Thursday, November 02, 2006

Selchow & Righter Update Mr.Glacia and I, realizing the aphrodisiac affect of word play, decided to indulge in a rousing game of scrabble last night.

Here's yer update:






No worries, pets, I'll put the real update up with friday's - once I sober up.


missusmac said...

This is BRILLIANT! What a laugh!

You've even paid homage to Ricky Gervaise, so what more could we want?

Anonymous said...

That's inspired! Everything people need to know is right there, if they know what to look for.

Michigander Fan

MJ said...


GoBetty said...

I'm officially in love with Jackie.

Lisa said...

You're first after me gobetty!

Anonymous said...

I preferred the Scrabble joke on Vicar of Dibley when her constituents wouldn't leave and she spelled out "You remorseless bastards" for all the players to see.

Speaking of the fire...

...Tyrone must be the worst driver in England to never have used his rearview mirror the entire journey between that stop sign and the car boot sale thing they started out at...scary.

Flaming Nora said...