Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nightmare on Coronation Street – Halloween Update

Live In Girlfriend of Chuckie
So life at Charlie’s is a blast and Tracey is getting all domesticated and gets up early to make Chuckie some friend eggs and soldiers – aaaaaaaaaaall whilst waving Amy’s potty over the food. (See, I would have tossed her ass out right then and there.)

Charlie gets some razzing about domestic life from Jason at work and Charlie says that he really doesn’t want this happy family situation. Back at home, Tracey shows him the picture that Amy made for Uncle Charlie and he reminds Tracey that he’s not Amy’s uncle, hes’ the bloke that’s dating her mom. He then explains that not only is his apartment not child-friendly, neither is he.

A big blow up happens as Tracey tells Charlie that he needs to make an effort and he responds that he didn’t think she was brining Amy with her, that she’d leave her with the Barlows or Steve. In a startling and sweeping move of maternal instinct, Tracey tells Charlie that she if she has to chose between Amy and him, Amy wins everytime.

In sweeping move of Charlie, he grabs her, throws up against the wall and tells her that he won’t let her go because he cares about her too much and that he just needs time to adjust to the situation.

You know, I’m beginning to think that Charlie hasn’t got the most healthy attitude towards relationships.

Since when did these two actually express feelings towards each other? I thought it was just a bit of fun. Also, is anyone else thinking that Amy looks big, like she’s 3?

Little Kabin Shop of Horrors
In the morning Stacey is sitting on Fred’s couch looking all pathetic and when he reminds her that today is moving day she tries another attempt at convincing him that she has ‘special’ feelings for him, yada, yada, yada. He tells her that if she ain’t gone by dinnertime, he’s calling the police.

Meanwhile, over at the Kabin, Rita is by herself when in walks an older man whom she recognizes from earlier in the day at the shop. Before she can ask him what she can help him with, he turns the store sign to ‘closed’ and locks the door.

Yup, it’s Stewart and Glacia kicks herself for not seeing that when he was lurking in the store earlier. He has come to menace Rita into giving up Stacey and scares the beegeebers out of her. He somehow thinks she is part of Stacey’s grift and threatens to hurt her if she doesn’t give up the info. Rita tells him that she’s stood up to bigger bullies than him, but she is clearly terrorized.

Just then Fred comes to the store and finds out that she’s locked in there with Stewart. He runs across the street to call the police, but meanwhile, Nathan sensing that something is wrong quickly changes into his Spidey suit to rescue Rita.

Stacey comes running across the street to coax Stewart out of the store and when he does, he and Nathan have a knock down on the street and of course Nathan wins. When the police come, Stacey goes back to the station to tell them the whole story and says good bye to both Rita and Fred and apologizes for the trouble. Rita tells her to keep her nose clean from now on.

I Know What you Did Last Night
Ken, Deidre and Blanche are having a lovely little breakfast when the topic of what time Deidre sauntered in last night. Blanche gives it up that she walked in at around 1:30 am and while Deidre chokes on her tea, Ken doesn’t really seem to give a rat’s ass.

Back at the Rovers, the gals tease her about her flirtation the evening before, but she doesn’t really remember. (That’s a fun night, remember the guilt, but not the fun?) When she finds out that she snogged the insurance salesman, she feels that she should tell Ken. Liz WISELY talks her out of it, saying that she looked temptation in the eye and walked away from it and that Ken doesn’t need to know the lurid details.

(Liz probably remembers how upset husbands get when you tell them that you slept with the neighbour. And your boss. And his best friend. And his brother. And the guy that layed the tiling in the kitchen. Oh, and his dad. Then there was the cabbie from Yorkshire….)

David comes into the shop and Amber straight away tells him not to nick anything, but he tells her he was just coming in looking for a job. Amber lets him know that they’re not hiring just as the new girl ‘Jo’ comes to the counter. Jo tells David that they’re looking to hire and she might have a job for him..

Texas Nathan Massacre
Frankie decides to take the bull by the horns and lasso her a Nathan. She goes to the garage and asks him if he’d like to help her pick out a new car.

He agrees and back at the Rovers she swoons over his heroics earlier that day. One thing leads to another and bada bing bada boom, they’ve set up a date.

Jeepers Creepers (What Does a Gal Have To Do To Get Laid In This Town?)
Eileen and Ed cuddle up on the couch to watch a dvd together. And while he is all cozy and huggy, the business of his hands extend only to her head. Eileen excuses herself, goes out to the backyard and lets out a scream of frustration.

‘That’s better’ she says and sits back down with him.
BTW, the movie he suggested was ‘Dead Man Walking’ – there’s something suitable about that, non?


John said...

I like how Frankie decides to ask Nathan for a date just before he rescues Rita, with her there to witness his heroics. That dude is SO getting laid.

papasmurf said...

Effective use of the Halloween motif - J gets a gold star.

missusmac said...

Excellent update. John, like Nathan had to rescue someone to get a woman.

Naw, he just has to stand there and look good.

Just like Deirdre does when it comes to men .... :)

What the hell was that?

GoBetty said...

I liked Tracey & Charlie being all rough and crazy with each other... they're gonna make it after aaaaalllllll....

Anonymous said...

I meant Nathan was already in good standing in Frankie's books. The heroics just moved the long awaited Sexing of Frankie from the 3rd date to the 1st.

And if two wide-eyed innocents in love like Charlie and Tracye can't make it, what hope do the rest of us have?

Anonymous said...

Nathan doesn't have to do anything to get a gorgeous're right missusmac.
But, hey, it doesn't hurt for him to be a hero.

Dude could just stand on a street corner and the women would pay for him.

If Ken could do it when he was younger, then Nathan can do it now.
And Tyrone could be his pimp - just cuz I'd LOVE to see Tyrone in a purple suit drinking pimp-juice.

(yes...the halloween candy is affecting my brain function.)

HowDi said...

I liked the movie discussion with Eilee and Ed. She suggests "Dumb and Dumber". He suggests "Dead Man Walking". these two have a future?