Monday, October 23, 2006

Update for Episode # 6218 October 23, 2006

Devendra and Sunita - could they possibly get together again?

Ty and Molly

Ty and Molly have a discussion about the future of the portable chippy. It seems Maria is less than keen about the plan. Molly seems to think it is a great idea. Molly seems to think that Ty is a great guy. (Ty is a stand up bloke) It looks like something might develop between these two in the future.

Tracey and Ronny

Tracey stops in at Streetcars to tell Steve that he has to take Amy for the evening because she has made plans to do the horizontal limbo with Charlie. Ronny tells her that this isn't on, as they have already made plans to go clubbing with Lloyd and Kelly. The two women trade a few barbs. Steve stands by like the eunuch he is.

When Kelly and Lloyd (who seem to be happily together again) hear about clubbing they are quite excited to go. Steve still seems unsure about the plan, but Ronny tells him that they have to go clubbing or else Tracey will be quite upset. Steve explains that Tracey is unlike other mortals, and will not rest until her target is dead, or even better, humiliated.

Later in The Rovers Tracey finds Ronny and her eunuch having a quiet drink, and not out clubbing like they said they would be. Tracey is angered that she missed out on some sweet, sweet loving with the human sneer. Tracey and Ronny trade insults once again while Steve sits idly by.

Roy and Clifford

Roy and Clifford return from the worst school reunion in the history of the world. Clifford is quite impressed with Roys Rolls but is strangely obsessed with the font used for the signage. Roy promises to investigate this for him. They go in and meet Hayley who asks how the reunion was. Clifford responds that 'it was better than he expected it would be'. This seems to puzzle Roy somewhat. The three of them decide to go out for a libation or two.

Clifford gushes about great it is to go on a trip down memory lane with Roy, who tells him that particular road is often full of potholes. It turns out that Clifford has had no real contact with any of his classmates and all the newsletters were compiled through research and stalking. Clifford has had restraining orders and injunctions filed against him as well as some threats of physical violence. It turns out Clifford is profoundly alone in the world and the time spent with Roy and Hayley is the first positive experience he has had with a schoolmate in 25 years or so.

At this point I would have run screaming into the night. To their credit Roy and Hayley treat Clifford with an appropriate degree of respect and empathy. They wish him well and after the cab drives off Roy expresses a hope that Clifford might stay in touch.

Fred and Orchid

Fred is still sensitive about Bev running off to Romney Marsh with some bloke from the cruise ship. In his weakened emotional state he goes back to the hospital to visit Orchid, who he saw being admitted when he was at the A & E with Ashley. It turnsd out Orchid tried to con another man (as she did with Fred previously) so she could get enough money to move to London. He discovered what she was up to and beat her up, and then took all her material possessions. Fred is moved by the story, old softy that he is.

Later in The Rovers Fred makes up a story about a Traders Association meeting for Ashley to explain where he has been all afternoon. Rita mentions that she never heard about the meeting. Fred says a few nasty things to Rita. Soon after he takes Rita aside to apologize for his boorish behaviour and tell her what he is upset about. Rita, wise soul that she is, advises him to stay far away from Orchid.

Dev and Sunita

Sunita isn pondering geting back together with Dev, father of many daughters. Shel tells Sunita that she has a choice besides moving back with Dev or with her family. She has friends and a support network in place on Coronation Street. (Shel is nicely recovered from her relationship with satan - aka Charlie) Violet gives Sunita a hard time about even contemplating getting back together with Dev. (Violet seems to be projecting some of her own bad experiences onto Sunita here) Sunita talks about her duty to her family and to her vows. Violet asks about love in a marriage and how it is better than an arranged marriage. Sunita reponds that marrying for love means you only have farther to fall when things go wrong.

Later in The Rovers Dev comes in for a drink to give Sunita some 'space'. Violet tells him the best way for him to give Sunita some space would be for him to move to Mars. Dev then proceeds to get stinking drunk and painfully obnoxious. (what I will be doing at my local as soon as I am done typing here)

Sunita, after much inner debate and turmoil, realizes that Dev has no integrity and she cannot in good conscience go back to him. She decides for the sake of Asha and Aadi that she will move in with her family. This makes Jayesh (who appeared from nowhere) quite happy. She just wants to get away from Dev and not have him pursue her any longer.


raindrizzlefog said...

the human sneer...brilliant!

missusmac said...

I misunderstood. I thought Roy said he hoped the old schoolmate would fight his urge to keep in touch --meaning Roy had had enough.

Here's someone Roy is above on the pecking chain -- which makes him pretty low.

Get ready to chant "fight, fight, fight, fight" every time you see Ronnie and Tracey.

papasmurf said...

You may be right about Roy missusmac - I was wrestling my cat over my dinner at that point in the show and I may have missed some of what was said.

Regardless, I think Roy went above and beyond in his behaviour towards Clifford.

Rob said...

Without picking sides in the Dev-Sunita story, and without knowing English law, I find it odd that nobody seems to acknowledge Dev's rights as the twins' father. Dev doesn't seem to be aware of them either.

Presumeably, and rightly, Sunita will expect Dev to make support payments, as I'm sure the law would require, so she's not going to be able to whisk them off to her family - or wherever - and never see him again.

Or am I taking this too seriously...

Anonymous said...

Rob, I was wondering the exact same thing. As much as I dislike "smarmy Dev" has every right to see his children.

missusmac said...

No worries Papasmurf, cat wrestling is an approved after dinner sport in my house too.

Roy and Hayley were very kind, which means of course that it will backfire on them. Clifford will take up residence in their cafe, and yet another restraining order will have to be taken out.

Sunita leaving sucks.

Anonymous said...

its about time tracy face someone who she cant get a rise out off

Anonymous said...

I hope ronnie punches tracys lights out