Friday, October 20, 2006

Work is Killing Me Update

Sorry for the lateness, kids

First, I’ve Got 3 Docs Due for Nov 1.

Sally makes arrangements for Rosie to go on the ski trip that the Webster’s previously decided was too expensive for her to go on. Kev is pissed that Sally made these arrangements behind his back, but she feels justified in doing so because they have to do SOMETHING to keep her away from that trashy Craig.

Rosie is even more pissed as she can see through Sally’s suggestion that they’re sending her out of the goodness of their hearts. She tells Sal to jump in the lake and that she’s not going and she loves Craig and Sally and Kevin know nothing about love and that they are never, ever, ever, EVER going to break her and Craig up. (Teen storms off the set in angry goth huff.)

Later, when Craig and her are exchanging smooches, he tells her to go on the trip. That will make her parents see that they can’t keep them separate and that they’ve wasted their money on this trick.

Then, the Network was Down for Half the Day
Meanwhile, Audrey asks Keef if they can have a chat. He assumes that she’s getting tired of having her name drag through the mud with his family and the polis. He tells her that he won’t blame her if she wants to break up with him.

She tells him that she not embarrassed over the polis incident, she’s embarrassed by his paper route. She’s gone from Mayoress to paperboy’s girlfriend and it’s too much for her to handle.

Keef tells her she should find someone new.

(These two are never going to work out, are they?)

And the Notes I Got From Product Development? I Don’t Even Think They’re In English.
Liz is back from the cruise, but without our Bev. Why? Because she met some guy named Greg and has gone off to shack up with him instead of returning to Weatherfield.

Guess who gets to tell Fred?

Congrats, Shel!

And I Only Got 4 Hours of Sleep
Sunita is exhausted and tells Shelly that she can’t afford to pass up Dev’s offer to help parent the twins.

She is furious that he’s being all Mr. Nice Guy now after being such a jerk with his other kids.

And Forgodsake It’s Friday and I Just Want to Get Very Drunk
Gayle and Dr. Phil are enjoying some quality alone time when David comes home a bit early. Clearly upset and without his dinner, Gayle presses to know why he’s early and if everything is okay at Martin's.

David finally tells them that Martin and whateverthehellthatgirl’snamewas are having a baby. He then goes into a fit about how he just wants to be from a normal family. (Kid, you were born on Coronation Street – fat chance for a normal family.)

Later, Phil gets David to help out with cooking dinner and when everything seems to be going very smoothly, the issue of the slam on Phil’s hand comes up. David says it was no accident and Phil says he knows. Then he offers an olive branch by offering to tell Gayle that he threw David up against the wall.

David rejects this gesture and says, ‘I have even started on you.’

That kid gives me the creeps.


Steph said...

I download and watch the UK episodes, and trust me, David the holy terror only gets worse.

Hilarious update! I loved The Office. Hope you drunked it up tonight--I get to spend my Friday and Saturday nights working the night shift. :(

Rob said...

Do Goths ski? I'm trying to picture Rosie on the slopes...dark eye shadow and long black coat streaming behind her as she slaloms down the Swiss Alps...swish!

missusmac said...

Luckily Craig isn't going skiing too. With the amount of chain link on his body and clothing, he'd fall and never be able to get up.

The fact that David was brandishing a knife -- he was cutting carrots --when he told Phil he hadn't even begun on him, was especially creepy.

Do you think Gayle steals vast quantities of drugs from the health centre? How else can she be missing all these warnign signs?

Rob said...

Yeah I think Gayle must be on something good - she gets that weird, drug-induced smile on that strange little ET face...

Anonymous said...

Steph - Can you please tell me what site you download the UK episodes from?

Anonymous said...

There hasn't been a write-up for a Thursday episode for the last two weeks.

Jacqueline said...

This was actually the update for thursday's episode.

I missed last thursdays as life just got in the way.

Steph said...

Sure, anonymous! I get them from UKNova! You have to sign up and there is a limited membership, so if you can't get in right away, keep trying.