Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Just Out of curiosity

What would it take to get some Michiganers up to Toronto for Corrie Pub night? And Londoners, and Montrealers, etc.

A Corrie Pub Night corresponding the British Isle Show (did we mention Fizz will be at the British Isle Show?)?

Robbie Burns day?

If I can get some old corrie to show on the big screen in my condo?

This is all new year's talk, but just want to see what would be a big enough temptation.



(London) Rob said...

That'd be brilliant if it coincided with the British Isle show - that way I could meet all you guys AND stock up on Marmite on the same trip!

When is the British Isle show?

Will Pamer' be coming from antarctica?

Anonymous said...

Oh I would come up to TO and the British Isle show for a ping and to meet Fizz!
Michigander CorrieLover Lady

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...could be fun! I have never been to TO, so it would be an experience to visit your lovely capitol.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

BTW, that was a joke. I know that the capitol of Canada is Ottawa.

It's a "Canadian Bacon" reference.

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

NP, M.F. We'll have our leader, Lord Chamberlain Harper meet you at the fishing dock. Be sure to covert all your U.S. money to Canadian currency, beaded beaver pelts.

You're too cute not to tease.

You're fine, darling. Better than my U.S. cousin who firmly believes that every single canadian is fluent in both languages, but wonders who our president is.

Jacqueline said...

P.S. You are correct, Toronto is NOT the capital of Canada, merely the centre of the known universe.

KA-ZING! You can thank me later, Papasmurf.

Anonymous said...


Hahaha. However, if the media can't even get in to see PM Harper, I'm pretty sure that he won't greet me.

I saw the recent Rick Mercer where he talked about how, between the exchange rate, the hassle at the border, and apparently the new "no you can't have a refund on the tax you just paid, you hoser" law, he's sure tourism will have a big boost.

Michigander Fan