Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Update - October 18, 2006 - Dog Eat Dog Edition

Like Two Dogs in Heat

Kevin and Sally arrive at t'Polis station to bring forth charges of an unlawful, albeit consensual, entry of an underage penis into their daughter. Kevin sees actual criminals being hauled in and looks like he's reconsidering.

They sit down with a D.C. who asks them about why they're there. Sally launches into her spiel about how Rosie and Craig are too young, don't know what they want, and it's all very illegal if this woman, who went through police training, knew anything about the law would know very well.

The D.C. informs her that she is aware of the law and says they will look into, including a talk with Craig's grandfather.

Later, the D.C. and her partner, D.C. Tall Guy, appear at Keith's door, informing him that a complaint has been made against Craig by the Websters. Inside, Keith explains it's been tough raising Craig and but informs them that Craig thinks the world of Rosie and given the life he's had, it's not such a bad thing. Just then, Craig and Rosie arrive and soon realise that the cops are there for those two.

As Rosie arrives back home, she's soon followed by Keith who confronts the Websters about their actions. Realising the polis are there, she asks D.C. Cute if she's going to arrest Craig. She tells Sally there is no cause to as both have committed a crime. Sally says Rosie is the victim but the constable counters that she sees no evidence of coercion or abuse and as they are the same age, establishing exploitation is impossible. She tells Sally she will contact the Child Protection Unit to determine if any further action is warranted.

As she leaves, Sally breaks down, "They won't arrest him," she blubbers into Kevin's arms. "We've lost."

Runaway Dog

David casually informs Gail that he's off to Liverpool to spend a few days with Martin. Gail says it's the first she's heard of it to which. Phil suggests it would be nice to let his mother know these things. David says that just because he sits in Martin's old chair, doesn't make him Martin and he has no right to tell him what to do. With that, the little ray of sunshine known as David Platt storms out.

Gail decides to call Martin to verify this story. She later finds him at the bus stop, and not at school. As it turns out the story was a lie. He asks if she means he can't go. Gail says he can but he shouldn't lie. Phil suggest he apologise to his mother and mean it. David says he isn't allowed to lie and gets on the bus and takes off, leaving Gail in squeaky voiced indignation.

The Other Runaway Dog

Ken is taking Eccles out for a walk, much to Deirdre's surprise. When they arrive at the Red Rec, Ken talks her off the lead, pulls out a ball from his coat, and throws it as far as it can, sending Eccles chasing after. He then puts the lead in his pocket, looks around, and walks off.

Ken, I've defended you in the past. No more. That was a dick move.

At Number 1, Blanche looks out the back window, only to see Schmeichel happily munching away on some old bones. Blanche believes the Great Dane has devoured Eccles. She confronts Les and Cilla, who's wearing GoBetty's sweater, for the murder of her dog.

The Battersby-Browns say it's just chicken bones (which a dog should never eat) and he only scrounges from the best. He's a connor sewer. Les arrives to tell Blanche that he's "lost" Eccles. This doesn't hearten Blanche too much and gives Ken hell, until Deirdre shows up with Eccles in her arms, who then gives Ken a well-deserved bite on the ankle. Eccles, not Deirdre, that is.

In other news

The recently fired Jessie shows up wearing a hideous green jacket with a garish multicolouted tie. Jessie got a job, in two days, with Porter Airlines Celestial Airlines, as a flight attendant. It must be some airline that she can go through the interview process and get a fitted uniform already. And she knows what route she'll be serving: Sunderland to Norwich. Too bad she's afraid of flying.


Maude_Lynn said...

Take that, Sally. And good on Keith, telling them what for! That was low. Poor Craig, showing up to see the police in his home, of course he'd assume something had happened to his mum.

Eccles may be a little terror, but wow, that was harsh of Ken.

Heheheh, I'm an air hostess myself, so I can tell ya, the uniform comes after the training (and good lord, what a uniform!). :D

Jacqueline said...

I hate ken.

Betty seems to have a lot of celeb clothes.

Rob said...

I used to like Sally, cause I thought she was kind of cute, but my God, she's one nasty piece of work.

I so want sweet Rosie to say, "Mum, I have one word for you", then whisper in Sall's ear "Adultery..."

missusmac said...

Oh, I think that little tidbit is gonna spill soon, and really, who could blame Rosie?

Please God, could Kevin get a new jacket for Christmas? Please...

Maude_lynn, absolutely right about the uniform. I thought she'd been hired by that kiddie theme park place the last girl got a job in. Who was that, and where did she go?

John said...

That was Sonia, who left the Street to work at Butlins Holiday Camps, which are like all-inclusive resorts, except in England, so they're cheaper.

Maude_Lynn, I work for an airline as well (not in-flight, though) and Jessie's sudden hiring as an FA seemed a little suspect. I know, having worked in the call centres, that before you even begin training, there are several orientations, pre-interviews, interviews, second-interviews, etc. It certainly doesn't happen in two days.

Rob, I'm surprised Rosie hasn't played the adultery card by now. Maybe she's trying to show a little class. God knows Sally doesn't deserve it.

Pamer said...

DC Tall Guy cracked me reminded me of the Naked Gun movie. There was a police officer named Al(whose real name was Tiny Ron Taylor) that you only saw him from chest down.

The best is when George Kennedy's character tells AL that he has "a little somthing on the side of your mouth"...and a whole banana falls off. LOL

Jacqueline said...

You know, I used to date Conner Sewer - it was great craic.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Rob and the adultery word. I can't believe that the police have the time to follow up with the rantings of a hysterical witch. If Sally isn't careful maybe childrens services may take Rosie into care. I find Sally and Kevin's behaviour abusive.

GoBetty said...

Thanks John! Hilarious!

papasmurf said...

The female coppers in Manchester all seem to be quite cute. Perhaps I should get in a bar brawl there for a change - why yes DC Cutie go ahead and frisk me...

why yes that is a dangerous weapon in my pocket...

With my luck I would DC Tall Guy though...