Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We love Tiny Vi

More video fun from Tinyvi - Emily's first appearence on Corrie.

Corrie accident - but it also seems that this was the episode where they switched to colour video!

Note to Vi - drop me a line at glacia at gmail dot com. Thanks, Jacqueline.


Tinyvi said...

The Coach Accident was Two clips, I just edited them together.

So this means it goes straight into the next and then colour.

I can also tell you this, at the time people thought that they killed off all Characters, They also thought that it was the end of corrie.

If it was the end of the soap, what a way to go.

Big Crash THE END.

John said...

Definitely looks like a switch to colour. I haven't seen so much purple since Caesar Romero played the Joker in the old 'Batman' TV show.

Tinyvi said...

I was asked in youtube by Doctor who Fan, because i am also in the Doctor who groups as well.

Why don't I do a corrie with a Doctor who ending.

So I did. Look at this.

Tinyvi said...

I have also today put 2 More clips.

The first one is of Blanche giving way a slap in the face.

The second is where Ray Langton leaves Derd.

Rob said...

I like Deirdre's other gaffer's remark "my tongue feels like the inside of a wooly jumper" anyone writing these down?

Interesting seeing Blanche in her early days - without the big glasses...and showing some serious cleavage!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what character died from this episode?

Porr Ken was the driver...

The colors are crazy aren't they?

Emily is beautiful...