Monday, October 30, 2006

Update for Episode 6223 October 30, 2006

Tracey finds herself a charming new flatmate to have a cuppa with.

Ty and Molly

The future take-away tycoon and his muse sit in The Rovers sampling different types of gourmet buns for future use in their fleet of chippie trucks. Molly seems quite enamored with Ty. Ty seems quite enamored with the selection of buns. Violet seems less than enamored with the two of them eating outside food that they have brought into the pub.

Tyrone is quite excited about the future of the fast food enterprise. Molly is being very supportive of his ambitions, and seems to be working under the assumption that the two of them will drive happily off into the sunset together in the restored chip van. Tyrone quickly puts this notion to rest when he tells her that 'women are a distraction' and if he is to be successful at his new venture he needs to focus on the job - for a few years at least.

Molly looks crestfallen when she hears this.

Sarah and Violet

Maria is doing some hair highlights for Violet and Frankie in the salon. (as if Frankie needs any improving) They chat about life and love as women are wont to do in a hair salon. (or so I have been told) Sarah twitters on in the background about how her and Jason are going on a holiday to Mallorca or Malaga or Minorca - somewhere that starts with M. Violet snaps at her. Maria restores calm to the situation.

Maria and the Reporter

Later we find Maria out for a drink and a bite of pizza with the ex-husband of Jacqueline. (aka creepy reporter boy) He asks all sorts of inappropriate prying questions while Maria pounds back the wine. She answers the questions as best she can but seems to be putting on a brave face on her having been given the pink slip by Tyrone. Reporter boy seems to be bad news if you ask me.

Ed and Eileen

Ed pops by Number 11 to see if Eileen is up for going for a drink. He gives her a peck on the cheek. Eileen comments on how much she appreciates the gesture, especially since they have decided to avoid the naughty stuff. Although she has already made plans for a girls night out she decides that she can go for one before the festivities begin. On the way to The Rovers however they run into Rita (in her moment of need) and Ed volunteers to fix her broken doorbell. A night in shining armour is our Ed. (please note the spelling of armour TinyVi - haha)

Jamie and Frankie

Jamie comes home and notices that Frankie (who looks fantastic) has had her hair done. She is quite happy that he noticed, since most men are neanderthals who don't pay attention to things like a new hairstyle, which is the main reason why people get divorced. Well that and the whole adultery problem.

Tracey and Beelzebub

Tracey tells her family about her new plan to move in with the human sneer. (aka Charlie Stubbs) Deirdre looks flabbergasted. Blanche asks if Tracey has got a brain. Even Eccles the dog is so upset she bites Ken on the leg. Well, she probably would have done that anyways. Still, the family is quite upset. Has Tracey really thought this through completely? What about young Amy?

Tracey responds by going through the history with Peter Barlow and Shelley Unwin and Charlie Stubbs and - when you think about it it all seems a bit incestuous. In spite of all the history, Tracey is adamant that she is making the right choice.

Having packed her bags she shows up on the doorstep of the local builders ratty little flat. Charlie seems a bit taken aback when he sees Tracey on his doorstep with suitcases in hand but recovers his composure soon enough. He seems very surprised when he is introduced to Amy, who it seems will also be sharing the flat with them. Wonder what Steve will think about this new arrangement.

Frankie and Eileen and Liz and Deirdre

The girls are out for a night of chin wag and cavorting. After a few glasses of wine they become quite animated and capture the attention of the resident lounge lizard. He asks them what they are all celebrating that evening. They tell him that Deirdre is freshly divorced. He slithers over next to Deirdre and tries out some of his best material. She gives a him good snog - and then tells him that she is actually happily married. He mutters menacingly under his breath and slinks back to his table.

Rita and Fred and Stacy/Orchid

Rita is still quite upset about the break-in (understandably so) and reads the riot act to Fred the spineless wonder and his sidekick, self centered Stacy/Orchid. The Thai bride bleats out the same refrain about how scared she is and how she doesn't know what to do and how she can't go the the police.

At the end of her tether, Rita has an emotional breakdown whilst talking with Emily. (who is a rock if you ask me) The whole sequence of events surrounding the break-in has reminded Rita of all sorts of unpleasant things that happened to her in the past. Emily tracks Fred down in The Rovers and tells him to grow a pair - so to speak. Fred seems to be truly sorry but at his wits end about what he can do to make things right.

Later in Number 4 Fred and Stacy/Orchid are having their tea. She gives Fred the hard sell about how she really cares for him and how she respects him and how this time it could be different and how she could give him what he really wants. Fred has finally had enough and tells her 'you could con the devil himself - you're still the nasty piece of work you always were'. Stacy/Orchid pleads with Fred but he tells her that after tonight she is out on her own - and she is lucky to have one last night under his roof.


Anonymous said...
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John said...

Given that the Gazette is a tabloid, I'd bet that Maria's confessions of infidelity are going to end up in the paper:


Or something like that.

Pamer said...

The Weatherfield Gazette is a tabloid??? Didn't ken write for them? For're right. either Ty is going to comeout looking like a right mug or Maria is a slut

John said...

I don't it's full-on News of the World, Sun, style tabloid but it's not a broadsheet and it does lean toward sensationalism. This is the one that sent reporters to Roy and Hayley's wedding, looking for a freak show.

I think Ken is on board as the token leftie, in the same way that Rick Salutin is the token leftie at The Globe and Mail. Ken's just waiting for the Guardian to recognise his talents. ;)

John said...

And furthermore:
Here are some classic Sun front pages, featuring such journalistic milestones as "CLOBBA SLOBBA" and the timeless "GOTCHA". I'm hoping for something similarly classy for the Ty and Maria story.

Speaking of Ty, where exactly, are his parents? I know he's like a son to Vera and Jack but is he on the outs with his real family or summat?

Anonymous said...

No, it's my understanding that Tyrone's mum abandoned him and he was discovered to be sleeping rough. Jack and Vera took him in, and Kevin gave him an apprenticeship at his shop. He has turned into more of a son than Jack and Vera's own son seems to have been. Also, he was functionally illiterate - I don't know whether he took classes or not, but he doesn't seem too comfortable with forms and such. At least, that's what I have gathered from my gleaning of Corrie fansites trying to piece together the 40+ years of back story which I don't have, since I only started watching last year.

Here's hoping the CBC comes to their senses and catches us up with the UK! (Especially since I keep accidentally finding out major plot points that are coming up.)

Sigh. I'm so jealous. Even though we get the CBC, we don't get Country Canada, and so I can't see the Corrie Classics.

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...


Also, nice usage of the Corrie-speak! Summat... I was able to use Amber's "de-ming" recently. Very fun! Especially since she seems to have made up that particular word (mingy being the correct word). I looove learning new words.

Of course, there are many things I have had to look up (chip buttie being one), and it took me FOREVER to figure out that what they were saying when they say Hotpot. I mean, what they say isn't "hotpot". It's it's own thing, you know?

Michigander Fan

Anonymous said...

Ty's mum Jackie(sp) Dobbs made Cilla look like Mother of the Year! Scary.


S. Poole

missusmac said...

Wasn't Ty's mom Deirdre's cell mate when she went to jail for swindling funds?

(This was during Deirdre's fake marriage to the fake airline pilot, although she thought he was for real.)

I thought Ty's mom showed up on the street soon after being released?

Vera and Jack are always having better relationships with non-relatives than they do with R/Terry.

Anonymous said...

See, now there's background I didn't have. There's sooo much there - every day is an adventure!

Tyrone is so sweet, especially when you consider his background.

Tidbit: I saw Alan Halsall in another British TV show when he were just a lad - and he looks EXACTLY the same. Seriously. He's just hairier now (as Maria so nicely pointed out for us). Otherwise absolutely identical.

Michigander Fan

missusmac said...

anonymous, try

It has archives from 1998 on, and you can get to see most of who is on the street now. Surprisingly, Liz looks the same...

It's also great if you miss a night.