Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Tuesday Marathon

It was a Corrie double feature!


  • When Kelly finds she can’t lie to Danny about Becky’s competency, Becky makes a quick transition from cleaner to the machines.
  • At the Platt house, another card from ‘Richard’. Tensions are growing between Phil and David, and Gail seems to have taken note of Phil’s attitude towards the boy.
  • Unfortunately, Danny overhears that Frankie is reluctant to get together with Nathan again. He and Nathan exchange barbs about ‘big shoes’ (men!), until Frankie calls back and invites Nathan out to a movie. So, I guess Nathan wins.

The Mother-Daughter Fun Run For Safer Sex

Rosie explains to Craig that her mom’s intentions have always been in the right place, though Craig looks doubtful (I hear ya, buddy. Kuh-ray-zee!). Rosie punctuates her feelings by going into the factory and giving her mom a bit ol’ hug. Sally’s eyes are all a shimmer as she says she has the best daughter in the world. In other news, Sophie is once again downgraded to chopped liver.

The “Crawling to the Finish Line On His Hands and Knees” Charity Run

Things are not normal at the Battersby-Brown residence. Les is still confined to his car, much to Steve’s distaste. Cilla is still being weird with that low, rational voice. And Yana forgot the hairspray bottle at home for once.

Chesney and Kirk think Cilla should give Les another chance. Yana asks her if she really wants Les to run to Janice, because that's the most likely scenario here. When that doesn’t appeal to Cilla, Yana points out that she better start giving him some options.

Cilla likes the idea of Les crawling back. Literally. She commands him to crawl across the street on all fours. Les doesn’t like it but he's committed to getting back into the warmth of his, er, 'lovely' home. Kirk very considerately sweeps the cobbles and Cilla even allows Les to wait until the gaggle of factory girls passes by. Chesney takes the opportunity to plead Les’ case once more. Cilla decides to let Les off the hook and he bounds into the house, sweeping his family into his arms.

(Am I the only one feeling a little let down by how this played out? Why didn’t she make him crawl in front of the factory girls? Am I supposed to be intrigued by the softer side of Cilla? We could have had both. He could have crawled and then they still could have hugged.)

The “Meet Me Halfway” Half Marathon For Dads

Right up to the last minute, Ashely and Claire bicker about whether or not they should show up for the meeting with Matt. Ashley is still raw about what Matt did to him. They finally decide to see what he wants because 'the devil you know’ and so on.

A towering Matt Ramsden introduces them to his attractive and supportive new wife, Sylvia. He says he tried to move on but he’s never been able to forget about Joshua. Their proposal involves access to Joshua every once in awhile so they can get to know him. They don’t want parental rights, just some contact.

Claire finds it a reasonable request but Ashley flies off the handle, charging that Matt has been referring to Joshua as “my son,” and there will be none of that. Things deteriorate from there as Matt and Ashley threaten each other with words like “rights” and “DNA tests”. It looks like this is going to court, much to Claire and Sylvia’s mutual dismay.


Marathoners For Redemption

Emily’s saga continues to be one of the best storylines going. Freda is taking her leave, but first she stops by the Kabin to tell Rita and Norris she doesn’t think Emily’s doing very well at all. Norris gets an "I was right” moment. He and Rita promise to look after Emily.

But Emily isn’t having any of it. When they go and invite her for lunch at the pub, she’s still in her dressing gown and she snaps at them to leave her alone.

(Here’s where my PVR cuts out because I didn’t know about the second episode. Thankfully, I still caught most of it live and Corrie dot net provided the part I missed). The next day at the Kabin, Norris points out that she hasn’t been sleeping (Rita’s a tattletale). Emily says any religion that allows a killer into heaven for just for saying sorry is no religion for her. Norris wants to continue the lecture but she turns her back on them. Out in the street, she begs Rita to please just leave her alone. Even Eileen’s news that she’s no longer seeing Ed hardly elicits a response. Emily is clearly in a dark place.

In the next scene, she’s at the church. The youngish minister tries to draw her out. He says he believes Ed is repentant but for Emily, that’s not the point. He talks about the Forgiveness Project on the Internet and she snaps that even if she had access to the Internet and knew how to use it, she wouldn’t. Then he lets it slip that he’s afraid for Ed, who he thinks might be contemplating suicide. Emily is livid. How dare he lay this on her?

Still, it does work. She ends up on Ed’s doorstep. He’s surprised to see her, gob-smacked when she asks outright if he’s indeed going to London to kill himself. He admits it was supposed to be a quick job – move to where no one knows him, do the deed, and become less than a mention in a local paper. He didn’t want her to know. Emily says it took 28 years but that it was getting easier learning how to be alone. He came along and ruined it. She doesn’t want his death on her conscience on top of everything.

Ed looks like a kicked dog. He knows he can’t ask anything of her. She forbids him to kill himself, that he doesn't get to take the easy way out. She says that if her forgiveness will keep him alive, then she forgives him. He responds that he doesn’t deserve it. She says it’s not for him, it’s for herself because she just can’t carry this around anymore.

Then she makes him promise that he will leave Weatherfield and never come back, but that he will send her a Christmas card with a photograph every year so she knows he didn’t off himself. Then she hands him Ernest’s old camera, saying "take it. Use it. Do something good with the rest of your life."
"I will. I promise," he says. He is crying.

Later, Emily walks into the pub looking 28 years lighter.


Senior's Marathon to the Finish Line: Date TBA

Frankie comes into the pub and tells Danny that they’ve just heard Mike’s suffered a bad fall in Spain. Jamie’s on a plane to find his Granddad.


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Oh by the way...I mentioned this Corrie blog on the guestbook on CSVU and I got alot of thanks from Canadian viewers...So you will be getting more people "tuning" in!!

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Jacqueline said...

I think Ashley needs to log into the Forgiveness Project.

Jacqueline said...

Great update theme!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was interesting that Sally had a nervous breakdown but showed up for work within a couple of days after. She recovers from deep emotional trauma very well.