Monday, November 06, 2006

Errare humanum est, ignoscere divinum

Ed and Emily continue their painful conversation about the circumstances of her husband's murder and the role Ed played on that fateful day. Ed does his best to explain how God's love has changed him while he ws in prison and how truly sorry he is for the pain he has caused Emily all these long years. In spite of his best efforts no matter what Ed says seems to come out wrong and Emily is clearly not having any of it. She tells Ed that he lied his way into her life, he lied his way into her house, he lied his way into her church, he had no right to do that, now she just wants him to leave.

Norris comes home to find a darkened sitting room with a candle burning in front of a picture of Emily's murdered husband Ernest. He blows the candle out fearing a house fire and is surprised to find Emily sitting in the darkness. For once Norris doesn't act like a complete pillock and offers to light the candle again, and then lends a kind ear as Emily explains what has happened. She tells Norris he was right to have suspicions about Ed, that he wasn't to be trusted. Norris asks what he has taken - to which Emily replies 'My Ernest'. Emily has been wondering about the last moments of her husband's life, what he was feeling and thinking before he was killed. She is cogniscent of how the state has forgiven Ed for his actions and how the church has forgiven Ed for his intentions but she is unsure if she has the capacity to extend the same forgiveness.

She then makes the connection between the name of the man convicted of killing her husband - Thomas Edward Jackson - and the name Ed has been using - Ed Jacks.

In the cafe Ed is writing draft after draft of what he really wants to say to Emily but was unable to vocalize properly. Roy tries to tell him that it is closing time but when he sees the agitated emotional state Ed is in he tells him to take his time and finish what he is doing. Ed cryptically tells Roy that he has been tested again, and has failed again.

Ed then slips the note through Emily's door but is caught in the act. Emily tears up the note in front of Ed, telling him she is not interested in what it might contain. At the end of his emotional rope, Ed drives off, in spite of Eileen standing next to his car.

Eileen, who until this moment had been patiently waiting in The Rovers for Ed to return, is confused by the recent turn of events. Sean tries to assure her that Ed is acting like a typical male and will soon turn up on her doorstep in a tuxedo with a bouquet of flowers. Failing that, just forget about him and grab someone else. She tells Sean to shut up, that she just can't move on to the next bloke like Sean can. Suitably offended by this vaguely homophobic statement, Sean storms off - but the two of them make up later in the pub.

Tracey is also to be found in The Rovers having a drink after her urgent visit to the dentist. It seems she is fine to leave her darling daughter to the gentle ministrations of Charlie. When Blanche pops in and sees Tracey having a drink she is suitably shocked - 'my grandaughter is being babysat by the bogeyman'.

Shel tries to give Tracey some advice about Charlie but is rebuffed by the mother of the year, with some assistance from Ronny, who seems to forming some strange alliance with Tracey.

While Tracey is having a grand time at the pub Charlie is stuck in the flat with Amy. He gets a call from an old mate 'Mucker' (sic) who wants to meet up with Charlie for a drink. Charlie tells him he has some business to take care of but will meet him soon. In the background Amy has started to cry and Charlie mutters a nasty 'shut up'.

He gets Amy dressed and brings her over to Number 1 in search of her mother. Deirdre answers the door and offers to take Amy but Charlie insists on knowing where Tracey is. With a look of resignation Deirdre nods next door to The Rovers. Charlie marches into the pub and confronts Tracey, who tries to tell him that she was on her way home after she finished her drink. Charlie isn't having it and gives her toothbrush, telling her she is out of his flat and she can pick up the rest of her gear the next day. He's going out to pull some birds, like a freshly single bloke is supposed to.

Roy and Clifford do some quality bonding over trains.

Amber is curious about who Shareen is and assumes it is another of Dev's conquests. To help keep things straight she has started a timeline of Dev's loves over the years. He tells her to cease and desist, and finally admits that Shareen is another one of his daughters. Amber is shocked - 'another flaming sister' - 'I liked being an only child'. The two of them have a few nice bonding moments on a bench but it doesn't end well as Amber storms off again.

Deirdre is worried about the bloke she snogged on the girls night out. Somehow he has managed to track down where she works and has blackmailed her into giving his plans preferential treatment. She confides to Frankie over a glass of wine that she is worried about her job and her marriage. Frankie tells her that everything will work out, it isn't really a big deal. Deirdre isn't to be assuaged though - 'two dafts don't make a sensible'. Only time will tell.


John said...

I loved Amber's suggested resolution to her and Dev's familial problems: "We have go on Trisha."

Trisha is a Maury Povich style talk show (just a smidge classier) that used to air on ITV before she was replaced with Jerry Springer. She's now on another channel.

missusmac said...

I love Amber. She's attitude in a braid. 'I started a time line..." Classic!

The Emily/Ed exchange was painful. He's so earnest (no pun intended) and she feels like she's been hijacked.

Sounds like she's spent years planning in her head to forgive these men she didn't know, and would never know, but knowing Ed is making it painful.

What's with Ronnie? I assumed she was semi-nice, but 'let's be friends, it will confuse the men,that's more amusing'. What the hell is that?

Run, Steve, Run.

Anonymous said...

WHich of these douchebags is supposed to be Ed?

And frankly, Emily's reaction surprised me...

Anonymous said...

Random thoughts on last night's episode:

Ronnie really opened my eyes when she started talking about how it's fun to get your ex and your current flame fighting. Wow. Big time manipulative. Steve sure can pick 'em.

Walking the Christian walk is HARD. We'll see if Emily feels differently after a few days.

How did the lounge lizard figure out where Deirdre worked, or was that just a happy coincidence for him?

Does this mean Terry Jacks is actually a convicted felon who has changed his name?

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

Glacia puts on her glad rags and waits at Weatherfield Arms for the newly single Charlie.

I know, I'm supposed to hate him, but I LOVE the fact that he put Tracey in her place.

The Trisha line was the funniest line of the show.

I'm loving the Ed/Emily story and how the writers are handling that. I love that they show two people struggling to do what their faith dictates them to do, each failing in someway. Well done Corrie writers and big thanks for do it with respect.

It was so sad watching Emily worrying about what Ernest went through.

Note to Seangstm - the guy with the gun is supposed to be Ed.

Anonymous said...


Don't gussy yourself up too much - you gotta know it ain't over between those two.

But Tracy has a real challenge ahead of her here. She goes to the dentist, then shopping, then to the pub, and Charlie's going to sit still for that. Right. As the Brits would say, Pull the other one.

Also, I really liked how they handled the Ed & Emily story as well. They did treat it with respect, and they didn't make it pat. It is hard to forgive. I think it was CS Lewis who said that Christianity has not been tried and found wanting, it has been found difficult and not tried. (or something like that...)

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


Ditto re: Amber. She's fast becoming one of my faves, man!

And yes about Ronnie. Now, I have to admit that I haven't liked her much from the start. The whole "My husband is so dangerous...I'm not afraid of him...Yes I am...No I'm not... I took 5,000 pounds from him..." drama was too WRONG. I'm sorry. You're either afraid of the guy or you're not. If you ARE, you stay the heck away from him, and if you're NOT, you don't create drama for your new boyfriend.

At first, I thought she was unconsciously manipulative (you know people like that, don't you?) but now I see she's purposely manipulative.

Big eye opener.

Of course, it will take Steve FOREVER to figure it out.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

"We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun..."

Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

C.S. is my homey.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, that terry jacks. But now the seasons are all done...

John said...




Re: Moley.

This is to bring to your attention previous endeavours regarding Ms. Tracy Barlow and Mrs. Karen MacDonald.

While you may feel as though you a steady influence in their emotionally discordant lives, as was the case with your two previous partners, you will be unable to f--k the crazy out of her.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.


Anonymous said...



Michigander Fan

Jacqueline said...

ahlhforqJohn - you is wicked funny.

Anonymous said...

Oops! That wasn't CS Lewis - that was GK Chesterton. Sorry!

Michigander Fan

Rob Swizzle said...

Do Roy and Ed share a barber? A terrible, terrible barber?

Anonymous said...


Hahaha. I know, I thought the same thing last night. I guess I hadn't ever noticed them together before, but when they shared the screen last night, I thought, "They're twins."

Michigander Fan

Rob said...

I'm confused...

"We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun..."

CS Lewis didn't write this? was GK Chesterton?

Anonymous said...

The guy in the jean jacket with the rifle under the carpet is Ed Jacks....before Beatle haircut...another actor though!!

Anonymous said...


Sorry. My brain hops all over the place. I actually made 2 quotes throughout my many entries. The quote about Christianity being found difficult and not tried is by GK Chesterton, not CS Lewis (both Brits, and roughly contemporary, so I guess I can be forgiven for that).

The other refers to a snarky comment I made about Terry Jacks, the "Seasons in the Sun" guy from the late 70s.

Michigander Fan

(London) Rob said...


I did catch all your quotes and references - I was just being silly...

I'm enjoying all your comments...but do you work?!

By the way...should I know Joe in London?

...or are YOU just being silly?