Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Contest Update

At this moment, Heather from New Zealand is in the winning. I tried to find out the exact distance between Toronto and New Zealand, but google only gives distance for places you can drive to.

So let's say that New Zealand is a sh*tload of kms away from me. I'll do a more exact distance if we start getting readers speaking up from that side of the world.

But as it stands, the Kiwis have it. Speak up ye internationals, contest closes on Thursday 5pm EST.

Also, just to let you know, that we broke Cluster Map.

email I recevied last night:

Dear ClustrMaps user,

We noticed that the current number of displayed visits to your site http://www.corriestreet.blogspot.com is 10032 . This is perfectly OK in terms of anticipated visitor traffic, BUT it is just above our recommended 'number-of-dots-to-display-at-once' threshold (i.e. for the actual map display) of 10000 for daily updates with yearly archives. Essentially, above a certain threshold it is impossible for the human eye to detect small incremental differences. We have therefore provisionally amended the frequency of your map updates to: weekly.

Well done Corrie Canucks!


Lisa said...

Here ya go-
Distance between Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Auckland, New Zealand, as the crow flies:
8626 miles (13882 km) (7496 nautical miles)
I think I'll be in NZ in February again. Weeeee!

Lisa said...

Here you go:

Distance between Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Auckland, New Zealand, as the crow flies:
8626 miles (13882 km) (7496 nautical miles)

I should be in NZ in February. Weeeeee!

Lisa said...

Sorry to be Fred-like & repeat myself but it said that the first one didn't post.
Sorry...I say...sorry


Jacqueline said...

Lisa, dear...are you having a stroke? Do you want me to call the hospital? I SAID, 'DO YOU WANT ME TO CALL THE HOSPITAL?'

Anonymous said...


That is so wonderful that I have won the contest!!

Thanks...Re: the offer of the date with Mr Trudeau (the younger) I will say thanks but no thanks..I'm happily married for the last 36 years.

But if by some remote financial chance we ever come your way I would love to meet some enviromental type folk or some real indigenous poeple,as I'm very interested in flora & fauna restoration, ( I have a very active voluntary project where I live) As well as a keen interest in different cultures. I can't help admiring the original settlers of these tough lands...yours and ours...they didn't have much but managed to survive for generations without many resources etc.

Many thanks for the offer of a prize from Paris I look forward in anticipation.

Heather Wills.
Bay of Plenty,
New zealand.