Monday, October 30, 2006

Thursday/Friday Update

Rita ‘Misdemeanor’ Sullivan

Norris is on the gossip band wagon with regards to our Rita; he’s telling all and sundry that she might be losing her mind. Why? Because he can hear her talking to herself and playing hip hop music – which is a sharp departure from Vera Lynn’s greatest hits.

Audrey enters the shop and the rumour swings over the ‘Rita and Fred sitting in a tree….’ Theory and that possible Fred stayed overnight at Rita’s and to celebrate their tryst the next morning they decided to celebrate with some funky fresh dressed pussycat singing, ‘Get Yo’ Freak On’.

Or MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYBEEE it’s just Stacey blasting music whilst vacumming Rita’s flat. Stacey is frightened to leave this sactuary, but Rita finally convinces her that they can sneak away and get some ‘outdoor’ time.

Unfortunately, when they come back, Rita’s place has been ransacked and all her things broken and smashed. This is the work of Stewart (the yob who beat up Stacey in the first place.). The women go to Fred’s where Stacey asks if they can just not report the whole thing. She’s worried that if the police know about her, they’ll find out about her grifting. Fred asks Rita to omit information about Stacey to the police, but Rita is unwilling to do so.

When the police do come to talk to Rita, she decides NOT to tell them about Stacey/Violet. Stacey is happy, but both Fred and Rita convince her to go down to the cop shop with them and tell them the whole story. All is fine until Rita talks to the police, leaving Fred and Stacey alone in the waiting room. They talk about what will happen with the police report and this causes Stacey to panics and run away.

Tyrone aka ‘Meatloaf’
Maria is blue about Tyrone breaking up with her, but both Audrey and Fizz say that she’s not upset about losing Tyrone, she’s upset that he broke up with her.

He finds her in the pub very sad and goes to talk to her about why he needed to break up with her. She doesn’t understand until he asks her point blank if she loves him. It appears that she wants him, she needs him, but there ain’t no way she’s ever gonna love him and well, turns out that 2 out of 3 IS bad.

They are kaput, but Tyrone drowns his sorrows getting the chip truck up to snuff with Molly Malone right beside him. They enjoy the first burger made in the truck and Tyrone even gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Meanwhile, back at the salon, newspaper boy (who’s looking too much like my ex-husband, btw) comes calling to do a follow up piece on the surprise the bride. Maria tells him that her and Tyrone are splitsville. SURPRISE!

Jimmy Olsen asks if he can take her out to cheer her up and she accepts.

(Man, it’s like I can barely remember Tyrone and Maria as a couple.)

She’s Your Daughter, Man
Amber comes to the shop because she’s heard through her mom that Dev is stressed. She sees that he is not only stressed, but kind of stinky too so she offers to mind the shop while he bathes.

Even though he’s pissed that she called him mingy in front of the customers, he accepts the offer. Later, the two of them have a big heart-to-heart about his relationship with her and her mom and why he never took any interest in her life. Dev tries to squirm out of the conversation, but Amber presses on.

In the end, Dev asks Amber if she wants to come work with him and I think he’s beginning to see that she is important to him and that he better start making a relationship with this offspring.

There’s a New Kid in Town
I don’t want to hear it, there’s a new kid in town…

David spies a new gal, ‘Jo’ moving on to the street. David pets her dog and they have a few flirty moments and just for a second, you can see him all human like – weird.

You look in her eyes; the music begins to play
Hopeless romantics, here we go again

I Am Tracey, Hear Me Roar.
Tracey and Charlie are going through some kind of weird play for power. She keeps asking him to take her to the Clock and he keeps handing her groceries to cook. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand she keeps telling him that she doesn’t cook.

Somehow I don’t think there’s any higher feminist thinking behind her refusal to become a domestic drudge. Somehow meals find their way on to the table and Tracey asks Charlie where all his money goes if he’s not taking her out for dinner and he’s living in a dump for an apartment.

He says that the flat is fine for him, but if he had someone to live with he’d trade up. He then asks Tracey with her non-cooking platform to move in with him. She very excitedly accepts the offer.

I see one small diapered, pig tail wearing problem with this arrangement.

Clifford the Big Red Freak
Clifford, the Classmates Stalker, bounces into the café and Roy is visibly nervous about the visit. Clifford acts strange, but when the real reason for his visit comes out, Roy is over the moon.

Turns out that Clifford is a model train enthusiast and he shows Roy the pics of his model train set that got broken up when his marriage broke up. He’s come to ask Roys’ help to build it up once again. Roy accepts, but when Haley hears about Clifford his hobby, she’s upset that Roy’s going dedicate so much time to ‘toys’.

I for one don’t believe that Clifford is a train enthusiast OR that he was married. I think it’s all a big song and dance to get Roy to hang out with him.

I’m also beginning to suspect that Clifford wrote the Richard Hillman card.

And Eileen….
Still can’t get laid.

She and Ed have a discussion and he says that he really likes her but he wants their relationship to be stronger before they get physical.

She reluctantly accepts her no-nooky status.

Kelly gets a call that they’ve captured the guy who robbed her and they have her wallet and other stuff at the station. Her and Lloyd go down to collect it, but on their way out they see Becky (the gal Kelly was in jail with) at the station, picked up on a shoplifting charge.

Kelly, feeling expansive, due to her good fortune decides to give Becky some money to help her out.


Ginny said...

I've been busy and just haven't been able to keep up with Corrie. I know.... shoot me now.

But I just read there's a model train enthusiast on the street? Wow, maybe I can get the husband to watch. Trains, the big boy's toys. ;)

Working From Home Today said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful update, Glacia. Sorry about the added work for you. I intend to crawl out of my hole in about two weeks and update again. If y'all still have me.