Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanksgiving Update - Episode # 6208

Soothing images from Monet to offset the impact of Jack in the nude.

What About Violet?

Mike and Jamie and Frankie are in The Rovers for a drink. Mike thinks Jamie should have a bird to go out with and spots lovely Violet behind the bar. Mike asks 'What about her?' Frankie concurs that this might be a good idea and the two adults quickly leave Jamie alone at the bar so he can chat up the bar maid at his leisure.

Poor White Trash

Jayesh pops round for a visit with Sunita and the newest family members. Things are pleasant at first but soon turn ugly when brother dearest tells Sunita how shameful it is that she is living in a flat over a shop raising two kids on her own. She should move back in with her husband or better yet, move back in with her own family where she would have help with the ironing and the feeding and the shame and all. Sunita throws him out and tells him to never come back.

Box Clever

Boris and Natasha, er, Danny and Leanne continue to scheme and plot about how they can get Mike to change his will so that Danny will be the sole benefactor of the factory when Mike goes to that great golf course in the sky. Danny tells Leanne he will handle it without her, and is making some progress in this direction, until Leanne shows up and puts a halt to his machinations.

RU 486

Sally drags Rosie into the medical centre in search of a doctor to write a prescription for the morning after pill. Gail tells her there are no openings that day, perhaps the Webster women should go to A & E? Sally screeches at Gail in the way only she can, and they end up seeing a doctor after all.

The good doctor is less than co-operative with Sally's plan though. After finding out that Rosie and her boyfriend were practicing safe sex and that Rosie seems to have a brain he suggests that a plan of contraception might be a better idea. He even thinks that Sally might be using the morning after pill as a form of punishment. In any case he won't write a Rx for Rosie if she doen't want one. Sally screeches at the doctor and tells him if he won't write a prescription for them she will find someone who will.

We next see Sally at a chemists asking if they do the morning after pill, so she must have been successful in her quest to find an accommodating doctor.

Then the denouement of the drama takes place in the kitchen of Number 13 with much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Sally, in an act of tough love, forces Rosie to take the pill.

The Duckworths Unveiled

The suspense builds at the art gallery as all and sundry await the unveiling of the portrait of Jack and Vera. Jack fears the worst after having seen some of the other pieces of art by Hilary Saunders on display, so he keeps fortifying himself with dutch courage. He is especially concerned that Vera not find out about the room of student art - all featuring Jack in the buff. He manages to keep her from going into the room by telling her the work it contains is gruesome (true enough) and like a morgue.

Jack begs the others not to tell Vera about the nude paintings and tries to bribe them with offers of drink and a free taxi ride home.

Roy tells Ken about his painting of The Flying Scotsman* and how it was featured on a TV program some years back. Deirdre, Blanche, Roy, and Norris do an impromptu quartet of the theme music for the show.

At last it is time for the unveiling. Hilary Saunders waxes eloquent about how wonderful the Duckworths are, and how she admires Vera's primeval temper. When we finally see the painting it turns out to be - quite nice actually. The two have a lovely cuddle infront of their portrait. Jack thinks he has gotten away without Vera having seen his nudes in the other room and it is clear sailing from here on in. The only problem is that Vera asked Blanche for directions to the loo, and you can guess where she sent her. Vera comes back in a rage and breaks a painting over Jack's head (which she will have to pay for) and drags him out the door.

* The Flying Scotsman (besides being a nickname Danny has for Adam) is the name of a famous train that runs from Kings Cross station in London to Edinburgh Waverley. The service started as a steam train in 1862 and continues to this day. An afficiando of steam trains like Roy would be quite fond of this particular train. I have ridden on The Flying Scotsman and it is a wonderful ride, although the ride back from Edinburgh was a bit of a blur after we drank the city dry the night before.


John said...

When the episode aired last year, ITV recieved 500 complaints over Jayesh's use of the term 'white trash.' If I hadn't known about the controversy before, the scene would have passed me by. It was in keeping with Jayesh's character. And when Sunita took him to task for the term, that was in her character. Still, it was a bit of s***storm when it happened.

What do you all think? Was it offensive or did you even notice?

Know what I found offensive? CBC's new giant bottom of the screen promos:


steph said...

I didn't find the term offensive at all. It was indeed something that Jayesh would say in response to Sunita's unwillingness to move back home. I thought it was a great scene.

missusmac said...

Hey, things I didn't know. That's why I love this site.

And no, I didn't find it offensive, but it's an often used term here. Perhaps it's not so often used there.

All I could think was "go sunita!"

Jacqueline said...

That is ridculous. Sorry, the whole point of the freakin' show is that it is real. So Jayesh makes a racist remark. Well, didn't Ronnie's ex do the same thing ot Llyod? Didn't Les make homophobic remarks to Todd?

If I recall, each one was taken to task by someone on the show.

So, you can have someone murder someone on the show, but god forbid if someone was evil enough to make a racist commit?

What would be offensive is to pretend that shit like that never happens in real life.

So no, I'm not 'offended' by that comment. I wonder how many complaints ITV got over the monkey comments that Pyscho husband made?

Pamer said...

i thought Poor White Trash replaced Son of the South, which replaced Hillbilly...i didn't even know it was a term used in England

That art show they were talking about was Vision On. I remember watching it on TVO right after POlka Dot Door, great show

papasmurf said...

It's probably still more acceptable in the UK for white folk to make racist comments about other races than it is for them to make racist comments about us whities.

John said...

Papasmurf, I think you nailed what the fuss was about. The complaints were mainly from white people, essentially complaining that they can't be rude to minorities anymore, so when a fictional character makes an unsavoury comment, these viewers lose their heads. This, after all, is the country that practically invented being rude to foreigners.

Do a Google search on "coronation street white trash" and you get the racist British National Party site.

I think it would have been a different story of Sunita said it or if a white character we admire, like Ken Barlow, said something racist. It would be out of character and just wrong.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for your update, I taped it but because of the football I lost 10 minutes. I think Sally is a very abusive mother. Where was Kevin during all this fuss?

Rob Swizzle said...

Agreed on those giant promos. I hate them so much. CBC already spends its unsold advertising breaks showing all the upcoming shows twice.

papasmurf said...

No sign of Kev in this epiosde.

John said...

Kevin was away as he was busy rotating Mike's tires for the third time. He felt bad about doing it but hey, the money's good.

raindrizzlefog said...

Nearly choked on my tea when Blanche said she was ready to 'regurgitate her vol-au-vent'.

Hardly noticed the 'white trash' comment.