dated acting.

I love Eileen (and Fizz) too, and I would really like her to hook up with a nice fella and settle down. I don't have a good feeling about her and Ed, though.

I love seeing the senior members of the cast get paid attention to as well.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

London Rob,

Well, you are right, and Ed certainly wouldn't be the first person in history who made a bad choice regarding a gun and robbery. And Mike didn't help matters. Plus he certainly seems sorry now. I mean, it's not like I think that Roy had better watch out, because Ed's on the loose and could hold him up at any time.

But the whole point is that when you take someone's life, it's not reversible. Saying you're sorry doesn't bring that person back. Ed may just have to accept that Emily cannot forgive him, and to try to force her to is to be really selfish.

I think perhaps Rita was right when she said that it was a horrible thing for Ed to tell Emily who he was.

Ed Grimley, I must say! I haven't thought about him in awhile!

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

This is why the Emily/Earnest/Ed (or the Tripple E triangle, as I call it) story line is so good. I wonder if her reaction to him would have been any different if he had told her or written her a letter. Also, I think that while it may be important and helpful for him to show her that he really has reformed, asking her to forgive him is too much.

He weaved himself into her life not telling her who he was and he knew that info would matter to her.