Thursday, October 26, 2006

Update - October 25 - When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best

(Stupid busy at the office. Sorry for the brief update.)

Sarah Was Just Sad He Didn't Put Any Money In It

It's Sarah-Lou's birthday and everyone is all gathered round to watch her open her cards. She picks up one card, thinking it's from Martin, and opens it:

To Sarah

I still think of you as my daughter. Weren't we a wonderful family until your mother insisted on spoiling everything?

Happy Birthday


Dun-dun-dunh!!! Everyone is shocked and appalled and the list of suspects suddenly goes from David to Violet to Phil to Eileen Grimshaw and then back to David. Gail asks him repeatedly if he did it or if he knows anything about it. David denies it, saying why would he do such a thing, given what Richard Hillman did to their family?

When You're In Love with a Beautiful Woman, You Better Dump Her Quick

Tyrone is still chuffed at the prospect of Maria being up the duff. She says she'll do a test later but warns him to keep the news under his hat. So Ty goes off and tells the guys at the garage. Nathan is disinterested but Kevin offer congratulations.

Later, Nathan suggests Ty must be happy to have Maria pregnant as it will keep her from running to another guy. He points out the wisdom in the song, 'When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman" (Thanks, Nathan. Now it's in my head.).

Later, Ty goes to see Maria in the salon where she tells him she got her period. Ty realises she didn't tell him for over an hour. He sees this as a sign she doesn't care. When they discuss this later in the Rover's, Maria says they're still young (she is 22, he is 24) and they're no rush so he shouldn't be all crushed about the non-pregnancy.

Later, Tyrone meets Maria to discuss their relationship further. He says he realises she and he don't belong together and ends things between them. Maria is crushed.

I think Maria is a bit flighty and doesn't know what she wants but she liked the security Tyrone offered. She probably felt that she would be the one to end things, eventually. She's more surprised than anything that Tyrone was the one with the maturity to realise it wasn't working out.

I Still Call Her Orchid, Too

Rita takes a day off work to babysit Stacey "Orchid" Hilton. Stacey seems genuinely remorseful over her actions and tells Rita the Thai bride scam was her only real crime in life. She says she feels she deserves to be where she is.

Rita says no woman deserves to be knocked about and tells her she can change her life and do something useful with it, like Rita herself did many yonks ago. When Fred returns, she tells him and Rita that she is humbled by their kindness.

It's funny. I know Stacey is from the area but when she speaks, I still hear the fake Miss Swan accent. Her injuries are obviously real and her meeting with Fred was by chance, but I smell another scam in there somewhere.


Rob said...

And the Oscar for 'best make-up' goes to...Stacey Hilton.

Wow, looks like someone threw a pizza at her face...

Would they just let her walk out of the hospickle like that with band-aids or something?

papasmurf said...

Tyrone is better off without the diva hairdresser.

I think love lurks on the horizon for him.

Rob said...

I want someone to hurt Norris - or at the very least for Rita to empty her sherry over his head...

Wot an obnoxious, prying little weasel!

Rob Swizzle said...

Zombie Richard Hilman, perhaps? No, that's just Halloween getting to me.

Jacqueline said...

Can someone tell me HOW Tyrone is unattractive? I thought he is a cutey patooey.

missusmac said...

I think he and Molly are going to hook up, he'll be deliriously happy with a girl who loves scrap yards, and they'll get loaded rich running a string of chippie trucks.

Maria, meanwhile, will become this generation's version of Liz. With better hair though...

Rob said...

I was riding my bike to work today thinking that my comments about Stacey and her beat-up face were kind of insensitive - it's another of the serious problems that the show is bringing into its story lines (like Carol's alcoholism, and Mike's Alzheimers).

My apologies.

...but it was a good make-up job...and I STILL want someone to hurt Norris...