Monday, November 06, 2006

Thursday/Friday Update


You Killed Ernest, You Bastard!
Ed and Eileen are spending a lovely evening in playing a game of scrabble and all is well until Ed starts putting down words like ‘Hanky’, ‘Massage’, ‘Kama’ ‘Sutra’, ‘Sex’, ‘Rumpy’ and ‘Pumpy’.

Eileen thinks he is making fun of her and the wheel of Eileen’s insecurity start spinning. Ed tells her that he finds her very attractive and when she tries to make a joke, he tells her to not hide behind humour. Finally he decides to make the ultimate sacrifice and sleep with her so she won’t feel bad. Eileen has concerns about the tidiness of her bedroom, but Ed assures her he won’t be looking at her room.

The next morning, Eileen finds Ed awake in the living room and is now insecure about the fact that he keeps him wake. (Eileen needs to get some self confidence.) He assures her that it’s nothing to do with her, that after years in prison he’s never been a good sleeper. He doesn’t regret what they did and offers to proclaim his love on the roof tops.

They meet back at the Rovers and Ed tells her that he has plans and that he didn’t expect to fall in love with someone while completing these plans. He hopes that she will still be able to love him after she finds out about his past. Then he asks her to wait for him while he steps out even though he might be awhile.

Ed goes over to Emily’s place to have a chat and to make a very long painful exchange short, he tells her that he was the one holding the gun the night her husband Ernest was killed. Emily looks appropriately horrified and says, ‘You murdered my Ernest?’ (You bastard!)

On a side note, when Steve sees Ed going into the pub, he says, ‘Hey mate, it must have been a shock waking up next to Eileen.’ (WTF? Nasty! Ed should have knocked him one.)

Sex and Violets
Violet spends the night at Jamie’s, but they decide to put off the sex thing and he lets her have his bed while he bunks out on the couch. When she leaves the next day, Jason sees her and Jamie exchanging an early morning kiss and come charging up to her calling her a dirty slapper.

She tells him that what happens between her and Jamie is like the FT index for Jason, ‘None of his business.’ (I wish she had added the ‘Z’ finger snap in the air.)

Later at the pub, Jamie and Violet laugh about their evening together and how she told some girl that she looked like Ricky Gervais. (Is it just me, or does that seem really mean spirited of Violet. Why would you say that someone. Glacia worries about the fictional girl’s feelings.)

We’re All Going on a February Holiday
Sarah and Jason are off on vacay, leaving Bethany behind with Gail because Sarah REALLY needs a break.

Glacia thinks that Sarah needs to take care of her own damn kid. Gail’s a bitch, but I think she needs the break more.

David and Phil have some playful banter about the car boot/hand incident just before Phil goes out shopping with E.T. Phil comes back from the grocery store and presents David with a Westlife cd and Glacia googles ‘Westlife’. David gets mouthy about the pressie and tosses the CD aside telling Phil that it’s lame.

Phil tells David to pick the CD up and when he refuses, Phil grabs him, pulls him over to closet door and threatens to close it on his hand and does a whole spiel about how David thinks he’s special but he’s not. (I don’t know who’s giving me the bigger creeps.)

David runs out of the hosue when E.T. comes home and Phil shrugs his shoulders about ‘teens’. David then meets up with Jo and accepts an invite to her flat.

To Make Gravy and Fat, Flour, Spices and a WHOLE Lot of Stoly
Emily is hosting the book club luncheon and Rita is in the kitchen getting tanked, I mean getting the gravy ready.

New suggestions for books are bantered about suck as ‘Lace’ by Shirley Conrad, ‘The 39 Steps’ and finally Ken suggests ‘A Ladder in her Stockings’ by Kasey Kassem (I mean Kassira Kassiema or some such name.)

‘A Ladder in Her Stocking’ is about an elderly woman who wants to get it on one last time before she dies. This gets Rita very maudlin about how lonely it is to be old and how much it sucks not to get laid. (But I’m sure she said it in a more delicate fashion.).

Except for The 39 Steps’, I think the rest of the book suggestions were fictional. I wish they weren’t cause I’d love to start our own Corrie Canuck book club. Dammit.

Molly and Ty try out the chip truck for the first time down at the Red Rec. They have great success and make a nice tidy profit of £83.80. They are very happy with their success and drive back to Weatherfield.

On their way back, they see people waving to them and assume that everyone’s being extra friendly. That assumption is smashed once Molly smells something and realizes that the truck is on fire. They find a small lake and decide to drive the truck into it, because that is so much safer than just pulling the van over and calling the fire department.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, they both escape from the Chip Van Inferno and manage a big smoochy out in the lake. Later we find them chuckling about the van catastrophe, not caring about losing this profitable business because they are in love.

Place Your Bets, Is She Another Daughter or a Baby/Mommy
Amber bugs Dev about how irresistible he is to all women and that it must be due to that 70’s crooner look he sports. More clever banter and father/daughter bonding occurs.

Later when Amber is in the shop, a young woman comes in looking for Dev. She won’t tell Amber who she is or why she wants Dev but tells her to pass on the message. Oh wait, maybe she did give her name, but I forget what it was.

A Charlie Ate My Baby
We see Charlie trying to be all human like as he plays with Amy who is looking appropriately cautious. This makes Tracey warm and fuzzy.

Meanwhile, Deidre lets Steve know that Tracey has moved in with Satan and that Amy is with them. Steve goes marching over to the garage and gives Charlie a big shove a tells him to stay away from Amy. Charlie knocks Steve to the ground and kicks sand in his face.

Moley, wise lady that she is, tells Steve to cool it because in the long run Charlie will get sick of playing happy family and Amy will soon enough be without a stable home. That will be Steve’s big opportunity to get Amy.

Finally, Charlie comes home to see Tracey getting ready for her emergency dentist appointment and she asks him to baby sit Amy. He says, ‘no’ and she leaves anyway. After her dentist appointment and 3 hour shopping excursion, she pops into the Rovers for a drink and tells a shocked Blanche that she’s left Amy alone with Charlie.

Blanche ponders what Charlie will do. Well, I think the answer is clear, because as we all know, Charlie consumes small children and puppies on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

Lace is a real book, but I couldn't find Ladder in her Stocking(s) on the Chapters website.

John said...

I think it was "Letter in her Stocking" but I can't find that one either.

Gillian said...

I think that woman who came into the shop looking for Dev was either his daughter or one of the other mother's of his children. I recognized the name during the episode, but can't recall it offhand now.

Jacqueline said...

A letter? I thought it was ladder, like a 'run' in her stocking.

John said...

Oh yeah, that was Shareen. She's Dev's other daughter and mother to his grandchild. That would make her Amber's half-sister.

Anonymous said...

Well, the shoe is going to be on the other foot for Amber - we'll see how gracious SHE is about unpleasant surprises. I mean, I like her, but she was a little rude to Sunita about the whole thing. What I don't get is how anyone would want to (ahem) with Dev...ICK! How is HE such a ladykiller?

I also heard it as "Ladder in Her Stocking", which I took to be a reference to runs in stockings. John, you can be forgiven for not knowing that, I think!

Also, was anyone else really disturbed by Charlie playing "Killer Lambies" with Amy? That's not normal! On the other hand, I am predicting that in about 10 years, Amy will become a very interesting character as she works through her psychological damage...

Michigander Fan

missusmac said...

Saw the killer lambies bit. Scary. Amy wasn't giggling.

I thought Steve would be a little more supportive of Eileen's quest for romance. She's put up with a lot from him.

Also, Dev was THE ladies man for years on the street -- Mike Baldwin with more height, so to speak. Never pinned down, always had a date, always had champagne and money, always had a line.

That's why women from all over "ahemed" with Dev -- like Deirdre, and Sunita and Tracy and bar girl I can't remember and Maya...even Blanche I think.

Naw, he denied that.

papasmurf said...

When Ty and Molly got in the chippie van she asked him if everything was good in the back of the van - he said yes - but I knew right away that something bad was going to happen.

Rob said...

Man, if I was Ed, I'd be gettin' a little tired of Eileen's naggin'...

I mean she didn't let the poor guy rest until he shagged her, and now that they've done the deed, she's STILL complaining.

He treats her like a lady, and talks in glowing terms about their long-term future together...I think if she wants to have a Scrabble partner into her golden years, maybe she'd better cut him a little's not like there's a line of suitors beatin' on Eileen's door...

Rob said...

If I was writing the show I'd have had Tyrone and Molly douse the flames (before Tyrone drove into the lake), losing everything on board except for the chips and a lot of Cheddar slices...

And that dear children was how the Brits discovered poutine...

But I'm not writing the show...

(MF, see me after class for a definition of poutine)

Jacqueline said...

MF, if you want a real definition of poutine come see ME after class instead.

Rob, darling, you know I love you, but there ain't no cheddar cheese involved in poutine.

Okay - maybe in the Weatherfield version. Cheddar cheese and mayo!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Dev must have some sort of secret charm that I just don't see. (shudders)

Poor Tyrone. You just know he's going to mess up. But he's so sweet! I can't decide what's up with Molly. After she worked so hard at splitting up Kirk and Fizz, I really thought she was a...Margaret Hamilton. But she's been so nice to Tyrone. Why does she keep going for the "dumb as a box of rocks" guys? I mean, they are both nice guys, stand up guys, but wow - between the two of them I don't know who's dumber.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


I know what you mean about Eileen. Ed (except for the whole killing Ernie thing) really seems to be a stand up guy. A gentleman, and someone who is interested in HER, and not just her naughty bits. I understand being self-conscious, being nervous and all that. But sometimes it's just "least said, soonest mended" and she just kept going and going and going. Most of us learn the lesson as young adults - that kind of inferiority complex is a major turnoff (no matter which sex you are), and it will destroy any relationship.

I don't think things bode well for Ed & Eileen.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


At first, the Killer Lambies made me think of the killer rabbit from Holy Grail. I laughed. For about 3 seconds. Then I thought, "Wait a tic. She's 2 years old! What in the name of pete is he DOING?"

It says something about him that he cannot handle playing nicely with a 2 year old.

Yes...I think we are in for some interesting times with our Amy when she becomes a pre-teen/teenager.

Michigander Fan

Rob said...

Yeah, that Ed is sure some sincere, principled dude ain't he though...(except for the whole killing Ernie thing).

Man, he could be a poster boy for the British prison system and it's rehabilitation effect...

I can't wait for tonight's episode to see how this works out...

Only 2 hours...

(God, I gotta get out more...)

Howdi said...

I never noticed before that Steve teases Eileen. That comment to Ed about how shocking it must have been to see Eileen in the morning and that he would eventually get used to it, was mean.
When Eileen confided to Steve that Ed woke as if he had the weight of the world on him, she cut him off before he could make a mean snarky remark.

Anonymous said...

I also was interested in reading the book "Ladder in Her Stocking" so I Googled it which is how I came across you lot. Alas the book does not seem to exist which is a shame but perhaps Ken could write it for us?
I don't think that Steve was being mean, I think he was just having a laff because that is what he does.
Also the whole Molly Kirk thing was all about Molly's dislike of Fizz because of how Fizz treated her way back in school. It really had nothing to do with Kirk at all. She does seem to be genuine in her interest in Ty.