Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dear Debbie

When you come to the British Show out here in Hogtown, make sure you bring the capoeira instructor with you.


Just in case Pamer can't make it, you see.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Update - November 29, 2006 - The Long Goodbye Edition

The Long Goodbye

(Yes, I know the photo doesn't have much to do with the storyline)

In Mike's flat, Leanne is presenting Danny with a big, greasy fry-up. He complains that the eggs are too runny.

Leanne wonders what's going on but Danny says he' s not really in the loop anymore. Leanne suggests he should be more in the loop if he wants the factory to fall into Adam's hands. Danny says Adam will never set foot in the factory again but Leanne says Mike's had has gone as runny as Danny's egg.

Danny protests, "That's my dad you're talking about."

At Frankie's, she and Penny are waiting for Jamie to bring Mike home. Penny says she knows Alzheimers's is called "The Long Goodbye" and she doesn't want to see her partner turn into a stranger.

Later, as Ken, Deirdre, and Audrey are walking down the street, a cab pulls around the corner carrying Jamie and Mike, who suddenly looks ten years older and confused. He struggles to be let out of the cab as Jamie opens to the door for him. Ken, Deirdre, and Audrey greet Mike but he clearly doesn't recognise them.

When he gets inside, he's greeted by Frankie and Penny, who starts crying.

"Ah, don't cry darlin'" he says, followed quickly by "Who are you?"

He then asks where Alma is. It's too much for Penny who leaves in tears.

In the Rover's, Ken, Deirdre, and Audrey are discussing Mike. They're all a bit shocked by the sudden turn of events but Audrey warn them that he doesn't need their pity. What he needs is to know he has friends.

At Frankie's, Jamie tells Mike that Alma died a few years back.

"Oh right," he says, making it look like he's suddenly remembered but it's evident that he does not and it's clearly terrifying him. He asks about Audrey. They tell him and he remembers that he and she went to a lake once.

He demands to be taken home. Frankie calls Danny to come and get him.

When they arrive, Leanne is giving Danny a hard time about doing whatever Frankie asks. he says he's doing this because it's money in the bank. He becomes short with her and tells her to wait in the car.

When he sees Mike, he says it could have been worse. Jamie is disgusted with him and goes upstairs.

He ushers Mike into the car and Mike tells Leanne that she's going to love his place.

Normally, I snark a little bit on this show for fun but this one is too tough to do it. My uncle in New Brunswick is going through the same thing so this storyline is hitting a little close to home for me.

Roy Cropper: Smooth Operator

At Eileen's, Sean and Jason are playing football on the Playstation (Sean's winning, by the way). A morose Eileen leaves, saying she's doing some shopping. Sean suggests that Jason tell his mum that she deserves to be happy, instead of making her feel "like a sad-o."

Eileen goes to Roy's where he asks if anything is alright, as she seemed deep in contemplation. Suddenly, Roy locks the door and shows Eileen a book and a letter. He feels as if he and Hayley are drifting apart and has decided to write her a love letter, and include a poem. He asks Eileen to cast a female eye on it. Clearly moved, she thinks it's lovely and invites Roy to the Rover's for drink.

In the Rover's Eileen is discussing her bad luck in love with Roy, who isn't comfortable with the conversation. Eileen says he's the only one there so tough. She asks what he sees in Hayley and tries to explain that it's a collection of attributes and he has certain personality traits that others may find annoying but she does not. So, Eileen reckons, she accepts you for who you are and doesn't try to change you?

"Precisely," says Roy, adding that he also likes himself more because of her.

"God broke the mold when He made you, Roy Cropper."

"I've always been a firm believer in the theory of evolution, myself."

On the way back, Eileen tells Roy she's lucky to have him and she hopes that there is someone out there for her. She gives Roy a peck on the cheek and Roy worries that he may have given the wrong impression. Eileen assures Roy that he's not her type but tells him to put one in his letter to Hayley. Women like that sort of thing.

The Son Also Rises

Clurr is helping Joshua make a hand-printed birthday card for his upcoming party. They ask Ashley if he wants to join them but he is too moody and says he has to go out.

When Ashley gets back, he says he went to the park. He's worried that as Joshua gets older, he's going to look like Matt Ramsden. Claire says it doesn't matter what he looks like. She shows him the card he made, which reads:
Dear Daddy. I hope you can come to my birthday party. Love, your son, Joshua.
"That tells you everything you need to know about your son right there," says Clurr.

Dear Gail: You suck. Love, your dead husband.

Gail is beginning to wonder if the latest greeting card was in fact sent by the dead guy she watched the police zip up in a body bag. Audrey makes her say it: it's not Richard Hillman.

"But, oh mam," Gail chirps. "Who could it be?"

Who indeed?

Okay I lied. I had to snark a little. It's the Platts. I can't help myself.

The Tuesday Marathon

It was a Corrie double feature!


  • When Kelly finds she can’t lie to Danny about Becky’s competency, Becky makes a quick transition from cleaner to the machines.
  • At the Platt house, another card from ‘Richard’. Tensions are growing between Phil and David, and Gail seems to have taken note of Phil’s attitude towards the boy.
  • Unfortunately, Danny overhears that Frankie is reluctant to get together with Nathan again. He and Nathan exchange barbs about ‘big shoes’ (men!), until Frankie calls back and invites Nathan out to a movie. So, I guess Nathan wins.

The Mother-Daughter Fun Run For Safer Sex

Rosie explains to Craig that her mom’s intentions have always been in the right place, though Craig looks doubtful (I hear ya, buddy. Kuh-ray-zee!). Rosie punctuates her feelings by going into the factory and giving her mom a bit ol’ hug. Sally’s eyes are all a shimmer as she says she has the best daughter in the world. In other news, Sophie is once again downgraded to chopped liver.

The “Crawling to the Finish Line On His Hands and Knees” Charity Run

Things are not normal at the Battersby-Brown residence. Les is still confined to his car, much to Steve’s distaste. Cilla is still being weird with that low, rational voice. And Yana forgot the hairspray bottle at home for once.

Chesney and Kirk think Cilla should give Les another chance. Yana asks her if she really wants Les to run to Janice, because that's the most likely scenario here. When that doesn’t appeal to Cilla, Yana points out that she better start giving him some options.

Cilla likes the idea of Les crawling back. Literally. She commands him to crawl across the street on all fours. Les doesn’t like it but he's committed to getting back into the warmth of his, er, 'lovely' home. Kirk very considerately sweeps the cobbles and Cilla even allows Les to wait until the gaggle of factory girls passes by. Chesney takes the opportunity to plead Les’ case once more. Cilla decides to let Les off the hook and he bounds into the house, sweeping his family into his arms.

(Am I the only one feeling a little let down by how this played out? Why didn’t she make him crawl in front of the factory girls? Am I supposed to be intrigued by the softer side of Cilla? We could have had both. He could have crawled and then they still could have hugged.)

The “Meet Me Halfway” Half Marathon For Dads

Right up to the last minute, Ashely and Claire bicker about whether or not they should show up for the meeting with Matt. Ashley is still raw about what Matt did to him. They finally decide to see what he wants because 'the devil you know’ and so on.

A towering Matt Ramsden introduces them to his attractive and supportive new wife, Sylvia. He says he tried to move on but he’s never been able to forget about Joshua. Their proposal involves access to Joshua every once in awhile so they can get to know him. They don’t want parental rights, just some contact.

Claire finds it a reasonable request but Ashley flies off the handle, charging that Matt has been referring to Joshua as “my son,” and there will be none of that. Things deteriorate from there as Matt and Ashley threaten each other with words like “rights” and “DNA tests”. It looks like this is going to court, much to Claire and Sylvia’s mutual dismay.


Marathoners For Redemption

Emily’s saga continues to be one of the best storylines going. Freda is taking her leave, but first she stops by the Kabin to tell Rita and Norris she doesn’t think Emily’s doing very well at all. Norris gets an "I was right” moment. He and Rita promise to look after Emily.

But Emily isn’t having any of it. When they go and invite her for lunch at the pub, she’s still in her dressing gown and she snaps at them to leave her alone.

(Here’s where my PVR cuts out because I didn’t know about the second episode. Thankfully, I still caught most of it live and Corrie dot net provided the part I missed). The next day at the Kabin, Norris points out that she hasn’t been sleeping (Rita’s a tattletale). Emily says any religion that allows a killer into heaven for just for saying sorry is no religion for her. Norris wants to continue the lecture but she turns her back on them. Out in the street, she begs Rita to please just leave her alone. Even Eileen’s news that she’s no longer seeing Ed hardly elicits a response. Emily is clearly in a dark place.

In the next scene, she’s at the church. The youngish minister tries to draw her out. He says he believes Ed is repentant but for Emily, that’s not the point. He talks about the Forgiveness Project on the Internet and she snaps that even if she had access to the Internet and knew how to use it, she wouldn’t. Then he lets it slip that he’s afraid for Ed, who he thinks might be contemplating suicide. Emily is livid. How dare he lay this on her?

Still, it does work. She ends up on Ed’s doorstep. He’s surprised to see her, gob-smacked when she asks outright if he’s indeed going to London to kill himself. He admits it was supposed to be a quick job – move to where no one knows him, do the deed, and become less than a mention in a local paper. He didn’t want her to know. Emily says it took 28 years but that it was getting easier learning how to be alone. He came along and ruined it. She doesn’t want his death on her conscience on top of everything.

Ed looks like a kicked dog. He knows he can’t ask anything of her. She forbids him to kill himself, that he doesn't get to take the easy way out. She says that if her forgiveness will keep him alive, then she forgives him. He responds that he doesn’t deserve it. She says it’s not for him, it’s for herself because she just can’t carry this around anymore.

Then she makes him promise that he will leave Weatherfield and never come back, but that he will send her a Christmas card with a photograph every year so she knows he didn’t off himself. Then she hands him Ernest’s old camera, saying "take it. Use it. Do something good with the rest of your life."
"I will. I promise," he says. He is crying.

Later, Emily walks into the pub looking 28 years lighter.


Senior's Marathon to the Finish Line: Date TBA

Frankie comes into the pub and tells Danny that they’ve just heard Mike’s suffered a bad fall in Spain. Jamie’s on a plane to find his Granddad.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Forgiveness Project

In tonight's episode, Emily's minister urges her to go to The Forgiveness Project. Emily protests, saying that she has no interest in "going online" and she probably isn't aware of the tubular nature of the internets.

That said, it's a fascinating site and serves as an interesting complement to this recent storyline, which I thought wrapped up nicely this evening.

CORONATION STREET 1979 Gail Potters first wedding

The clip is of Gail Potters wedding, to Brian.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Update for Episode # 6243 November 27, 2006

The Websters

Kev drives up to where Sal and Rosie have stopped by the side of road. Sal is sitting a distance away in the middle of the moors. Rosie is beside herself, she can't understand why her mother is behaving so strangely. Kev tells her to wait in the cab of the truck to stay warm, he will sort things out with Sal. He sits down beside his wife and lets her explain what is going on. It boils down to Sally hating the way things are in her life and how things are going with Rosie. She just wants her daughter to be safe but she can't keep on going on the way things have been lately.

Kev comforts Sal by telling her that the girls are alright, they have done a good job raising them. If their daughters end up making the same mistakes that Kev and Sal did and end up in a similar life circumstance as their parents, that wouldn't be so bad. In the big picture the Websters are better off than most. Wise man our Kev.

Back at Number 13 a while later Sal is having a lay down and Rosie and Kev are talking in the sitting room. Rosie keeps trying to justify her actions and Kev simply tells her to shut up. He's not blaming anyone, he just wants what's best for everyone in the family. Rosie says that they don't understand what she is going through. Kev replies that he might have an idea what's going on in his daughter's head and proceeds to do an admirable job of explaining what Rosie has been experiencing. He ends by telling Rosie that if she and Craig are going to be together forever, then there is no rush is there? Wise man our Kev.

The good husband then proceeds upstairs to talk to Sal, who is unsure what she should do and is worried about losing their daughters. Kev explains the whole circle of life thing to bring a bit of persepctive to the situation. Mother and daughter meet at the foot of the stairs for a cry and a cuddle. Sal tells Rosie not to make any promises about Craig, because she will only break them and break her mother's heart again. She only wants Rosie to promise to stay safe and close to her mother.

Sophie meets Craig on the street and reads him the riot act about how he is causing all sorts of turmoil in their family.

The Peacocks

Claire pulls up to Ashley as he is walking down the street. Having recently seen Matt Ramsden Ashley is a bit wound up and he releases a torrent of incomprehensible verbiage at his wife. And I do mean incomprehensible. The only bit I got was at the end when he threatened to kill the good doctor if he ever laid his hands on Joshua. Discretion being the better part of valour, Claire motors off.

Later back at Number 4 Claire tells her husband that she thinks she might have seen Matt Ramsden at the nursery earlier, and she may have even talked to him for a bit. Not what her husband wanted top hear it would seem. Ashey goes off on another tirade ending with him calling Claire stupid.

Fred finds his son later at the cafe and sits down with him to give Ashley some wise counsel. Calling your wife stupid is never appropriate, especially when she is carrying your child. There is no way she could have known who it was at the nursery and she is in no way at fault. Wise man our Fred.

Ashley finds Claire and does apologize for his boorish behaviour. They discuss what they should about the situation with Matt Ramsden. Ashley wants to have interaction with him whatsoever, how can you trust someone who slept with a patient who also was your best mate's wife? Claire thinks it might be best to keep the lines of communication open so they know what is going on and what the biological father of Joshua in planning. Wise woman our Claire.

The Battersby-Browns

Les continues to live in his cab. Kirk has brought him his belongings from the flat and the two masterminds hatch a scheme for Les to put his dirty socks through the letter box when they need washing.

Later Les pushes his way to the front of the line at the chippy, because there isn't any sense in waiting in line if he isn't going to get served in the end. Logical man our Les. Cilla serves him alright, an order of deep fried socks. It seems she was on to his little plan. Cilla's sidekick Cruella explains to the other patrons in line what Les has done to fair maiden Cilla, and not to worry about the whole deep fried sock thing, they were using the old oil in the deep fryer.

Back on the street Les, Chesney and Kirk are sitting in the cab watching a bit of telly and having an existential conversation about baths. Ches wants to move in with Les but he tells the lad he's sorry but it isn't on. Cilla and Yana show up and interrupt the boy's night out. Or in. The smell of Les' trainers on the roof* of the cab almost cause Yana to bring up her pickled eggs. Cilla tells Chesney that he better be inside in three seconds or else he isn't getting any Christmas or birthday presents for three years. (she does look a bit like the grinch) Chesney makes his way inside, but returns for a moment and gives Les the rest of their pizza. Les tells Chesney not to worry, he will always be close by, no matter what. Good man our Les.

* I once drove from Texas to Thunder Bay with my trainers tied to the roof rack beacuse of their odious odour. I feel a real kinship with Les. Now I just have to find a snakeskin pulling jacket somehow.

The Golden Girls

Emily is getting along famously with her female flatmates. Norris continues to get his oar stuck in about the Ed situation. Rita tells him to leave it alone but he insists that no one knows Emily like he does and she needs to share what she is feeling in order for her to have any closure. It all comes to a head while they are playing cards and Norris insists that Emily talk about what she is feeling. She just wants it out of her head and if Norris can't understand that then he should just get out of her flat. Good woman our Emily.

The Idiot's Lantern

MJ made note of this a while back but I thought now would be a good time to bring it up again:

On CBC, you may want to catch tonight's episode of Doctor Who. The Doctor and Rose arrive on a small backstreet filled with turn of the century row houses. It's called Florizel Street and they're just in time for the 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

The original working title of Coronation Street was "Florizel Street" and Doctor Who's writer, Russell T. Davies, used to write for Corrie so this episode is something of a tribute.

Freedom Fries, Michigander?


M.F. asks, if I had any Freedom Fries in France. Yes, but they don't actually call them Freedom Fries. I,however, do because in Paris you have the freedom to order a pint of beer with your McDonald's fries.

These are the most civilized people on the face of the earth.

(You also seem to be able to smoke directly under the 'Pas De Fumer' signs.)

I know, totally not Corrie related, but thought I'd share.

Bonjour and Merci!

Well, I'm back from France and Switzerland....a week in Paris, 4 days in Switzerland, 2 days in the French village my family comes from and back to Paris.

I'm just too happy.

Fine food and the French are lovely. (I SAID, the French are lovely, Papasmurf!)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAY, just wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone for keeping the home fires burning and doing all the fab updates.


Gail Potters 21 st Birthday Party very Retro.

Last week ... on Corrie!

We're a bit behind in getting the daily updates out so I thought I'd recap the entire week for our readers, in convenient bullet-point form, in case anyone wants to discuss last week's storylines:

  • Janice got fired from Underworld, got punched by Sally twice, got in bed with Les, and got on a bus and left.
  • Nathan got into bed with Frankie.
  • Mike got lost, but now was found and is still in Spain.
  • Sally saw Rosie kissing Craig so she grabbed her and sped off to what looked like the middle of Scotland with Kevin in hot pursuit. Sally says she is lost. In life, that is. Not on the road.
  • Emily's great niece Freida shows up for a surprise visit. Fortunately, Norris isn't there to shout at her on account of her hearing impairment. She convinces Emily to go to church where she sees Ed. She still can't forgive him and is having a crisis of faith and doesn't know who she is anymore.
  • Chucked out by Cilla on account of his infidelity with Janice, Les is bunking with Danny and Leanne at Mike's flat. Funny that Cilla cheated on Les more times than anyone can count but that was before the marriage so I guess she's on the moral high ground here.
  • Clifford's pestering of Roy is hurting his relationship with Hayley. Roy, wanting to please everyone, ends up pleasing no one.
  • Dr. Matt Ramsden has approached Ashley about being a part of Joshua's life. Ashley is unreceptive.
  • Becky has a cleaner's job at the factory. Kelly's afraid her criminal past is going to be brought out in the open.

That's it for now, unless I've missed something.

On The Buses, Nearest and Dearest

A clip of Nearest and Dearest with Maggie Jones who plays Blanch 1969.

The next I put up is a clip from On The Buses with Johnny Briggs 1972.


This is the First Scence of Audrey Potter or as we now her Roberts. Played By SUE NICHOLLS 1979.

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Missed Update

Hi Everyone,
I got called to work this weekend and there's no way I'm going to get to Friday's update until Tuesday or Wednesday. By then, it'll be extremely old news.

So sorry for dropping the ball with such short notice. Future Friday updates will hopefully go without a hitch.

Working From Home Today

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Update - November 22, 2006 - Don't Make Her Angry Edition

The Webster Family: Kevin, Sally, Rosie, and That Other One

Sophie returns from fetching the paper and milk to arrive at breakfast. She discovers there's no cereal and manages to fix Kevin's mobile. Meanwhile, Sally is dealing with the latest crisis of Rosie and the Menace of Craig's Penis but it's nothing a little more private education can't fix as she hands her a brochure from Rosa Cootes' Correctional Academy for Wayward Gentlewomen Melrose Boarding School for Girls. Yes, an all-female environment should certainly cure Rosie of her burgeoning sexuality. What could possibly happen?

But Kevin says they can't afford a boarding school, let alone Orc Hill. Sophie complains that everything in the Webster house is All! About! Rosie! and storms off. But before Sally can say, "Wait. Who was that again?" Kevin runs after her.

He finds her in Roy's and buys her a breakfast to make up for the lack of food at home. Sophie admits that she doesn't mind the attention Sally pays Rosie as it means Sophie can spend more time with Kevin.

Later, as they lay on the chesterfield, listening to two-chord depressing music, Rosie complains to Craig that the new school is in the middle of nowhere. Craig says after losing his family, that he wouldn't be able to take it if he lost Rosie, too. Rosie promises she won't go and they cry together.

Two Koo-Koo Birds in Love

As Nathan leaves Frankie's, she receives a letter addressed to Danny. Over breakfast (the missus: "What? No wine?"), Jamie says he doesn't mind Nathan staying over when, after all, Jamie's totally not attracted to his step mother so why should he mind if she brings strapping young men home for rumpy-pumpy?

Danny is sacked out on the chesterfield in his flat as Leanne hobbles out to ask why he didn't come to bed last night. She tries to be supportive but he brushes her off.

Later at Roy's, Danny wanders in to talk to Frankie. The conversation is awkward and strained so he orders a cake and leaves.

Ta ra, Janice

If wasn't for the fact that it happened at her apartment, Janice would be doing the Walk of Shame right now. Les is trying to keep up with her, lighting her fag, and reminiscing about their night of pasty, pudgy-fleshed passion, comparing it to riding a bike. Janice is offended until Les clarifies - you never forget all the right moves. Les wouldn't call Janice the town bike - that would be Cilla. Or Sarah-Lou.

Janice meets Fizz and admits to her that her and Les' bodies became intertwined in an explosion of ginger hair, nicotine stains, the scent of lager and Blue Stratos. After throwing up a little in her mouth, Fizz worries the effect infidelity will have on Chesney, should the Battersby-Brown brigade be broken up. Janice is offended that all Fizz can think about is Chesney and stalks off where she finds Leanne in what appears to be the bistro section of the Rover's.

There, they commiserate about their problems: Danny's moodiness over the divorce and Janice's life generally gone to Hell and sleeping with Les. So they do what any two self-respecting Englishwomen would do: they get blootered.

In the street, Fizz sees Les and gives him what for over sleeping with Janice. Cilla, seeing the argument, feels her shrew-sense going off and comes over to investigate. She says she knows something is up and when she finds out what, she'll get angry and Les has not seen her angry.

In the Rover's Janice contemplates leaving Weatherfield as she thinks there is nothing left to keep her there. Danny comes in, sees a drunk Leanne, and turns around and leaves. Sally then comes in and Janice starts tossing peanuts at her.

Sally warns her not to throw anymore if she will be angry. Jack and Fred quietly take bets.

Janice throws one any way and, in a dignified manner, Sally gives her a right hook to the jaw. Jack wins the bet: "Lived 'round here longer than you have, Fred."

Sally leaves as Les and Cilla come in. Janice complains that she's lost her friends and her job and if that weren't bad enough, she ended up in bed with a witless waste of space like Les. She tells Cilla she hasn't taught him a thing. Cilla is furious: "You had a shower and all this morning!"

Later, Fizz finds Janice lugging her bags to the bus stop. She's going to leave and see Toyah. She noted the look on everyone's face when Sally hit her, a look that said she had it coming. She pulls out the ornament Leanne bought her, saying it was the only thing of value she's ever had. She claims she'll never come back and, calling Fizz by her proper name, Fiona, they hug. The Janice drops her ornament, breaking it in two. She climbs aboard the bus and pulls out of Weatherfield, forever it seems.

In Other News

  • Hayley makes Roy realise that she haven't been spending much time together, thanks to his model train hobby. Roy makes amends by transforming the café into a romantic bistro with "Lara's Theme" from Dr. Zhivago on the radio and all. Hayley goes upstairs to get changed, only to find Clifford, with more plans, in the café with Roy trying to usher him out. Hayley says she just got a call from her Uncle Wilf, who's had a bad fall. She needs to go to him at once.
  • Dr Matt Ramsden: still stalking Joshua.
What do you think? Is Janice really gone for good? And just how much doo-doo is Les in now?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Update for Episode # 6328 November 20, 2006

FYI International Women' Day is also Papa Smurf's birthday.


Jamie, Frankie and Penny put their heads together in an effort to track down Mike, who seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. The first call they make is to the local precinct near to where Mike has his villa in Spain. It seems that none of the local constabulary hable angles so Jamie does what every moron gringo does - he speaks louder and adds an 'O' to the end of words in an effort to sound more spanish. Having no luck there they decide to try and ring someone who might be able to communicate in the appropriate language. Like the embassy.

Danny pops round Number 7 to see how the search for Mike is going and gets a frosty reception from the three stooges. While he is there the phone rings and they are relieved to find out that Mike is alright, but still have no idea why he has been out of contact for so long. Danny slinks off quietly.


Hayley pops round the cafe to ask Roy if he can pick up a package for her at the post office, there is some sort of deadline involved and she does not have the time to go herself. Roy assures her that he will attend to it right away. Roy is about to leave on his errand when Clifford shows up to ask what Roy thinks about the historical accuracy of a gatehouse model for their model train empire. The two enterprising engineers are engrossed in comversation when Hayley returns to find Roy has not done what he had promised to do. Needless to say she is not impressed, her deadline will not be met as she had planned. She storms off in a huff.


Jack hangs around the cafe all day trying to read the paper. Vera nags him constantly. He goes home to have his tea in peace but seems incapable of managing that minor domestic challenge and is soon back at the cafe to be tended to by his dearest wife.


Tracey has a plan to go on holidays with Charlie. Somewhere warm. This naturally means the Canary Islands. Of course. (where does she get the money for this?) When she tells Charlie about her plan he seems less than chuffed by the idea. It seems that some work might be coming up soon, and as a small contractor he has to be available when the opportunity presents itself. Tracey tells him that's fine, she will just go with someone else, but she won't tell him who that someone might be. (beginning of manipulation #1)

Ken is walking Eccles when he bumps into Tracey on the street. He tries to tell her about a story book that Amy really enjoys, involving a frog in a kilt in a forest, or something like that. Tracey pretty much ignores what Ken has to say and continues on with her scheming.

Tracey is already at Number 1 when Ken returns. The debate about Tracey and her parenting methods kicks off once again. Daughter dearest tells Ken and Deirdre about her plan to go to Lanzerote. She assures them that the baby monitor should work from the fifth floor when Tracey is on the beach trying to warm up her cold, black heart. (beginning of manipulation #2) Her parents are shocked by this plan, surely Tracey is going to keep her daughter with her at all times on the trip. Well no, Tracey needs some time to herself, and no doubt there will be a pile of dirt somewhere for Amy to play on. Ken and Deirdre insist that Amy stay with them if Tracey is going away on holiday. With a smirk, their devil daughter agrees and flits off to conclude her evil plan. Ken realizes that they have been played. Again.

Tracey returns to the lair of the human sneer, who has since come around to the idea of going off to a tropical locale to warm his cold, black heart. Tracey informs him that she already knew what he would do, which is why she already booked the ticket in his name. (end of manipulations) Looks like Charlie may have met his match at last.


The girls at Underworld are having one of their days. Danny gives them some grief over quality control. Janice has a bit of a snit in return. Sal and Lippy snarl at each other a bit. Par for the course.

Danny has to pop out for a bit so he leaves Hayley in charge, and tells her to keep the girls working while he is gone. (to check on the search for Mike) As soon as he is gone an intense debate erupts over whether they should have a brew or not, and who should do the brewing. In the end it is Janice who makes a cup for everyone, even Snobby Webster. However, when Janice brings the cup of tea to Sal's work station she manages to spill it 'accidentally' on the work that Sal has done for the day, ruining it. Knowing what she was up to she calls Janice an 'evil cow' and gives her a smack in the mouth. Of course this is the exact moment that Danny returns from his less than pleasant experience across the street.

He summons Sal into his office, where she proceeds to have an emtional breakdown over the stress of working with Janice and tries to resign. Danny tells her that she can't resign, she should just get back to work, that he is going to make things right.

Sal returns to her machine and of course Janice has something to say about it. Why isn't anything being done about what happened to her - she could have been injured. Danny tells her that she was lucky, she got hit in the face, so no harm done. He then invites Janice into the office for a meeting. She makes her way there in a circuitous fashion, after first going to the loo.

When she gets to the office Danny tells Janice that she is fired. She's poison and he has had enough of her. Get your pointed hat, your broomstick and fly away. Of course Janice won't stand for this and tries to organize her fellow machinists to have another strike. However, none of her colleagues are willing or able to support her this time and Janice is on her own. As a fond farewell she calls her 'mates' dirty backstabbers, filth, and if any of them were on fire she wouldn't even bother to spit on them.

Janice leaves and stands alone on the street, tears running down her face.

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The Sally Vs. Janice Update (Plus Bonus Matches)


Let’s just get the bad medicine down first - all of Tracy Barlow’s scenes. I agree she’s fun to watch, but this whole ditch the daughter thing and her parents’ perpetual passivity is irritating. She comes home and asks where Amy is. The child had a rough night and is sleeping in, but apparently Tracy’s schedule is more important and off she goes to wake her up. Dierdre says, “I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but where did we go wrong?”
Blanche replies, “I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but where do you want me to start?” Zing, Blanche!

Later at the pub, Tracy finds Charlie and asks him to spend the day with Amy and her. Of course he’s not keen. She suggests they dump Amy at Dierdre’s and go on holiday. Again he hedges. She makes some lewd suggestions about amusing themselves on said vacation. This gets him thinking and back at the yard, he tells Jason he’s considering it. Jason makes a few jokes about Charlie being under Tracy’s thumb. It’s not like you’re an expert, Charlie laughs, then says just because Jason has a string of disasters doesn’t make him a ‘lothario’. “It makes you a loser"

This is where Jason takes the joke too far: "Oh yeah, and what did it make you look like when Shelley dumped you at the altar, eh? How did that make you look?" It ends when Charlie has Jason by the collar up against the wall. Nice one, Jase.


Penny’s back! She intercepts Danny on the street. She’s really worried about Mike, who hasn’t been answering any of his phones. Danny, with faux apologies of his most arrogant proportions, waves her off.

Penny goes to Plan B – Frankie. Frankie’s the kind of woman who gets things done, and she concurs with Penny that this whole Mike thing is strange. Penny’s worried he could be in some Spanish emergency room. Frankie decides to have a go at Danny saying, “if I say jump, Danny says how high. I’ll find out what’s going on with Mike.”

So off Frankie goes to find Danny at the Factory where he’s sitting alone. She says that standing at the door of his office reminds her of how it was a year ago, when she used to drop off his lunch. That was back when he’d say he loved her and like an idiot, she believed him. She notices he doesn’t have a lunch and concludes Leanne must think it beneath her.

“I wanna talk about Mike,” she says. Danny says he hasn’t heard from Mike and no, he isn’t worried. Frankie rants, “when you fell into her bed, did you stop caring? I don’t recognize you anymore.”
“Yeah, that’s because I keep him young, Frankie,” Leanne announces her presence with a sneer. Frankie points out that Leanne’s life with Danny will likely take the same turn her own did. Danny cowers between them.

“She’s a hard-faced cow”, Frankie says, catching his eye, “And you know something, it’s rubbing off on you. And you know I don’t lie. It’s not nice, Danny, seeing you so… cold.” By the look on Danny’s face, the knife struck true (Bradley Walsh is my favourite actor on the show and this scene proves why).

Meanwhile, it looks like Penny’s off to Spain to find Mike.

  • Little Orphan Becky intercepts Kelly* and thanks her again for the trinkets, which will come in handy for yet another interview. Kelly is none too impressed when it turns out that interview is at the Factory. Becky didn’t tell her because she didn’t want to jinx it.
  • Ashley and Fred discuss the situation with Matt, which ends with Ashley admitting he still feels weird about the whole thing. What I like about the scene is that while they talk, Claire is scrubbing down the cupboards in the background. In most shows, magic fairies called Set Dec clean the cupboards. This is reason no. 2,456 that I love Corrie; the realism. (Oh, and Claire agrees they should write to Matt if only to prove to Joshua when he’s older that they made a true effort.)
  • Emily empties used teabags into an old margarine container on the windowsill and then later transfers them to the garbage. This drives Norris crazy. Rita could care less.
  • Kevin admits Sally’s ambition sometimes gets on his nerves. Meanwhile, Nathan would prefer Frankie didn’t talk so much about Danny

When Shawn says Janice is in one of her ‘scrumptious moods,’ he apparently means ‘chalk full of venomous poison’. She’s off again, slinging insults at Kevin about shoddy workmanship. All day the zings fly between Sally and her. Later at the Factory, Sally yawns and admits she was up all night with Sophie, who’d taken ill but who is all right now. Janice retorts, “aww, that’s a shame.” The others think that was a bit harsh even for Janice, and Sally demands she not to talk that way about her daughter. Janice goes off again about how HER daughter was almost killed (yawn).

Later, Janice steals from Sally’s finished knicker pile so that Sally’s count is way low for the surprise check. Danny hauls Janice into his office. We assume he’s going to fire her (perhaps he interviewed Becky for the job?). Maybe Janice knows it or maybe she is genuinely at the end of her rope. Either way, the floodgates open and suddenly she’s talking about the ‘nicest bloke’ she ever knew, some guy named Dennis. She would have been happy ever after with him, but he was killed in a car accident. And can’t Danny understand that’s why she’s been so angry at him for cutting corners on Leanne’s car? Danny is touched, or he just wants to get this sobbing mess out of his office. He dismisses her with no further reprimand. Janice returns the pile of knickers to a surprised looking Sally.

*Brit Pop Culture Reference:
Kelly said she was listening to ‘Sugarbabes’, which according to Wikipedia is “a successful girl band that formed in London, England in 1998. (…) They have released sixteen singles that have reached the top 40 charts worldwide, including four UK number one singles.”

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Update for Episode # 6236 November 16, 2006

A cab pulls up in the street and out steps Rosie back from her ski trip in Switzerland. The Websters seem a happy family for a few moments, Rosie shows her pictures from the alps and almost seems grateful to her parents for a change. Sophie has to get her oar stuck in though and tells her sister about the news regarding Craig and his 'new girlfriend' Suzie Watkins. Rosie is devastated by this turn of events and makes the assumption that Craig has dumped her while she was gone skiing. Kev and Sal of course do not want their daughter to be unhappy but in the big picture are overjoyed that the teen romance has come to an end. As soon as they can sneak off to The Rovers for a celebratory drink.Craig manages to waylay Rosie on the street later and convinces her that he has done nothing wrong. The two of them being apart goes against nature - they are meant to be together. Before long they are having a good snog on the sofa just like the old days. Rosie imagines her parents will have a bit of a wobbler when they hear the two teens are back together, but Craig suggests that they not tell Kev and Sal, so it will be easier for them to get together for trysts in the future. Clever boy.

Janice sees Kev working outside his garage and screeches shrilly about his shoddy workmanship. She warns Fred not to drive his van after having it worked on by The Webster Garage. Fred remarks that his van is not being repaired, and that what she is blathering on about is libel, I say libel. 'It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it'. Wise man our Fred. Later Janice finds another audience to screech at in the The Rovers when she has a drink with Danny and Leanne. Lippy goes on about how they could really have got hurt in the accident and how someone is going to pay. Danny tells her the only injury likely to occur is their ears getting bruised by all the nagging.

Fred continues to be as happy as a pig in muck over his engagement to Bev. The tone in the house turns ominous though when the post arrives and Ashley opens a letter from Matt Ramsden - Joshua's biological father. Ashley is worried about losing his son or the impact it might have on their relationship. Fred and Ashley then have a nice bit of sharing about their past, how Fred gave up Ashley to be raised by others, until they were reunited when Ashley was 22.

Ed and Eileen are walking peacefully down the street until he spies Emily and chases after her, telling her it is her christian duty to forgive him. Naturally Emily is somewhat traumatized by this intrusion. Rita tells Ed she thought christianity is about being compassionate. Back inside at Number 11 Ed tells Eileen that if Emily won't forgive him then his life won't be worth living. Eileen is rightfully put off by this, doesn't she help to make his life worthwhile? She tells him that his past is killing their relationship. She has given up her friends and her standing in the community for the sake of their relationship, but is tired of arguing about the same thing over and over, and about feeling dirty whenever they have a bit of fun. She loves Ed but she wants to strangle him. He loves Eileen but is unable to give up his goal of achieving forgiveness, however long it might take. They care deeply for each other - Ed wants to stay - but Eileen shows him the door anyways.

There was 2.

Are you Corrie bloggers ready for a shock, There was 2 Emily Nugents/Bishops.

The Pic is of the first Emily.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Update - November 15, 2006 - For Valour Edition

Top Gear

Leanne is hobbling around the flat and begging Danny not to go to work so that he may stay home and take care of her. Danny reminds her that it is her leg, not her neck that is broken and that he has a business to run and leaves her to go to the factory.

At the factory, Sally rushes in but cannot punch in because her card is missing. Janice is immediately accused of stealing it but Janice reminds Sally that Leanne nearly lost her life due to Kevin's careless work on the Toyota Celica Supra.

In the Rovers, Kevin asks Danny to sort out this missing clock card mess. Danny says that the way Janice is going, she's going to be in the Last Chance Saloon.

Yeah, I think we've heard this one before.

The Shunning of Eileen

Deirdre tries to snub Eileen on the street but just can't resist giving her an earful about her awful behaviour with Ed. She tells her she knew Ernest back when everyone was in black and white and that Ernest Bishop was a good man. Ed took that away from Emily. Finally, Deirdre has decided that she's not Eileen's friend any more so you, you know, no more girls' nights out and drunken snogs with strangers for her.

Later in the street, Ed tries to say something to Emily but she rushes away. In Dev's store, Blanche is bending his ear about the Ed situation. In her salute to the late Queen Mum, Blanche stocks up on gin and tonic. She asks how Dev would feel if Maya came back. Dev admits he wouldn't feel too good at all. (I, on the other hand, would be thrilled.)

Just then, Ed and comes in and Blanche gives him an earful as well, saying he claims of making amends is really all about him. She suggests he return to his residence under a far away rock.

At Eileen's, the two are commiserating when Jason comes in, looking for tea.

"I could murder a cuppa --" He says. "Erm....I mean..."

Nice Jason.

I Want Dinky Pies at My Engagement Party

At the butcher's, Fred tells Ashley to ensure the dinky pies are saved for tonight's engagement party at The Rovers. Ashley thinks he should get unengaged, given how many fiancés he's had already. Fred says this is for real.

At the Rover's Sean is blowing up balloons as Shelly asks Bev why they should throw a party for this and suggests that it's not too late to call it off. The party, of course.

Later in the Rover's, it's the engagement party and as apparently, these people were born in 1925, it's swing music on the radio. Fred buys the house a round of drinks. He says it's not everyday you get engaged, comparing marriage to a lottery. Jack disagrees: "At least you have a chance with the lottery."

Both Ashley and Shelly still have their doubts about the marriage but Claire seems more optimistic.

Vera reminds Fred and Bev that she and Jack are coming up on their 49th anniversary. She thinks Fred and Bev will get five or six years, tops.

Fred is horrified/impressed.

"Forty-nine years?" he says to Jack.

Jack says the Queen should give him the VC, "The Vera Cross," for courage under heavy fire.

Later Fred makes a speech about how he didn't propose properly to Bev and he planned to remedy that straight away as he goes down on one knee and produces a ring.

"BEVERLY, WILL YOU MARRY ME?" He bellows. She says of course, again. He also announces Claire and Ashley's pregnancy (well, Claire's mostly).

Everyone seems happy about the situation and even Ashley and Shelley are coming around. That is, until during a photo Fred refers to Bev as "the perfect landlady," causing Shel to think her job's in trouble.

In other news

Deirdre still giving Tracy a hard time about dumping her daughter on the parents, asking her if she though Deirdre would have moved in with Ken if he insisted on Tracy's not coming?

Becky borrows some clothes Kelly for a job interview. Kelly's worried she's never going to get rid of her.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Update for Episode # 6234 November 14, 2006

Ed returns to Weatherfield seeking forgiveness. Or maybe just a pint.

The Flat

Norris is chomping at the bit to get Rita out of her flat and moved in with Emily so he can have the place to himself. He helps Rita schlep her belongings across the street and then scurries back and puts all of Rita's knick knacks into boxes as fast as he can so he can create his notion of feng shooey a al Chez Norris.

Across the street Emily and Rita are having a heart to heart about how long they have known each other and how tough it is getting old and how they used to be young and interesting and full of life. Rita harks back to the days when she would welcome the navy back from a cruise and show the boys a good time. Needless to say Emily is not impressed.

Before long Norris is feeling a bit lonely and rings the girls to tell them he is making coffee. Shortly thereafter he shows up uninvited to get some tea. It seems there was no tea in the flat or in the corner shop. Emily tells him he can borrow some tea but he thinks since there is already some tea ready on the table he may as well get himself a cup and join them for a bit of chin wag.

The Car

Leanne and Janice return from the first test drive of the clapped out Toyota that Danny gave his gold digging diva. Taking the last corner at Warp 7 Leanne tries to stop the death car but to avail - the brakes seem to have failed. The Battersby women come to a stop by battering down a brick wall in front of The Kabin. Thankfully no one is seriously hurt, but as Janice correctly points out, had it happened at a different time or place things could have been much worse.

Everyone from the street rushes out to see what has happened. Danny dashes from the factory to check on Leanne, who seems to have done some damage to one of her legs. As he helps her out of the car, Danny looks up to see Kevin and Tyrone standing there, and they all share a knowing look. Did Danny have the boys at the garage give the car a full MOT* like he let people believe or did he just tell them to spruce the car up a bit because he didn't want to spend any more money on it? Hoist by his own petard it would seem.

Back in the flat Janice is furious about what has happened and is ready to march over to the garage and tear a strip off of the boys there for their shoddy and potentially lethal workmanship. Danny tells her to relax, and that he will take care of sorting things out with Kevin.

A short time later Janice is banging on the door at # 13, she wants a word with Kevin. As she suspected Danny has done nothing yet, so she tears into Sal and Kev, accusing him of all sorts of unpleasant things. In the face of this barrage the truth comes out about what Danny wanted done, or rather didn't want done to the car all in the name of saving a few quid.

* MOT is the Ministry of Transport test for every car (older than 3 years) that is on the road in the UK certifying that it is indeed safe for use on public roads.

The Engagement

Fred and Bev finally return to the street. He wants to tell everyone the good news right away. He is as happy as a pig in muck. She thinks they should tell their respective families first.

Bev tells Shel that she is engaged. To Greg? No - to Fred. Shel is none too impressed by this turn of events. Betty responds unfavourably too.

Fred tells Ashley that he is engaged. To a hitchhiker? No - to Bev. Ashley is none too impressed by this turn of events. Claire responds favourably though.

The children try to counsel caution to their impulsive parents. Shel tells her mom that it is worse than being on the rebound, it's like she is on a flaming trampoline. Ashley is worried that Bev will get cold feet and it is his dad that will get hurt in the process. Fred and Bev both seem to harbour some misgivings about their choice but in the end confirm their engagement and their future together - happy as two pigs in muck.

The Prodigal Son

Ed finally returns to Coronation Street to visit with Eileen. Of course Norris the gossip king sees Ed pull up and has to tell Emily about it. Ed and Eileen share an awkward lunch at hers, trying to pretend that things are normal. Jason, the king of tact, shows up for a buttie and asks Ed 'What's it like killing someone?'

Eileen thinks they should go out for a drink at The Rovers, if they are going to have a normal relationship they have to try and at least act normal. They show up and are given a bit of grief by Shel, who suggests they take their trade to The Arms down the road. Eileen insists that this is her local, that Ed has paid his debts for his actions and they have every right to frequent that public house. Shel relents, but requests that they leave if Emily were to show up. The two of them try to have a nice time but it is apparent that they are not welcome there so they soon retreat to Eileen's.

The two pariahs have a nice snuggle of the sofa. Eileen wishes they could go back to the way it was between them before everything got turned upside down when Ed revealed his past. In spite of it all they agree that they care for each other and somehow things will work out for them - God moves in mysterious ways.

Of course as Ed is leaving who steps out of her door to leave her empty milk bottle on her step - Emily.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Update for Episode 6233 November 13, 2006

Fred searches for happiness whilst surrounded by rotting meat

Craig surprises Keith

Keith is preparing some home made carrot and cumin soup for his beloved Audrey. She thinks it is quite aromatic but is somewhat distressed to discover the spice is dated from 2001. Keith assures her that egyptian mummies were preserved with cumin so soup made with a five year old spice would be fine. The two old geezers - er lovebirds are surprised to see Craig pop in at lunch time when he should be at school. They are especially surprised to see he has brought home a girl - Suzie. They are doing some coursework together, which to Keith means they will be doing the horizontal limbo upstairs in no time.

Audrey of course has to tell Sal and Kev about the new girl Suzie. The Websters wonder if Rosie will blame them for this turn of events, since they sent her off to the land of Edelweiss for a ski trip in order to keep her away from the nether regions of the young Harris lad. Sal decides that regardless of who gets blamed for what, it is best that Craig and Rosie are no longer an item.

Danny surprises Leanne

Danny leaves the factory in a cab for an 'important business meeting'. Naturally everyone is suspicious. He shows up later at The Rovers to tell Leanne he has a surprise for her, but wants her to guess what it is. She rattles off a long litany of trivial girly things but finally twigs onto to the fact that Old Danny boy has gotten her the car she wanted. Sean wishes he has a sugar daddy. They all rush outside to see what Danny has bought for Leanne - and it turns out to be a clapped out Toyota. Sean points out that a good sugar daddy would at least buy a new car. Danny assures her that Kev and the boys will make it as good as new and Leanne seems genuinely happy with her present. But remember what happened to the kilted wonder boy and his used car.

Emily surprises Eileen

Eileen pops round Number 3 for a chat with Emily. She tries to explain that while Ed did a terrible thing, it does not make him a terrible person. He has paid his debt to society and has every right to get on with his life - including finding some love and happiness. Emily finds it impossible to fathom how Eileen could love the man who killed her husband, that Eileen is the stupidest woman that she has ever met, and must be truly desperate to be willing to take a killer into her bed.

Eileen returns home to find Jason and Sarah back from holiday. Eileen asks her son what he thinks of Ed. Jason replies that he is a sound bloke for a God squadder. Sean, who is being quite the bitch lately, pipes up about the history of Ed and Emily and the murder of her husband. Amidst all this Eileen declares that she will do what she wants with who she chooses, and does not care what anyone thinks.

Rita surprises Norris

Rita is back from her visit to the Sunnydale Retiremment Community. Norris is bursting with curiosity about where she has been. Rita tells him about where she was but assures Norris that it is not the place for her. While it was quite pleasant, Sunnydale seems like a place where old people go to die. And all this time I thought it was Florida. Anyway, Rita decides to move in with Emily for a while, and is letting Norris live in her flat over the shop for the time being. He is quite chuffed with this idea, and no doubt will have it re-arranged to his liking in no time.

Fred and Bev surprise each other

After rescuing Bev from the side of the road she and Fred are having a wonderful chat while they motor their way back to Weatherfield. However Bev soon detects a foul odour emanating from somewhere and they have to stop. Thankfully the smell is not coming from Fred but from the meat in the back of the van. The refrigeration unit has given up the ghost, as Ashley predicted it would. Fred rings for some roadside assistance. Bev feels guilty about what has happened to the van and the contents therein. Fred assures her that she is more important that any meat shipment. Bev is relieved to know she is more important than a rotting carcass. Fred tells Bev about the return of Orchid and the events that took place while she was gone. (at this point it begins to rain -an ominous portent?) The two seek refuge back in the cab of the van.

Fred admits that he is sorry that he did not go on the cruise with Bev. He is worried that the moment keeps passing the two of them by, in spite of the fact they both know that they care for each other.

Fred tries to explain that he has an undeserved reputation for proposing often, but it was actually more a case of him getting turned down quite often. Chicken and egg if you ask me.

At this point Bev has to throw up, seemingly because of the smell of the meat, not because of what Fred has to say.

Bev admits that the man she met on the cruise dumped her, not the other way around.

Fred then tells Bev he is falling for her and it might seem a bit sudden but would she consider marrying him? He tells her to answer right away, not to sleep on it or to think about, she should know the answer in heart that very instant.

To the delight of all and sundry, Bev agrees to marry Fred.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Friday Update (Posted Saturday With Hangover and Fried Chicken)

Rita Searches for Her Cocoon

When Norris finds that the Kabin hasn’t yet been opened, he knocks on Rita’s front door. It takes her 10 years to undo the deadbolts and with bleary eyes she tells him she’ll be in later. She puts the finishing touches to her face, and then looks wistfully at an old picture of herself back in her song and dance days.

She heads to a place called “Sunnydale Retirement Community.” It’s one of those perfect, pre-fab ‘communities for active seniors’. Her tour guide implies it’s built to support her inevitable infirmity, which of course could be a good 20 years away, he says. She doesn’t look thrilled by the prospect. She notes there are alarm buttons all over the place. Just in case she needs help with a jar of pickles, she says wryly.

She thanks him for showing her around, saying, “it’s been really interesting,” as though she actually means it. Is there a move in Rita’s future?

Fred Searches for Bev

At the Rovers, Betty not so gently reminds Fred that he’s forgotten the chicken and mushroom pies. He’s about to go back and get them when the phone rings. It’s Bev. She’s been abandoned on a country road near Kettering, which, judging by the look on Fred’s face, isn’t very near.

But like a knight to the rescue, Fred jumps in the refrigerated van and one flat tire later, has Bev wrapped in his arms.

Gail Searches for Evidence

It takes every ounce of my will not to fast-forward through the Platt scenes. It starts out with Gail going through David’s school bag. He watches her from the stairs, making sure she’s well into it before asking what she thinks she’s doing. He shouts at her for not believing that he was only walking the dog.

Gail is shocked to learn that drugs. Are available. At school (pause to slap our collective hands to our foreheads). David accuses her of taking drugs and when she says, “I never!” proceeds to run circles around her, using big words to point out that alcohol and coffee are essentially drugs, too. “Now you’re just being clever,” she says. Scene ends with David’s classic, “I’m not schtew-pid.”

Cut to him being all puppy-dog innocent with the cops. He didn’t know there were drugs in Jo’s flat. Oh sure, he smelled something but he just thought she was having a morning joint with her coffee. No, he’d never have taken any. See, cuz he’s tried it (pause to register Gail’s ridiculous look of surprise) and it didn’t agree with him. And what will happen to Jo, and will he have to testify? The cops say likely not. Gail assures the officers David’s learned his lesson, that he is simply too trusting. I swear you can read the smirk in his eyes.

Later at Craig’s (can someone tell me why these two hang out? It’s like the writers were desperate for a confidant for David and by default of age, it’s Craig), David fills him in. The implication is that David knew full well what was going on and he even watered the plants for her. When Craig asks if he got any of the pot, David replies with a sneering, “what do you think?” Then he talks about how he can’t wait to get away from his ‘thick’ family. He wants to go to America.

Emily Searches Her Soul

In one of the most touching and smart story lines of the season, Emily continues to struggle with her faith. Betty, ready to kick ass, is all “an eye for an eye". Emily wonders what Ernest would do. She thinks he’d likely forgive and be glad Ed found God. But Emily can’t find it in herself. She doesn’t want to go to church because the vicar would likely challenge her to forgive. She only feels an unwavering hatred for Ed. With deep sadness, she realizes that she’s not the great Christian she always thought she was.

Eileen Discovers the Real Ed

Ed finally calls. Eileen joins him at the Weatherfield Arms where she catches the barmaid’s attention by loudly referring to him as a murderer. They move to a more discrete corner. He says he didn’t tell her about it because he needed to tell Emily first. He wanted Emily to get to know him as a decent, normal guy. Eileen says that as crazy as she might be, she does want to try to understand him.

He tells her the story of how he murdered Ernest. He and his friend were made redundant and there was no work to be found. They cooked up the scheme to relieve the factory clerk, Ernest, of the week’s wages. Get in, take the money, get out. But it all went wrong. They never meant to hurt anyone. He saw Emily at the trial and he never forgot her. It took him a long time to admit his share of the blame. He was in prison for eighteen, lonely years. And while he never went in for “do-gooders and bible bashers”, he found he couldn’t escape God.

Eileen wishes he had told her sooner. He points out there is no good time for this sort of thing. He doesn’t regret sleeping with her. He would have only done that with someone he loves and with whom he sees a future. However, he would understand if she just walked away….

Don't Forget

Friday, November 10, 2006

Running off

Okay my lovelies, I'm running off to Paris and Zurich for a few weeks so I just want say a few things.

#1 - Winner of the International De-lurking contest is Heather from New Zealand. HURRAH! Heather, send me your mailing address - glacia at gmail dot com and I'll get a Paris pressie off to you. I might not have access to internet while I'm there, so it might be shipped from Canada - but it'll be from Paris.

#2 - Okay I haven't got a hell of a lot of time for hte update, but here it is.

Eileen is trying to get a hold of Ed, Sean tells her to stop chasing him and have some dignity. They have a big fight and she calls Sean a 'bitch'.

Emily is having a crisis of faith because she is not able to forgive Ed and that she feels is her test to enter the kingdom of heaven. Norris tries to pray with her, but she doesn't feel it's working. (You'd think there'd be people at her church or a pastor she could talk to.).

Becky is hanging around Kelly and LLyod and being a pest. Kelly's trying to shoo her away, but she's not getting the message.

Haley and Roy have a day trip plan, but he invites Clifford to come along and they all end up in a train store where Haley gets ignored. Haley comments on how Roy and her have a lunch date planned at a restaurant, but Clifford just throws a sandwich at her that he packed.




David comes to pick up Jo's dog, but accidently punctures one of the hoses in her 'green house'. He walks out without noticing and sure enough the apartment starts to flood.

Jack drops by the Rovers to tell (what the HELL is his name?) the bookie who was dating Carol, that there is a leak in his ceiling. They try to contact Jo, but with no luck. Charlie breaks the door down for them and when the get up to the apartment, they see the wee farm. Jack correctly identifies the crop as 'cannabis'. (Thank you Jack, cause I had no idea what John was on about.)

The police are called and David sees the cops in front of the apartment. In a very bastardly move that upset Mr. Glacia, David takes the dog off lead and lets it loose while he phones Jo to warn her.

Gayle and Phil get wind of htis and Gayle believes that David knew all about it. He says he didn't and she doesn't quite believe him, even though Phil says she should give him the benefit of the doubt.

David is a good little liar.

Tracey and Charlie are making cozy home at his place (and kind of dressed like modern day vampires for some reason.)

The Elder Barlows wonder how she could leave her daughter behind while still enabling her behaviour. Rinse, repeat.

I think that's it, but please feel free to add to this.

AU REVOIR my dear Corrie Canucks, keep the home fires burning while I'm away!

Glacial Love, J

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Thanks to Reddirtroad for giving us the heads up that Corrie Canuck has been nominated for Best Group Blog in the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards.

I'm gobsmacked.

So, as I'm rushing around getting ready for my trip, I'll leave the link here and hope that you all can vote for us and get the word out to everyone else.

British Isle Show

Book these dates, pets and when I get back from my trip I'll start organizing a British Isle Show / Corrie Canuck Pub fest:

March 2, 3, and 4 Friday through Saturday
Special guest, Jenny Mcapline a.k.a 'Fizz'

Apparantly, they've got some deal on with the Raddison hotel to get special rates for those from out of town going to the British Isle Show. Glacia also knows a fairly inexpensive clean hotel (Travelodge) that is very close to where the show is and in her hood.

So think about this, and coming to lovely Toronto (no comments, please Papasmurf) and if we can get a whole bunch of peeps together we can have a big Corrie Canuck pub night blow out.

I'm also thinking, if anyone's interested, that we might want to get Corrie Canuck t-shirts or hockey jerseys. (Just an idea...)

Note to Pamer, you're basically commanded to come to this. Sorry, but that's the price you have to pay for the fabulousness of being Pamer.

Note to Shatnerian and Kowy, you are also basically commanded, but there is a loop hole for you due to the travel hassle ... but still your fabulousness is great....just come.

Papasmurf, Rob(s), Michiganer(s) need to be here.

Toronto peeps...NO excuse

B.C., Alberta, Newfoundland, Manitoba and everywhere in between, free drinks if you make it.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Update - November 8, 2006 - The Chronic Edition

Chronically Bad Mum

We open with Tracy trying the sell Charlie on the idea of her daughter living with them but Charlie's having none of it. Charlie suggests Tracy talk to Amy to and get her to make other arrangements.

Later at the Barlows, Deirdre and Blanche are trying to get Tracy to show a little responsibility by having the courtesy to phone whenever she plans to stay out all night. Deirdre adds that she doesn't mind bathing Amy and putting her to bed but she feels a little taken for granted (ya think?). Tracy says what are families for, if not to be taken for granted? And off she trots with Amy to the park.

Later on, the Barlow Elders have their weekly strategy meeting on the ongoing Tracy-is-a-Shit-Mother situation. Ken suggests that if they voice their displeasure with her staying out all nights, everything will come right in the end. Neville Chamberlain used a similar tactic once.

At the builder's yard, Tracy shows up with Amy, giving Charlie the full-on Foster Parents Plan treatment: "Look at this child..." But despite being able to care for her for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, Charlie's having none of it. Tracy asks if he is doing this to show her who's boss. He asks if she's been talking to Shelley. Tracy denies it (not entirely true, Shelley did warn her last week) and says she'll talk to her family.

Later at the Elder Barlows, Tracy tells them that she has decided that children come first. Ken is delighted that Tracy has come to her senses.

*insert sound of needle screeching across a record player here*

And that's why Amy should live with the Elder Barlows. Deirdre tells Tracy that if she does this, someday, she'll make sure Amy knows someday. Tracy says if she does, she's never speaking to her again. There must be a downside.

She arrives at Charlie's, sans child, and she and Charlie celebrate by eating each other's face.

Chronically Unforgiven

Norris is jumpy around Eileen, not knowing what to say to her. Emily suggests there isn't much to say and Eileen has enough on her mind without worrying about Norris.

At the Kabin, Norris tells Steve that Ed killed Ernest. At Streetcars, Steve tells Lloyd that Ed killed Ernest. At the Rovers, Lloyd tells Kelly, Sean, and Hayley that Ed killed Ernest with the added notion that Ernest may not have been the only man Ed killed.

Meanwhile, Emily and Eileen talk about things. Emily relates a dream in which she sees a man being hanged and she felt happy. Eileen asks if it's not forgiveness that's on her mind, it's revenge. Emily says yes.

Later with Sean, Eileen admits that despite what he's done, she wants to see him more than ever.

Other Chronic-Related News

Kelly's homeless friend turns up at Underworld to give back the £23 that Kelly gave her at the police station a few weeks back. As she looks like one of the co-anchors from Good Morning Meth, Kelly brushes her off.

Craig meets David in the street as he's walking Jo's dog. David tells him that Jo pays him a few quid to take care of the dog as well as watch the apartment while she's away. Craig asks what's so important up there so David takes him to see: a room being used for the growing, cultivation, harvesting, and presumed sale of what the kids call the bionic, the bomb, the puff, the blow, the black, the herb, the sensie, the cronic, the sweet Mary Jane, the shit, Ganja, split, reefa, the bad, the buddha, the home grown, the ill, the maui-maui, the method, pot, lethal turbo, tie, shake, skunk, stress, whacky, weed, glaze, the boot, dimebag, Scooby Doo, bob, bogey, back yard boogie.

And all David has to do is keep an eye on things. I can see NO down side!


Aonther cool clip of corrie 1961, They go on to a fake day trip to Blackpool they stand in front of a back drop.

British TV at it's best.

Just Out of curiosity

What would it take to get some Michiganers up to Toronto for Corrie Pub night? And Londoners, and Montrealers, etc.

A Corrie Pub Night corresponding the British Isle Show (did we mention Fizz will be at the British Isle Show?)?

Robbie Burns day?

If I can get some old corrie to show on the big screen in my condo?

This is all new year's talk, but just want to see what would be a big enough temptation.


A Very Special Valentine's Day Update

Tracey Grovels
Tracey takes an apology card over to Charile’s and does some groveling. He (quite correctly) reminds her that it was bad form to leave Amy with him because she doesn’t know him and that he wouldn’t have known what to do if anything went wrong.

Tracey weasels her way back into his heart and he invites her to move back in…sans enfant.

Hands up who thinks she’s going to dump Amy on Ken and Deidre and move in with Charlie.

Norris is on the phone non-stop back at the shop and when Rita and Deidre push him to tell who he’s calling, he finally lets them know the Ed story.

Rita is furious that he left Emily on her own and she marches over with Deidre in tow. They comfort Emily and AGAIN I say kudos to the writers for this bit, they really do a great job of capturing the grieif and anger Emily has been feeling over the years.

Rita and Deidre try to comfort her as best they can, and I’m a bit surprised that Deidre didn’t have more to say as she lost her husband to violence too.

Back at the Rovers, Sean convinces Eileen to go over to Emily’s to find out what happened to Ed. Emily sits her down and tells her that Ed was the man responsible for killing Ernest. Eileen is shocked and wonders if there’s been some kind of mistake. Emily assures her that there’s been no mistake.

Pretty in Pink
I know I usually hard on Claire, but I have to say she look very, very pretty yesterday in pink…all valentine day-like. She is pleased to have received two valentine cards in the mail and while she knows that one is from Ashley, she can’t figure out who the second one is from.

Back at the streetcars, Steve is teasing her and inadvertently gives the impression that he is the admirerer, this is reinforced when he puts his hands on her shoulders in the café. (Or as she likes to call it, the molestation.) This upsets her enough that she resigns.

Later in the Rovers, Ashley tells her that he sent both cards and Betty says that he takes after Fred and likes to repeat himself. (ha ha). With that settled, Steve offers her job back, even though he wasn’t the one who took it away from her.

Also, apparently Betty’s been molested in cafeterias back in the day!!!

Yeah, Well, the Canadian Pacific Railway Don’t Like You Either, Buddy.
Clifford, is a jerk. Seriously, he’s becoming my least favorite character on the show.

He hauls all his stupid little box ‘o trains into the café and plonks them down on the counter. When Haley complains about the Canadian Pacific Railway getting in the way of their business, he kind of hisses at her and tells her not to call it the CPR.

And Roy, you’re in my bad books too for not telling Clifford to speak to Haley with more respect and for inviting this knob to spend the evening with you on VALENTINES DAY.

Richard, the Serial Killer Who Keeps on Giving
Gayle also received two cards in the post, one from Dr. Phil aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand one from Richard Hillman.

This sends everyone in a tizzy, except for Gayle who decides to ignore it. Audrey is suspicious that Dr. Phil is the culprit behind all this.

And on that note, here are the results of our ‘Who’s Been Sending the Hillman Letters’ poll. David is clearly in the lead.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


A clip with a young Gail Potter Played by Helen Worth.

Corrie Canuck Reaches Another Big Milestone

Sometime during the last hour we had our 250,000 visit to our blog. Three cheers to our founder and contributor extrordinaire Jacqueline - and of course many thanks to all those people around the world who come to visit Corrie Canuck and overload the ClustrMap site.

Contest Update

At this moment, Heather from New Zealand is in the winning. I tried to find out the exact distance between Toronto and New Zealand, but google only gives distance for places you can drive to.

So let's say that New Zealand is a sh*tload of kms away from me. I'll do a more exact distance if we start getting readers speaking up from that side of the world.

But as it stands, the Kiwis have it. Speak up ye internationals, contest closes on Thursday 5pm EST.

Also, just to let you know, that we broke Cluster Map.

email I recevied last night:

Dear ClustrMaps user,

We noticed that the current number of displayed visits to your site is 10032 . This is perfectly OK in terms of anticipated visitor traffic, BUT it is just above our recommended 'number-of-dots-to-display-at-once' threshold (i.e. for the actual map display) of 10000 for daily updates with yearly archives. Essentially, above a certain threshold it is impossible for the human eye to detect small incremental differences. We have therefore provisionally amended the frequency of your map updates to: weekly.

Well done Corrie Canucks!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Errare humanum est, ignoscere divinum

Ed and Emily continue their painful conversation about the circumstances of her husband's murder and the role Ed played on that fateful day. Ed does his best to explain how God's love has changed him while he ws in prison and how truly sorry he is for the pain he has caused Emily all these long years. In spite of his best efforts no matter what Ed says seems to come out wrong and Emily is clearly not having any of it. She tells Ed that he lied his way into her life, he lied his way into her house, he lied his way into her church, he had no right to do that, now she just wants him to leave.

Norris comes home to find a darkened sitting room with a candle burning in front of a picture of Emily's murdered husband Ernest. He blows the candle out fearing a house fire and is surprised to find Emily sitting in the darkness. For once Norris doesn't act like a complete pillock and offers to light the candle again, and then lends a kind ear as Emily explains what has happened. She tells Norris he was right to have suspicions about Ed, that he wasn't to be trusted. Norris asks what he has taken - to which Emily replies 'My Ernest'. Emily has been wondering about the last moments of her husband's life, what he was feeling and thinking before he was killed. She is cogniscent of how the state has forgiven Ed for his actions and how the church has forgiven Ed for his intentions but she is unsure if she has the capacity to extend the same forgiveness.

She then makes the connection between the name of the man convicted of killing her husband - Thomas Edward Jackson - and the name Ed has been using - Ed Jacks.

In the cafe Ed is writing draft after draft of what he really wants to say to Emily but was unable to vocalize properly. Roy tries to tell him that it is closing time but when he sees the agitated emotional state Ed is in he tells him to take his time and finish what he is doing. Ed cryptically tells Roy that he has been tested again, and has failed again.

Ed then slips the note through Emily's door but is caught in the act. Emily tears up the note in front of Ed, telling him she is not interested in what it might contain. At the end of his emotional rope, Ed drives off, in spite of Eileen standing next to his car.

Eileen, who until this moment had been patiently waiting in The Rovers for Ed to return, is confused by the recent turn of events. Sean tries to assure her that Ed is acting like a typical male and will soon turn up on her doorstep in a tuxedo with a bouquet of flowers. Failing that, just forget about him and grab someone else. She tells Sean to shut up, that she just can't move on to the next bloke like Sean can. Suitably offended by this vaguely homophobic statement, Sean storms off - but the two of them make up later in the pub.

Tracey is also to be found in The Rovers having a drink after her urgent visit to the dentist. It seems she is fine to leave her darling daughter to the gentle ministrations of Charlie. When Blanche pops in and sees Tracey having a drink she is suitably shocked - 'my grandaughter is being babysat by the bogeyman'.

Shel tries to give Tracey some advice about Charlie but is rebuffed by the mother of the year, with some assistance from Ronny, who seems to forming some strange alliance with Tracey.

While Tracey is having a grand time at the pub Charlie is stuck in the flat with Amy. He gets a call from an old mate 'Mucker' (sic) who wants to meet up with Charlie for a drink. Charlie tells him he has some business to take care of but will meet him soon. In the background Amy has started to cry and Charlie mutters a nasty 'shut up'.

He gets Amy dressed and brings her over to Number 1 in search of her mother. Deirdre answers the door and offers to take Amy but Charlie insists on knowing where Tracey is. With a look of resignation Deirdre nods next door to The Rovers. Charlie marches into the pub and confronts Tracey, who tries to tell him that she was on her way home after she finished her drink. Charlie isn't having it and gives her toothbrush, telling her she is out of his flat and she can pick up the rest of her gear the next day. He's going out to pull some birds, like a freshly single bloke is supposed to.

Roy and Clifford do some quality bonding over trains.

Amber is curious about who Shareen is and assumes it is another of Dev's conquests. To help keep things straight she has started a timeline of Dev's loves over the years. He tells her to cease and desist, and finally admits that Shareen is another one of his daughters. Amber is shocked - 'another flaming sister' - 'I liked being an only child'. The two of them have a few nice bonding moments on a bench but it doesn't end well as Amber storms off again.

Deirdre is worried about the bloke she snogged on the girls night out. Somehow he has managed to track down where she works and has blackmailed her into giving his plans preferential treatment. She confides to Frankie over a glass of wine that she is worried about her job and her marriage. Frankie tells her that everything will work out, it isn't really a big deal. Deirdre isn't to be assuaged though - 'two dafts don't make a sensible'. Only time will tell.

De-Lurking Contest

Okay, I'm having fun with the contest. The person who de-lurks and lives the farthest away from my home*** in Toronto wins the big fab prize.

I've decided that the pressie will be something that I pick up in Paris-Freakin-France (unless the winner lives in Paris-Freakin-France, then I'll go to Oshawa and get you something).

So far the contestant standing is as follows:

LouLou - who lives in the Beaches which is about 10K from my home.

Pamer - who lives in the Antartica and is a liar.

Jackie - from Medicine Hat and is 3263 km away from me.

Karen - from Edmonton and is 3606 km away from me.

***as determined by Google Map Canada.

International De-Lurking Week!

Are you in Kuala Lumpur finding yourself reading Corrie Canuck?

Are you getting your Corrie fix in Helsinki, Oslo or Bahrain?

Hey Peru, got something to say about Mike Baldwin?

U.K. and U.S.A. I KNOW you've been reading.

I just took a gander at our Corrie Canuck Reader map.

I've got to ask, where ARE you peeps? How come you are reading in silence? Now's the time to come in from the cold and say 'Hello'. We love to know who's reading, so if you've been a long time reader and no-time commenter, drop us a line.

Saudi Arabia, Mexico New Zealand and Australia...I'm seeing some awfully big blogs where you are. Come on now...say hi and represent.

U.S.A? Michigan believes she's the only US her wrong.

Say hello - show us that you are our most distant reader. I'll send out a special pressie to our most far away reader who pipes up. (Kiev, now's your chance.)

***Special bonus, if you are reading from Paris or Zurich, drop a line. I'll be visiting both cities over the next two weeks and I'll buy you a Corrie Canuck tea or coffee while I'm there.

Thursday/Friday Update


You Killed Ernest, You Bastard!
Ed and Eileen are spending a lovely evening in playing a game of scrabble and all is well until Ed starts putting down words like ‘Hanky’, ‘Massage’, ‘Kama’ ‘Sutra’, ‘Sex’, ‘Rumpy’ and ‘Pumpy’.

Eileen thinks he is making fun of her and the wheel of Eileen’s insecurity start spinning. Ed tells her that he finds her very attractive and when she tries to make a joke, he tells her to not hide behind humour. Finally he decides to make the ultimate sacrifice and sleep with her so she won’t feel bad. Eileen has concerns about the tidiness of her bedroom, but Ed assures her he won’t be looking at her room.

The next morning, Eileen finds Ed awake in the living room and is now insecure about the fact that he keeps him wake. (Eileen needs to get some self confidence.) He assures her that it’s nothing to do with her, that after years in prison he’s never been a good sleeper. He doesn’t regret what they did and offers to proclaim his love on the roof tops.

They meet back at the Rovers and Ed tells her that he has plans and that he didn’t expect to fall in love with someone while completing these plans. He hopes that she will still be able to love him after she finds out about his past. Then he asks her to wait for him while he steps out even though he might be awhile.

Ed goes over to Emily’s place to have a chat and to make a very long painful exchange short, he tells her that he was the one holding the gun the night her husband Ernest was killed. Emily looks appropriately horrified and says, ‘You murdered my Ernest?’ (You bastard!)

On a side note, when Steve sees Ed going into the pub, he says, ‘Hey mate, it must have been a shock waking up next to Eileen.’ (WTF? Nasty! Ed should have knocked him one.)

Sex and Violets
Violet spends the night at Jamie’s, but they decide to put off the sex thing and he lets her have his bed while he bunks out on the couch. When she leaves the next day, Jason sees her and Jamie exchanging an early morning kiss and come charging up to her calling her a dirty slapper.

She tells him that what happens between her and Jamie is like the FT index for Jason, ‘None of his business.’ (I wish she had added the ‘Z’ finger snap in the air.)

Later at the pub, Jamie and Violet laugh about their evening together and how she told some girl that she looked like Ricky Gervais. (Is it just me, or does that seem really mean spirited of Violet. Why would you say that someone. Glacia worries about the fictional girl’s feelings.)

We’re All Going on a February Holiday
Sarah and Jason are off on vacay, leaving Bethany behind with Gail because Sarah REALLY needs a break.

Glacia thinks that Sarah needs to take care of her own damn kid. Gail’s a bitch, but I think she needs the break more.

David and Phil have some playful banter about the car boot/hand incident just before Phil goes out shopping with E.T. Phil comes back from the grocery store and presents David with a Westlife cd and Glacia googles ‘Westlife’. David gets mouthy about the pressie and tosses the CD aside telling Phil that it’s lame.

Phil tells David to pick the CD up and when he refuses, Phil grabs him, pulls him over to closet door and threatens to close it on his hand and does a whole spiel about how David thinks he’s special but he’s not. (I don’t know who’s giving me the bigger creeps.)

David runs out of the hosue when E.T. comes home and Phil shrugs his shoulders about ‘teens’. David then meets up with Jo and accepts an invite to her flat.

To Make Gravy and Fat, Flour, Spices and a WHOLE Lot of Stoly
Emily is hosting the book club luncheon and Rita is in the kitchen getting tanked, I mean getting the gravy ready.

New suggestions for books are bantered about suck as ‘Lace’ by Shirley Conrad, ‘The 39 Steps’ and finally Ken suggests ‘A Ladder in her Stockings’ by Kasey Kassem (I mean Kassira Kassiema or some such name.)

‘A Ladder in Her Stocking’ is about an elderly woman who wants to get it on one last time before she dies. This gets Rita very maudlin about how lonely it is to be old and how much it sucks not to get laid. (But I’m sure she said it in a more delicate fashion.).

Except for The 39 Steps’, I think the rest of the book suggestions were fictional. I wish they weren’t cause I’d love to start our own Corrie Canuck book club. Dammit.

Molly and Ty try out the chip truck for the first time down at the Red Rec. They have great success and make a nice tidy profit of £83.80. They are very happy with their success and drive back to Weatherfield.

On their way back, they see people waving to them and assume that everyone’s being extra friendly. That assumption is smashed once Molly smells something and realizes that the truck is on fire. They find a small lake and decide to drive the truck into it, because that is so much safer than just pulling the van over and calling the fire department.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, they both escape from the Chip Van Inferno and manage a big smoochy out in the lake. Later we find them chuckling about the van catastrophe, not caring about losing this profitable business because they are in love.

Place Your Bets, Is She Another Daughter or a Baby/Mommy
Amber bugs Dev about how irresistible he is to all women and that it must be due to that 70’s crooner look he sports. More clever banter and father/daughter bonding occurs.

Later when Amber is in the shop, a young woman comes in looking for Dev. She won’t tell Amber who she is or why she wants Dev but tells her to pass on the message. Oh wait, maybe she did give her name, but I forget what it was.

A Charlie Ate My Baby
We see Charlie trying to be all human like as he plays with Amy who is looking appropriately cautious. This makes Tracey warm and fuzzy.

Meanwhile, Deidre lets Steve know that Tracey has moved in with Satan and that Amy is with them. Steve goes marching over to the garage and gives Charlie a big shove a tells him to stay away from Amy. Charlie knocks Steve to the ground and kicks sand in his face.

Moley, wise lady that she is, tells Steve to cool it because in the long run Charlie will get sick of playing happy family and Amy will soon enough be without a stable home. That will be Steve’s big opportunity to get Amy.

Finally, Charlie comes home to see Tracey getting ready for her emergency dentist appointment and she asks him to baby sit Amy. He says, ‘no’ and she leaves anyway. After her dentist appointment and 3 hour shopping excursion, she pops into the Rovers for a drink and tells a shocked Blanche that she’s left Amy alone with Charlie.

Blanche ponders what Charlie will do. Well, I think the answer is clear, because as we all know, Charlie consumes small children and puppies on a regular basis.