Wednesday, October 11, 2006

PSA Update





Just a PSA for Kev. Thought he might just wanted to be reminded what they looked liked.

So Kev DOES know about the morning after pill and although he’s not on board with it, he let’s Sally continue on with the program.

Later in the day he finds Craig sitting in the Webster living room with Rosie on his lap and tells him to hit the road. Craig leaves, but not before making a final appeal – telling him that he understands that Kev wants to protect Rosie because so does he. In a smart move he let’s Kev know that he loves her and wants to make sure she’s okay.

Kev seems to bend a little with regards to Craig as neither guy agrees with Sal’s latest tactics of forcing pills down Rosie’s throat. Kev tells Craig not to come around again until he says it’s okay….which is considerably better than ‘stay away from me daughter forever.’

Later at the garage, Hyacinth – I mean Sally, comes by to instruct Kevin on the best way to deal with Craig. She tells him go hard-line with regards to keeping them apart so that Craig will get bored and bother someone else’s child.

Richard, I mean Kev, says, ‘Yes, dear.’

Oh, in addition, Sally apologizes to Gayle and says that she’s just upset that Rosie is involved with someone who comes from a home where murder has occurred. The insult was not lost on Gayle.

Come on Babies, Let’s Make It Legal
Dev continues to phone Sunita to offer help and she continues to refuse and tells him to leave the heck alone. Dev is undeterred and even tries to get Violet to call up and see if everything is okay – this backfires when Sunita sees the mobile number as Dev’s and has a screaming fit on the other end.

She does relent a bit by letting Dev do a bit of shopping for the twins and he is in such a good mood that he allows Amber to watch the store while he is away. There is a nice bit of Alahan/Shopkeeper bonding between them.

Meanwhile, Steve warns Dev that he needs to make sure the babies are registered with him as the father in order to avoid any messy legal problems. Dev is able to get the twins registered all without Sunita having to be involved. (Glacia thinks it’s ODD that the mum doesn’t have to sign the registration form.)

I Hate Leanne
Sorry, I’ve never been a fan of Leanne’s but I’m really starting to hate her.

Leanne is bugging Danny to make sure Mike changes the will to have Danny as sole heir and even wants him to escort him to the solicitors. Danny tells her that he very well can walk him to the lawyers and that Mike is on his way anyway.

On his way to the top of the factory. Leanne calls Danny when she sees Mike standing on top of the factory roof – looking for the store room that somehow has gone missing.

Danny gets him down and reminds him that he is to be at the solicitors at which point Leanne jumps in to suggest that Danny ‘chauffer’ him there. Mike agrees and even invites Danny into the meeting where he gets the lawyer to assure him that the new will will be iron clad and that Adam can’t challenge it.

(Again, Glacia thinks this is odd. I’m pretty sure that once it is public that Mike is suffering from Alzheimers, Adam can contest that he was not of sound mind when he wrote the new will.)

Danny goes back to the office full of guilt, especially since Mike spent a good portion of the meeting bragging how Danny was the only one who hasn’t betrayed him. When Leanne comes in to rub her hands together in evil joy, Danny accuses her of having no conscience what so ever. He says that they’ve taken advantage of a weak old man.

An insulted Leanne dumps him on the spot, but they are soon reunited when Danny makes up with her in the Rovers. She says they are well matched because they’re just so gosh darn evil together.

Again, I hate Leanne.

Drive By Shooting
Maria is insistent on NOT having her pic in the Gazette again. This is a problem for Tyrone as they need a pic of the two of them together to go to the next round.

Nathan and Tyrone plan a drive by photo shoot and when Maria answers her door, Tyrone wraps his arm around her shoulders and says cheese while Tyrone takes a pic.

There’s also some story line about Tyrone wanting to buy an old chip van that’s in the shop, but I’m not quite sure what’s going on with that.

And Finally,
Jamie has asked Violet out on a date.

Also, Sean came out of the closet. (aaaaaaah, I’m messing with you. A little ‘National Coming Out’ day humour.)


John said...

I have to say that Craig's being terribly mature about the whole thing. I guess going through what he's gone through will do that sometimes.

I agree with the doctor at the clinic, though, put her on Alesse and be done with it.

missusmac said...

Love the reference to Hyacinthe. I'm not sure what century, what street, what social class Sally believes she belongs to.

After all, she helped steal from Mike years ago. She was lucky she didnt' land in jail.