Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Sally Vs. Janice Update (Plus Bonus Matches)


Let’s just get the bad medicine down first - all of Tracy Barlow’s scenes. I agree she’s fun to watch, but this whole ditch the daughter thing and her parents’ perpetual passivity is irritating. She comes home and asks where Amy is. The child had a rough night and is sleeping in, but apparently Tracy’s schedule is more important and off she goes to wake her up. Dierdre says, “I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but where did we go wrong?”
Blanche replies, “I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but where do you want me to start?” Zing, Blanche!

Later at the pub, Tracy finds Charlie and asks him to spend the day with Amy and her. Of course he’s not keen. She suggests they dump Amy at Dierdre’s and go on holiday. Again he hedges. She makes some lewd suggestions about amusing themselves on said vacation. This gets him thinking and back at the yard, he tells Jason he’s considering it. Jason makes a few jokes about Charlie being under Tracy’s thumb. It’s not like you’re an expert, Charlie laughs, then says just because Jason has a string of disasters doesn’t make him a ‘lothario’. “It makes you a loser"

This is where Jason takes the joke too far: "Oh yeah, and what did it make you look like when Shelley dumped you at the altar, eh? How did that make you look?" It ends when Charlie has Jason by the collar up against the wall. Nice one, Jase.


Penny’s back! She intercepts Danny on the street. She’s really worried about Mike, who hasn’t been answering any of his phones. Danny, with faux apologies of his most arrogant proportions, waves her off.

Penny goes to Plan B – Frankie. Frankie’s the kind of woman who gets things done, and she concurs with Penny that this whole Mike thing is strange. Penny’s worried he could be in some Spanish emergency room. Frankie decides to have a go at Danny saying, “if I say jump, Danny says how high. I’ll find out what’s going on with Mike.”

So off Frankie goes to find Danny at the Factory where he’s sitting alone. She says that standing at the door of his office reminds her of how it was a year ago, when she used to drop off his lunch. That was back when he’d say he loved her and like an idiot, she believed him. She notices he doesn’t have a lunch and concludes Leanne must think it beneath her.

“I wanna talk about Mike,” she says. Danny says he hasn’t heard from Mike and no, he isn’t worried. Frankie rants, “when you fell into her bed, did you stop caring? I don’t recognize you anymore.”
“Yeah, that’s because I keep him young, Frankie,” Leanne announces her presence with a sneer. Frankie points out that Leanne’s life with Danny will likely take the same turn her own did. Danny cowers between them.

“She’s a hard-faced cow”, Frankie says, catching his eye, “And you know something, it’s rubbing off on you. And you know I don’t lie. It’s not nice, Danny, seeing you so… cold.” By the look on Danny’s face, the knife struck true (Bradley Walsh is my favourite actor on the show and this scene proves why).

Meanwhile, it looks like Penny’s off to Spain to find Mike.

  • Little Orphan Becky intercepts Kelly* and thanks her again for the trinkets, which will come in handy for yet another interview. Kelly is none too impressed when it turns out that interview is at the Factory. Becky didn’t tell her because she didn’t want to jinx it.
  • Ashley and Fred discuss the situation with Matt, which ends with Ashley admitting he still feels weird about the whole thing. What I like about the scene is that while they talk, Claire is scrubbing down the cupboards in the background. In most shows, magic fairies called Set Dec clean the cupboards. This is reason no. 2,456 that I love Corrie; the realism. (Oh, and Claire agrees they should write to Matt if only to prove to Joshua when he’s older that they made a true effort.)
  • Emily empties used teabags into an old margarine container on the windowsill and then later transfers them to the garbage. This drives Norris crazy. Rita could care less.
  • Kevin admits Sally’s ambition sometimes gets on his nerves. Meanwhile, Nathan would prefer Frankie didn’t talk so much about Danny

When Shawn says Janice is in one of her ‘scrumptious moods,’ he apparently means ‘chalk full of venomous poison’. She’s off again, slinging insults at Kevin about shoddy workmanship. All day the zings fly between Sally and her. Later at the Factory, Sally yawns and admits she was up all night with Sophie, who’d taken ill but who is all right now. Janice retorts, “aww, that’s a shame.” The others think that was a bit harsh even for Janice, and Sally demands she not to talk that way about her daughter. Janice goes off again about how HER daughter was almost killed (yawn).

Later, Janice steals from Sally’s finished knicker pile so that Sally’s count is way low for the surprise check. Danny hauls Janice into his office. We assume he’s going to fire her (perhaps he interviewed Becky for the job?). Maybe Janice knows it or maybe she is genuinely at the end of her rope. Either way, the floodgates open and suddenly she’s talking about the ‘nicest bloke’ she ever knew, some guy named Dennis. She would have been happy ever after with him, but he was killed in a car accident. And can’t Danny understand that’s why she’s been so angry at him for cutting corners on Leanne’s car? Danny is touched, or he just wants to get this sobbing mess out of his office. He dismisses her with no further reprimand. Janice returns the pile of knickers to a surprised looking Sally.

*Brit Pop Culture Reference:
Kelly said she was listening to ‘Sugarbabes’, which according to Wikipedia is “a successful girl band that formed in London, England in 1998. (…) They have released sixteen singles that have reached the top 40 charts worldwide, including four UK number one singles.”


missusmac said...

Dennis was a big biker guy with a heart of gold, who tarted out as Les and Janice's lodger and became Les' best friend. He was dating Eileen, but then became Janice's lover, which caused some major friction when the truth came out.

Janice had left Les, she and Dennis had moved to Sheffield, but Dennis died. And it was all Les' fault, but there is not enough room here to say why.

One of my favorite characters ever on the street.

missusmac said...

Ah, that should read "started out as Les"... Tarted out would be Leanne.

Working From Home Today said...

Thanks, Missusmac! I wondered about this Dennis bloke. Nice that they gave Janice some soul. She was a little too nasty for awhile there.

missusmac said...

Found a site that lists all deaths up to 2005, the last one being Katie.

Here's the Dennis dirt from 2002: "Although Les Battersby attempted suicide by gassing himself in his taxi after his wife Janice left him for Dennis Stringer on New Year's Eve, it was Dennis who was first to come to his aid. Desperate to keep Les alive, Dennis rushed him to hospital, but unfortunately he crashed the taxi on the way. Les was relatively unhurt, but Dennis died in ITU in the early hours of the next morning of 2 January."

Much better than I could do it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wondered if that was a true story, since Janice strikes me as someone who could make something up. Sad.

OK, if Jason doesn't have an inkling that Charlie is not dealing from a full deck after that little episode, then he really is dumb.

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

I was just looking at that site about deaths on the street on and strangely on July 4th 1982 Mike Baldwin's father died. His name: Frankie Baldwin.