Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Dev's stellar performance as a drunk this week did not go unnoticed:

And "Stevie Boy!" is the new sensation that's sweeping the nation, as this video, entitled "Dev Alahan Day," will confirm:


Jacqueline said...


you and tiny and killing me today

John said...

Gotta have fun, fun, fun 'til Google takes the YouTube away.

GoBetty said...

What the hell is with the two lassies jumping around??????? Me so confuse.

John said...

Gobetty - I searched YouTube for the words "dev alahan" and came up with that. They're singing "Devvy Boy!" in the same manner as Dev singing "Stevie Boy!" the other night.

The girls just seem to have the same take on Dev's acting as I do so I thought it was funny.