Monday, October 02, 2006

Update for Episode # 6203 October 2, 2006

Waxing Eloquent

Tyrone is waiting expectantly in the Salon for his special treat from Maria. Tyrone assumes it will be some sweet, sweet lovin' but much to his dismay the surprise is a body wax. Much screaming and begging ensues. This it seems is how Maria expreses her love for Tyrone. I liked you as a hairy missing link neanderthal, think of how much more I will like you as a less hairy missing link neanderthal. Now hold still while I pluck your eyebrow(s).

Later in The Rovers Kev notices something is different about Tyrone but can't quite figure out what it is. The eyebrows maybe?

Amber Alert

Amber is wandering the streets at night on her birthday because her mother is working and won't let her come till 7:00. Who knows where Dev is. Amber bumps into Sunita and gives her a sob story about how she is so unnappreciated and her father doesn't even know when her birthday is and that she is unloved - blah blah blah. Sunita takes pity on the wandering waif and lets her come up for a short visit.

Afternoon Delight

Craig and Rosie are happily ensconced in each others arms. Craig feels badly that they have to meet in secret and lie about what they are doing. Rosie thinks it's alright to pretend and deceive when you're in love. So that's the secret.

Man's Best Friend

Blanche is going out with the Monday Nighters (whatever that is) and Ken gets to stay home with Eccles. Ken moans a bit, Blanche cuts him down to size, par for the course in Number 1.

Deirdre comes home later to find her husband and the dog wrestling over Ken's wallet. Deirdre puts Eccles in her place and Ken slinks off upstairs with his tail between his legs. This allows Deirdre to go out back and have a fag with the dog, where she (Deirdre that is) launches into a soliloquy about life and death and leaving and love and how it will be just the two of them someday. Eccles responds with an understandable yawn.

Meanwhile at The Rovers Blanche is having a drink with Rita, Emily and Ed. Emily is happier these days since her faith has been rekindled, thanks in part to the bible studies Ed has been leading. Blanche and Rita seem confused by this, but Emily explains how intelligent and informed Ed is, and how he links scripture with life. Why the other night he explained the Gaza Strip and the offside rule to them. Blanche can't make a connection between the offside rule and Jesus, but Emily points out that after Judas Iscariot hung himself there were eleven disciples left, just like a football side. Blanche wonders who would play in goal.

Ed spots Eileen coming into the pub and his eyes light up. He inquires as to her marital status. Blanche, in her imperious style, informs him that her finger has never seen a wedding ring, even though she has had two sons with two different fathers, and one of the sons turned out to be a HOMOSEXUAL. (say it slowly) In spite of this he sidles up to Eileen at the bar and buys her a drink. With Rita's money mind you.

At some point in the conversation Blanche talks about Rita's past career and her erotic dance with a snake. Rita corrects her, saying it was an exotic dance with a trombone. I for one am slightly curious.

David Bratt

Phil has David pinned against the wall. David has insulted Bonny Prince Charles one time too many and Phil can't take any more. Or maybe it was the disrespectful way he treated Gail. Either way Phil is as steamed as a highland haggis, but soon sees the error of his ways and deposits David on the floor. Once he has been released and stops whimpering David informs Phil that when Gail hears what has happened he will be persona non grata around the Platt household.

Gail arrives home to find the two men sitting in stony silence in the living room. She inquires what has happened. David says Phil had him up against the wall and was going to hit him. Phil says he lost his temper and yelled at David but that was all. Accusations fly back and forth for a bit. Gail sends Phil off to The Rovers so she can have a talk with David. Before Phil leaves she asks him if he hit her son, to which he replies he did not.

Gail and David have a heated discussion about family and life and choices and the like. David tells his mother that she is desperate not to be alone and will do anything, including negelct her own children, to hang on to a man, any man. (trust me ladies we're not worth it) Gail, to her credit, gives David a slap, but then proceeds to apologize for it. (I think he needed a slap a long time ago)

Sarah comes home and finds Gail in a bad state in the kitchen. They have a nice chat and some quality mother/daughter bonding. Bouyed by this Gail goes to The Rovers for a drink with Phil. At the end we see the two of them cozy on the sofa having a laugh while watching a show on the telly. In the background David is sitting on the stairs watching Gail and Phil with an evil look in his eye.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is anybody else bothered by Amber's use of "man" after every sentence? On today's show she was speaking to Sunita and used "man" twice in the space of a few seconds.


missusmac said...

I personally cracked up with Blanche's pronounciation of homosexual: said slowly, with much hissing emphasis on the 's':


She's sssssuch a bitccccch. But I love her.

Was Ken always this whiney?

I think Amber is just trying to be cool and gangsta.

Jacqueline said...

it bugs me in the sense that I keep thinking she's calling Sunita either 'Ma'am' or 'Mom'.

Jacqueline said...

I liked when Sarah told Gayle that David needed to be smacked around.

Pamer said...

I think Amber is going to try and be the matchmaker with Dev and Sunita...just the way she was talking about her dad not knowing her b'day and that her mom didn't have a father either.

I was alitle shocked that Phil got away with it

poor Tyrone

GoBetty said...

I love "Sunita-man", it makes me giggle.

Also, "ho-mo-sex-su-al". HA!

mrsgreen said...

I was checking my pvr settings last night and I noticed that there's no Corrie on Thursday night due to hockey but there are two episodes on Friday.

Poor poor Tyrone

Anonymous said...

Amber is beginning to remind me of Sasha Baron Cohen's Ali G character. Amber G anyone, heheh? She has her moments with Dev, love it when she needles her dear old dad, man.

Yes, Ken is awfully whiny this last litle while. As my gran would say, "Suck it up buttercup!"


S. Poole