Friday, November 10, 2006

Running off

Okay my lovelies, I'm running off to Paris and Zurich for a few weeks so I just want say a few things.

#1 - Winner of the International De-lurking contest is Heather from New Zealand. HURRAH! Heather, send me your mailing address - glacia at gmail dot com and I'll get a Paris pressie off to you. I might not have access to internet while I'm there, so it might be shipped from Canada - but it'll be from Paris.

#2 - Okay I haven't got a hell of a lot of time for hte update, but here it is.

Eileen is trying to get a hold of Ed, Sean tells her to stop chasing him and have some dignity. They have a big fight and she calls Sean a 'bitch'.

Emily is having a crisis of faith because she is not able to forgive Ed and that she feels is her test to enter the kingdom of heaven. Norris tries to pray with her, but she doesn't feel it's working. (You'd think there'd be people at her church or a pastor she could talk to.).

Becky is hanging around Kelly and LLyod and being a pest. Kelly's trying to shoo her away, but she's not getting the message.

Haley and Roy have a day trip plan, but he invites Clifford to come along and they all end up in a train store where Haley gets ignored. Haley comments on how Roy and her have a lunch date planned at a restaurant, but Clifford just throws a sandwich at her that he packed.




David comes to pick up Jo's dog, but accidently punctures one of the hoses in her 'green house'. He walks out without noticing and sure enough the apartment starts to flood.

Jack drops by the Rovers to tell (what the HELL is his name?) the bookie who was dating Carol, that there is a leak in his ceiling. They try to contact Jo, but with no luck. Charlie breaks the door down for them and when the get up to the apartment, they see the wee farm. Jack correctly identifies the crop as 'cannabis'. (Thank you Jack, cause I had no idea what John was on about.)

The police are called and David sees the cops in front of the apartment. In a very bastardly move that upset Mr. Glacia, David takes the dog off lead and lets it loose while he phones Jo to warn her.

Gayle and Phil get wind of htis and Gayle believes that David knew all about it. He says he didn't and she doesn't quite believe him, even though Phil says she should give him the benefit of the doubt.

David is a good little liar.

Tracey and Charlie are making cozy home at his place (and kind of dressed like modern day vampires for some reason.)

The Elder Barlows wonder how she could leave her daughter behind while still enabling her behaviour. Rinse, repeat.

I think that's it, but please feel free to add to this.

AU REVOIR my dear Corrie Canucks, keep the home fires burning while I'm away!

Glacial Love, J


Maude_Lynn said...

Hmm, Tracy had better be more attentive, or Ken may just take Amy for a walk in the park where she'll suddenly "run off".

Have a lovely time overseas!

John said...

The bookie's name is Eric, whom you'll recall was treated to the Worst Christmas Dinner Ever by Carol Baldwin.

And what is it with people abandoning their pets on this show? Are they trying to single-handedly destroy the British animal lover stereotype?

maude_lynn, I think you're right, especially if she keeps interfering with his library visits. I think Ken's next move with Eccles is to try and drown her in the canal.

Have fun in France!

Lisa said...

Have an amazing trip ma chere! I want lots of stories upon your return!

Lisa xo

(London) Rob said...

I'm with Mr. Glacia...VERY upset at David letting Jo's beautiful dog off the leash - and without a collar, and tags too. WTF did he do that for?

Are you ready for this trip Jacqueline? ... is Europe ready for you?

Have fun, luv - hope you can hit an internet cafe to give us a report or two!

(London) Rob said...

Was anyone else surprised at just how fast the coppers were called when Jo's little gro-opt was discovered?

I mean given the shady backgrounds of just about everyone on the 'street' - haven't most of them (except maybe Emily the Saint) served time? - I'm amazed that they didn't split the take, or at the least close ranks and look the other way.

Who was it that discovered the plants? - (ex-con) Steve and Charlie? - yeah, right, pillars of the community...

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm a little late to the conversation, but I absolutely agree about the recent spate of dog abandonment on this show. Haven't these people ever heard of the pound?

Rob, I must disagree - the stash was discovered by Charlie, Eric the Bookie and Jack Duckworth. Steve wasn't there, unless I missed something.

However, I don't see them turning a blind eye to the grow-op. Especially since Jo wasn't "one of them." You know, if it had been Jack or Kevin, say, it might be different. But Jo is a stranger, and that makes all the difference (as far as I'm concerned). I have no idea what the differences are in terms of criminal prosecution for marijuana in the UK and the US, but that would be pretty serious here - not small potatoes. I mean, there's shady and then there's shady.

Just my 2 cents.

Michigander Fan

(London) Rob said...

Yeah, I guess you're right M.F. - it was Jack not Steve now that you mention it, and yeah, Jo is pretty much a stranger (albeit a damn hot stranger), so there's no reason to protect her.

I still want to know what happened to the dog... (I missed last night's show - Monday - maybe it was mentioned?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

No mention of the dog last night at all. I live in hope that the dog will turn up and get taken in by someone, being a third-generation animal rescuer myself.

Michigander Fan

(london) Rob said...

Being a dog-lover I just can't understand why David let the dog go like he did. Why wouldn't he just hang on to the dog for Jo...I just don't get it.

BTW MF, that was a great letter you wrote to David on behalf of Americans everywhere.

Also BTW, do you or any of your 3 generations of animal rescuers want a cat - I'll even drive her to Dee-troit...

Anonymous said...


I don't know why he let the dog go either. When it happened, I was shocked and appalled. Then I reminded myself that it's a pretend story. Then I got a picture in my head of Jimmy Cagney, hitching his shoulders and saying, "That dog's a stool pigeon, see? He ratted us out to the coppers, see? And now he has to disappear, see?" Then I laughed hysterically for 5 minutes. Reason #7,849 why I don't need drugs - I'm wacky stone cold sober.

I would LOVE a rescue cat, but unfortunately I am full to capacity now. I have 2 rescue cats, who are adored more than is reasonable. (I'm 2 steps away from trying to get their picture made with Santa...sad stuff!) The other members of the family also have multiple animals.

Good luck finding a home for the scamp!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

London Rob,

Hey, I'll ask my buddy Joe if he knows anyone who is looking - he lives in London! I'll get back to you - check this post again in a couple of days!

Michigander Fan

(London) Rob said...


So there really is a Joe in London...when you first asked me I wasn't sure if you were joking.

Your sense of humour, and your cats, reminds me of a blog (that I may even have seen mentioned on Corrie Canuck) that you should check out:

Hey look, we could carry on our own dialogue back here in the privacy of 'an earlier post'...but feel free to e-mail me at: