Tuesday, November 28, 2006

CORONATION STREET 1979 Gail Potters first wedding

The clip is of Gail Potters wedding, to Brian.


Jacqueline said...

Best line...'Have you met my husband, Jack.'

My god, when Jack meets Bet - BEAUTY!

I almost forgot what Bert looked like.

parkdalian said...

I agree, that made the clip!

Can anyone tell why the heck Mike Baldwin was walking Gail down the aisle? I know her father wasn't around, but why Mike? I didn't think they were very palsy-walsy.

Debbie said...

I was wondering about the Mike Baldwin thing too.

Anonymous said...

Eww...those clothes were hideous...Jack is good looking as is Mike...

Today is Gail's anniversary...Did anyone know that fact?

Anonymous said...

Tinyvi / Jacqueline

I don't want to take without asking so would it be ok if I put some of TinyVi's youtubes on Corrieblog? If not, it's ok, but I wanted to ask first. Can you let me know by email please to flaming_nora@hotmail.co.uk

Flaming Nora

Tinyvi said...


Yes you can you, don't ask just blog them onto your site.

No problem.