Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Update - October 11, 2006 - Postman Pat and His Black and White Cat Edition

Je Prend Alesse

Walking off to the school bus, Sophie asks Rosie what's going on? Is she pregnant?

Rosie leaves Sophie to join Craig, where they discuss recent events. Rosie wonders what would have happened if, despite their precautions, she had gotten pregnant. Her mum would have forced her to kill her own baby, she reckons.

The two arrive back at the public health clinic where they are greeted by a visibly curious Gail. Rosie says it's for a veruca but Craig tells her she need explain nought.

They are greeted by an Irish doctor whom Rosie informs she'd like to be on the Pill. He says he's not pleased about the idea but says it's preferable to her coming in and requesting a pregnancy test (keep in mind, legal birth control is a relatively recent thing in Ireland).

Meanwhile, Kevin and Sally argue over the issue. Kevin is relenting on the issue of Craig's penis. Sally says she wants something more for her than the two kids in a back street terrace house routine. I think such a life would be perfectly fine.

Dev, You Hoser

Dev leans on Sunita's buzzer for five minutes, waking the twins. She is displeased and tells Dev to bugger off. Later Sally Shelley arrives. Sunita wants to go register the births but can't get a moment to prepare with the feeding and the crying and the pooping. Sally Shelley agrees to watch the kids so Sunita can get ready.

Later Sunita takes her three-month old newborn twins to get the Wayfarer, which she misses. She eventually arrives at the evidently wheelchair unaccessible registry office, only to learn Dev has already registered Asha and Aadi.

Later at her flat, she asks, using three words that mean the same thing, why Dev had the cheek, the nerve, and the audacity, to register the births without telling. Dev lies and says it was to save her a trip. He then admitts he was tired of her throwing crumbs his way, knowing he was desperate to be in their lives. He throws down the birth certificates and goes Canadian on her:

"There, a proud moment, eh?"

No doubt about it.

Ty's Pies

Tyrone decides to surprise Maria with the chippy wagon that was abandoned at the garage yesterday. He thinks they could use it and start their own chippy business. Maria thinks she'd look like Postman Pat driving that thing. Needless to say, it's not Maria's idea of a romantic gesture.

Later Tyrone is feeling down but Molly tries to cheer him up with the success his business could be. They discuss names: Dobb's Delicacies, Ty's Pies. They seem to be getting along quite swimmingly when it appears they're having a moment. They akwardly break it off.

Later with Vera, he discusses the things Maria has been putting him through, like the back-waxing, just so, he reckons, she doesn't see what kind of guy she's settled for. Vera says she's lucky to have him.

This has been an ongoing issue for ages with Maria and Tyrone - that Tyrone is a simple guy and Maria wants a more glamourous life.

In other news

Mike is off to play golf in Spain. Did he tell Danny? He's sure he told Danny. Did Danny mail that letter to Mark? Sure he did. Does Danny want the keys to his flat? Sure he does. Does Danny remember the first time he played golf with Mike? Must have been thirteen. No, must have been one of the other ones, Mike.

Ed and Eileen meet in the cornershop. Eileen says she doesn't think a middle-aged Christian would want much to do with a middle-aged agnostic. Ed says agnostics are just fence-sitters and won't take a stand. Eileen says it's better than pretending you have all the answers. Just when you think they'll have nothing to do with each other, he asks her on a date. She quite flatly says yes.


kowy said...

I know John spells Shelly with a SALLY.

He says he'll correct it later (when I'm done with his computer to do *gasp* WORK. From HOME. EEK.)

Pamer said...

I didn't like the attitude from Creepy Ginger Doctor...he doesn't know her. If it's against the law then refuse and move on. More doctoring less lecturing.

papasmurf said...

was it just me or did the doctor seem to be about 20 years old?

Jacqueline said...

Oh papa...the professionals ALL seem 20 years old to me now.

missusmac said...

Gosh, I thought he looked kind of cute. But I only 'saw' it on updates, had company.

And guys, it's not just the professionals who look young. Aren't most checkout childen aged 12, or is it just me?

If so, Amber might be too old to work the cash!

Debbie said...

Look what i found on Youtube:

Rob said...

Thanks Debbie,,,and YouTube...$1.65 billion and worth every penny!

Funny seeing Kevin - he looks a bit like Michael Palin with a moustache doing a Python bit - what a little shrimp!