Monday, November 27, 2006

Last week ... on Corrie!

We're a bit behind in getting the daily updates out so I thought I'd recap the entire week for our readers, in convenient bullet-point form, in case anyone wants to discuss last week's storylines:

  • Janice got fired from Underworld, got punched by Sally twice, got in bed with Les, and got on a bus and left.
  • Nathan got into bed with Frankie.
  • Mike got lost, but now was found and is still in Spain.
  • Sally saw Rosie kissing Craig so she grabbed her and sped off to what looked like the middle of Scotland with Kevin in hot pursuit. Sally says she is lost. In life, that is. Not on the road.
  • Emily's great niece Freida shows up for a surprise visit. Fortunately, Norris isn't there to shout at her on account of her hearing impairment. She convinces Emily to go to church where she sees Ed. She still can't forgive him and is having a crisis of faith and doesn't know who she is anymore.
  • Chucked out by Cilla on account of his infidelity with Janice, Les is bunking with Danny and Leanne at Mike's flat. Funny that Cilla cheated on Les more times than anyone can count but that was before the marriage so I guess she's on the moral high ground here.
  • Clifford's pestering of Roy is hurting his relationship with Hayley. Roy, wanting to please everyone, ends up pleasing no one.
  • Dr. Matt Ramsden has approached Ashley about being a part of Joshua's life. Ashley is unreceptive.
  • Becky has a cleaner's job at the factory. Kelly's afraid her criminal past is going to be brought out in the open.

That's it for now, unless I've missed something.


papasmurf said...

Thanks for the micro update John.

I also thought that Sal and Rosie were driving across the Scottish Moors. However, my English friend thinks it is more likely the Saddleworth Moors in the Pennines between Manchester and Leeds - infamous for the Murder on the Moors by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

John said...

It's amazing how, when pressed for time, a recap can boil down to:

Tracy- still a bitch. Leaves Amy in the dishwasher. Ken and Deirdre shrug their shoulders.

I was sort of wondering where Rosie and Sally were - they said the school was in "the moors" so I figured they meant the Scottish ones. Also, the North of England looks a lot like the South of Scotland. But Saddleworth sounds like it makes more sense. It seems they didn't drive that far away.

Anonymous said...

Random Thoughts:

1. I will miss Janice, and I hope they bring her back.
2. Yeah, Cilla has some cajones, huh? Remember when she and Yana went on the "Honeymoon" and she was so disappointed she didn't score?
3. Sally appears to be having a nervous breakdown. Also, that car looks pretty darn new for a family that is paying private school fees.
4. Is Clifford being manipulative on purpose or is he just that much of a loser? (Come with me to the ChooChoo Store, please, Roy!)
5. Is Frieda a new character? If not, what's her last name? I went to to try to figure out who the heck she was, and they don't have a Frieda Nugent or a Frieda Bishop listed.
6. Ed's starting to really get my goat. He shows up at church, chases Emily out of the building, and then, when she says she'll stop coming to this church, he says, "You can have it." (Basically.) JERK! You knew it was her church - find your own church and leave her alone!
7. Once again, Emily did a great job. When she said she wished he had never been born, I got chills. Awesome job!

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Oh! Also, because the Liberal Leadership Convention is on CBC this Friday at 7:00 (and probably even after 7:30!), they are doubling up Corrie episodes on Tuesday night (tomorrow)!!!

Important to know if you won't be home, and will be taping it instead (like me!)

Michigander Fan

Johnnie said...


I am so pissed I missed Janice leaving!! Stupid DVR only recorded 32 minutes of the Sunday encore. ARGH! If it wasn't for this site, I would have been clueless when watching next weeks show. Thank gods for smart Canucks.

Dear CBC (incase anyone one from the CBC reads this), PLEASE start airing Corrie on you site like many of the USA networks air their shows.

John said...

Michigander Fan - I've trying to keep tabs on the types of cars the characters drive but haven't really been able to track it. It would make for a nice bit of continuity (ie: a character like Roy who doesn't drive shouldn't suddenly get into a car without explanation). The only thing I've noticed is Claire and Ashley's car recently changed (it's the same car as my father-in-law). I'm sure there are people on the net who keep closer tabs on these things.

And you're taping the Liberal Leadership Convention?! ;)

Frieda is a relatively recent addition. She visited for a week earlier this year.

Anonymous said...


LOL! (Listen, I got enough nasty political crap with our elections that just ended - I really don't need to subject myself to more politics right now! Our campaigns, especially here in Michigan, were sooooo vile and rude. Blech!)

I did word that funny, though, didn't I? I meant that I have to tape Corrie on Tuesday nights, because I have a class. So, I tape Corrie from 7 to 7:30 and then House from 9 to 10. Then, Wednesday, I watch Tuesday Corrie at 6:30, then Wednesday Corrie live at 7, then House (because there is nothing on TV on Wednesday nights anyway).

Imagine how irritated I would have been if I would have missed taping that extra half-hour!

Michigander Fan

papasmurf said...

Sally was driving at warp 7 so she could have gone quite far. The question is how did Kevin catch up so quickly in his tow truck?

I'm guessing the cars they use are product placements. Sal was in the Uk version of the Ford Focus. Ashley was driving a Citroen Xsara Picasso (I think) the other day.

The only crappy old car was the Ford Capri that Keith drives.

I have always thought the one thing that was wrong with the 'look' of the show was the lack of cars parked on the street. Anywhere else in the UK there are parked cars pretty much everywhere, especially in the bigger cities.

Maybe one day I will do a car information update.

Anonymous said...


Also, re: cars. Well, it looked to me like a Ford Focus hatchback (I didn't notice if it was a coupe or sedan, but it wasn't a station wagon). Now, Focuses aren't that expensive over here, but it looked like a recent model year. That would put it in the $15,000 USD area. But first of all, I thought that cars were more expensive over there (which could be a misconception).

Secondly, (and this was really my point) is that if it's a new car, there are payments involved. I thought that Sally and Kev were stretched to the limit with the fancy school fees. Which made me think that they would drive an older car, because, let's face it, when you are a mechanic, you can get your car fixed cheap!

Perhaps that's just me, looking at this through my own lenses, but that would have been my assumption.

I haven't noticed many cars on The Street. I mean, Dev has one, and Mike and Penny have cars, and now we see that Ashley and Claire do (what was that make and model?) but, for example, why did Fred drive halfway across England with a truck full of meat that was going bad if he could have just gotten into his own car?

I guess I thought car ownership was a bigger expenditure in the UK than it is in North America. Of course, here in Detroit, there's hardly any public transport anyway, so you kind of have to have a car.

Did someone say Kyoto?

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, Papa!

I was typing while you were posting! There's some quite useful info in your post. A Citroen, huh? Now there's a car you don't see every day (at least, I don't!)

Yes, Sally was moving along, wasn't she? I was also impressed that Kevin was able to get that (quite old looking) tow truck to catch right up to her. Funny, he looks nothing like Steve McQueen!

I would love some more info regarding the cars and stuff. I have become painfully aware of the fact that, as a citizen of The Motor City, I have a very warped view of how the rest of the world views cars. I was shocked to make friends with people from Toronto who were learning how to drive as 20-somethings, because you need a car in Detroit in a way you (apparently) don't in Toronto. I had my license at 16, as did everyone I know (with one exception).

But I'm a big fan of British TV, and a recurrent theme on one program was that a car was too big of an expenditure. When they finally got a car in the third season, it was an old VW bug. So I guess I have the idea that the prices are jacked up over there.

Am I wrong?

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

Hands up all those Toronto folks in their 40's who've never had a driver's liscence!

Oh, just me?

John said...

Papasmurf - I don't think they were product placements, just the cars the producers founds for the scenes and I don't think they try to keep it too consistent. Sally could be driving a Vauxhaul

But check out Dev - I'd swear his sports car changes everytime we see it.

There are actually strict rules in the UK regarding product placement. One thing I've noticed about Corrie is that it's an incredibly "unbranded" show. Cars, you can't really avoid but food products are rarely shown with their commercial labels. There was a news item about relaxing the rules and the brewers all began lining up to get their labels on the taps at the Rover's. Right now you see the fictional Newton and Ridley and sometimes Guinness.

Michigander - In Toronto and Montreal, if you live in the urban area, it's possible, and desired sometimes, to go without a car. I'm in the burbs so it's not an option for me. In the UK, it's even moreso in the cities. Cars and gasoline do cost a lot more so people often weigh the cost of public transit vs. the car with public transit often winning.

Les, for example, put his wordly goods in his cab because he doesn't have a car of his own. Most of the factory girls (and Sean) don't have cars either.

But, you're right, Sally should by rights be driving an older car, given that her husband can service it for free.

papasmurf said...

In Europe most car models will have many engine options* to choose from which can affect the price quite a bit. In North America you buy a Ford Focus and you might get two choices of engine.

*the last time I was in der vaterland the VW Jetta (Bora) came with 17 different engine options and 17 different prices.

I noticed James Bond was seen driving a Ford product in Casino Royale, before he found his Aston Martin. More product placement.

tanzie said...

Did maybe Sally get a deal on her car when she was working in the dealership? And Jacqueline...i'm in my 40's in Northern Ontario and other than taking the drivers course once (with my son when he was 16) i've never had a drivers license either.

John said...

Papasmurf - ah but that's film. It's different and besides, how can you have a Bond film WITHOUT an Aston-Martin (this time, we got two!)? In TV, it's strictly regulated. There's a recent story on the issue here.

papasmurf said...

Thanks for the info John.

I still prefer the old school Aston-Martin.

Stickybee said...

Kevin must have been driving pretty fast in the tow truck whilst talking on his mobile, because Craig said Sally and Rosie left an hour ago!!! Little discrepancy...

Debbie said...

I am a Torontonian (now living in Montreal) with no license and I am 31.

Now for something completely different, an open letter to Michigander Fan. Please take this in the comedic fashion I intend it, and if there is a Mrs. Michigander fan please know that I am 100% joking:

Dear Michigander Fan,

I love you. I know this is sudden but I think it is best to make my feelings plain.

For a long time now, I have been impressed by your Coronation Street knowledge. I make comments that I hope you notice and in this comments section alone I sat at my work desk, totally gripped, totally engrossed, and totally enraptured by your thoughts on the cars of Coronation Street.

I am impressed that you watch the CBC and know when I can watch the Liberal Leadership Convention. I am also impressed that you warned us when it was on and gave up a 'heads up' for the Tuesday broadcast so that we would NOT miss our Street fix. I share your idea of broadcasting Coronation Street on the internet. In fact, I have already written the CBC about it.

Today I find out that you have friends in Toronto. I will take this as a sign. I am a Torontonian thru and thru. In fact, I am the best kind of Torontonian, I live in Montreal, spreading the Toronto gospel until my glorious return to Dufferin and College.

Michigander Fan, I don't know if you are male or female. I don't know if you are married or single. I don't even know if you even know I am alive. But I do know this: We could live happily ever after watching both new and vintage episodes of Coronation Street on the CBC and on my laptop (said laptop is currently downloading some vintage episodes - Feb. 2 - 28, 1996).

Please, never leave this blog.

Yours in BBC and ITV drama,


Jacqueline said...

Glacia busily tries to wipe off the Coca-Cola she just sprayed over her keyboard.

Debbie - HA! You sooooooooooo have to come to the brit show in march.

Debbie said...

The brit show?

papasmurf said...

debbie - check out the post from November 9 and it will fill you in on the British Isles Show.

Jacqueline is over 40?


missusmac said...

Is there any reason why Les isn't safely stuffed into Danny's old apartment? A.K.A. Martin's old apartment.

Why does he need to be at Mike's?

Unless Danny doesn't want him around his Martin hand-me-downs???

And who didn't love Craig calling Kevin whipped and a doormat?

Why does Matt keep saying "if it was up to me" he'd leave Ashley alone? I'm thinking he found out his awful wife (can't remember her name) can't have kids.

How can Ashley have legally adopted Josh?

missusmac said...

Just realizing how absolutely confused I sound in the above post. Honestly I have been paying attention.

However, enquiring minds want to know...

Jacqueline said...

Jacqueline's 'just' 40 - but I think it still techincally makes me a cougar.

Rob Swizzle said...

Michigander fan,
You're in Detroit? I'd had a complete mental picture of Michigander Fan deep in the north woods, with a 12 foot satellite dish pointed at the CBC satellite.

Anonymous said...

Corriestreet - do feel free to use or post my old weekly Corrie updates if you'd like to. They are all on and

All the best

Weekly Corrie Updater

Jacqueline said...

Glenda, you rock.

TY very much, this will really help us, espcially when we all get crazy ass busy.

Anonymous said...

Wait. I feel a Sally Field Oscar moment coming on...You like me! You really like me!!!

You know what's funny is I lurked on this site for a loooong time, because I didn't want to put my big old world dominating American foot into a sovereign Canadian site. But it's so nice to have people to talk Corrie about, and y'all have been more than gracious.

Now for the bad news. Debbie, it cannot be. You see, I too am a 30-something female. We will have to be content to be long-distance internet Corrie BFF. However, let's hold out hope that we can make it to the British Isle show in early March, meet Fizz and hang out.

And Rob, sorry about that. Detroit, born and bred. But I promise not to shoot anybody when I come to TO in March.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


You know, I wondered the same exact thing about Les and Danny's old place. My theory is that Les (not unlike cockroaches) would be difficult to get OUT of Danny's old place. And when Mike comes back from Spain (if Mike comes back from Spain, gee whiz he's been there awhile!) Danny and Leanne will have to move back into Danny's (very small) place.

Also, the whole Joshua thing is beyond my ken. I wasn't watching when all this went down. My guess is that Maxine listed Ashley as the father on the birth certificate. If he's on the BC, actual paternity doesn't matter. There are many men out there who are divorced from their wives and paying child support for children that have been proven (via DNA) to not be theirs. But, since their name is on the BC, they are SOL.

But, like I said, that's just a guess.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I hope the whole interest in cars thing isn't what gave people the impression that I am a dude - it's sort of in our bloodstream here in Detroit. I do pay attention to the automobiles (say it like Long Duc Dong from 16 Candles).

That and I know every Bob Seger song ever written. And dozens of old Motown songs as well.

Michigander Fan

Debbie said...

It's ok MF, I'm really in ove with my capoeira instructor anyway. And yes, it was the cars that made me think you were a dude.