Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Update - October 4 - It's a Boy! Edition

It's a boy! And some baby of some other, less important, gender!

Amber shows up at the cornershop instead of school (again), of which Dev disapproves. She complains that he doesn't like seeing her, which he denies, but would rather she were in school. He asks her if she's seen Sunita and she asks that he not change the subject.

Dev continues to keep listening intently to hear if Sunita is coming down the stairs from her flat, even to the point of shushing Emily and Eileen, who were discussing Ed (more on that later).

Amber decides to grab some snacks for school gratis when Dev hears Sunita. He throws a protesting Amber in front of the cash and runs to meet Sunita.

Dev asks a frazzled Sunita if there is anything he can do to help to which she quickly replies 'no, never' and pushes past him.

At the Rover's Sunita confesses to Violet and Shelley that her contractions have started. The twins are on the way! But she doesn't want Dev to know and makes Shelley promise not to tell. They decide to have tea before going to hospital.

Later Shelley and Sunita bump into Fred on their way out the door. They tell him they're going to an Ante-Natal class. When they're gone, Betty spills the beans: Sunita's off tot' hospickle to birth her some wee bairns.

At the hospital, the midwives tell Sunita she has a visitor already. She hopes it's not Dev but they tell her that it's Emily Bishop and assure her that nobody can be admitted without them buzzing them through. She assures them that she most definitely doesn't want Dev there.

At the shop. Fred comes in and tells Dev that Sunita is giving birth the hospital and that he should know.

When he arrives, the delivery room nurse tells him he is not to be admitted. They tell Sunita they can either call security and have him removed or wait for him to get tired and leave. She says he'll never leave.

They let Dev in, only so Sunita can tell him that she wants him to see what she's going through so that he will know that the children are all hers and not his. Dev begs for a second chance. Dev keeps this up, in full-Dev mode, even as she's pushing the hatchlings out.

The first child is a boy! Dev finally has a child he doesn't have to hide! But there is a second child on the way. As the parents each hold one of the babies, there appears to be a truce as they both appear happy for the first time in months. We don't know the sex of the other baby but it obviously doesn't matter because the first child is a boy!!!

The Famous Mr. Ed

Emily invites Eileen to join her and Ed for lunch today as she and he seemed to be getting along. Eileen declines, saying she'll likely have to work through lunch. Speaking of work, does Ed have a job?

Later at the Rovers, Eileen decides to join Emily after all. Jason, seeing this, thinks that she may have a thing for Ed.

Sean comes over and gives Ed an unsolicited, but glowing, reference for Eileen.

Meanwhile, Violet wonders what her life would be like now if she let Jason get her pregnant.

Step-Moms I'd Like To...

Frankie finds Carol talking to someone on the phone she claims is a solicitor. At Roy's, Frankie tells Eileen that she thinks it may have been Jamie ringing to say he was on his way back from Spain but why would Carol lie about something like that? (Can I just say that cell phones must be awesome in Europe? I can't get mine to work properly when in New Brunswick.)

Speaking of Carol, she's looking for the booze and monologuing to herself that they must have hidden the booze because they don't trust her (well, yeah).

She goes to the cornershop and first tries to buy a half a quart of vodka until Dev does some math for her and makes her realise that it's cheaper in the long run to just buy the big bottle (I believe this stage is called bargaining).

Later, Frankie gets a call from Jamie at the airport, saying he's arrived. So it was Jamie after all.

Frankie comes home to find Carol soused and demands to know why she's lying. Carol says it's because she's trying to protect Jamie from her advances. Carol claims that Frankie wants to take Jamie away from her just like she did with Danny. Frankie can't believe what she's hearing but just then, Jamie walks in the door. Carol whisks him away, leaving Frankie stunned at these accusations.

In other news

A summit meeting among Ken, Blanche, and Deirdre over the Eccles Problem is held. The dog has one more chance to make things work, or they will have to find a new home.

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