Friday, November 03, 2006

Hillman Question

Who's sending the Hilliman letters?
Who's sending the Hilliman letters?
Zombie Richard
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Anonymous said...

I vote for David. Although Phil is creeping me out more and more.

Zombie Richard - LOL! (We do KNOW he's dead, right? Not Bobby Ewing dead, but really most sincerely dead?)

Michigander Fan

Lisa the Oliver Stone Wannabe said...

I say it's Bethany. She is actually a child prodigy and has been able to write, think & plot her revenge on her evil family but has been smart enough to sit back and bide her time- playing it cute & young. Now is her time to shine. Heck even Maggie shot Mr. Burns.

Radmila said...

I'm convinced that it's David who's trying to pin it on Phil...although, I agree that Phil is a little creepy, and possibly a good candidate as well.

Karen said...

Did they ever find Richard's body?

missusmac said...

Yep, they found him. The last shot I remember is of the coroner's bag being zipped just after a closeup shot of Hillman's slightly smiling face...

Debbie said...

OK, there is nothing cute about Bethany.

Anonymous said...

Well, after Phil's second psychotic episode, I'm beginning to wonder - he couldn't be Richard's brother, could he?

What about Scooter? Hahaha. Sarah Louise really should have been more appreciative of that stuffed fish.
Michigander Fan