Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Latest Update EVAH!!!

David / Phil Smackdown
So David is CONSIDERABLY better behaved today – at least to mom and Sarah. We see him chatting with Martin but not mentioning the Phil situation. Methinks the boy realizes that his credibility has been shot.

Later when Phil comes to the house and finds David there, he tries to make amends, but David tells him to no deal. Phil reminds David that he’s ‘not going anywhere’. David responds with, ‘Neither am I, mate.’

Amber Alert, man.
Amber, Dev’s albatrose, is hanging around, yeah, and keeps trying to get him and Sunita back together, man. She makes sure that the store is filled to the brim when she starts talking to her baby brother/sister in Sunita’s tummy. She then announces that she is the child Dev likes to ignore.


We also find out that Shel is going to be Sunita’s coach during the birthing process, even though Sunita and as the coach, she has arranged a quickie shower for our favorite mom-to-be.

Deidre, Frankie, Betty and Violet all gather to give Sunita a pamper hamper full of smellies (WHERE are one of those big blue pyramids that were floating around at Christmas?). Sunita thanks them and says they might have to help her because she can no longer reach her feet.


Metrosexual Free Zone
Tyrone asks Nathan for something with which to scratch his itchy back and when Nathan finds out about the waxing, he shows Tyrone his own hairless waxed chest. They are comparing and touching one another when Kev comes along and tells them that he prefers his mechanics hairy and preferably knuckle dragging.

Wait until he finds out that Maria wants to do Tyrone’s ear hairs next.

Meanwhile, the photographer from the Gazette magazine is at the garage because Tyrone is one of the finalist in the ‘Surprise the Bride’ contest. He seems a little disappointed that Nathan isn’t the bride to be, but takes photos of our Tyrone regardless.

Tyrone is worried that he won’t look as good as Maria in the photo spread, but Molly comforts him with the Wisdom of Diggory, ‘No one wants a cake that’s all icing.’.

Sorry, How Many Rings Were There Again?
Mike is on the phone with his credit card arguing about the charge for the second ring. He knows he bought a diamond ring (which he thinks he gave to Danny) but doesn’t remember the sapphire ring.

When he gets off the phone he finds the diamond ring in the desk drawer. Danny comes in and Mike tells him to be more careful with the ring he gave him. Danny says, ‘What are you talking about, I gave that ring to Leanne.’

An awkward moment ensues as Mike is stressed about forgetting he bought a second ring and Danny is stressed about letting Mike know he made a mistake.

Later in the pub, Penny and Frankie are having a chin wag and Frankie convinces Penny to approach Mike again after he refuses to sit with them. When Penny gets up to Mike and says, ‘You don’t really believe that story, do you?’ – she realizes that he doesn’t remember the Penny/Adam accusations.

She asks him if he remembers and tells him that he really needs help, but this just makes him angrier and tells her to hit the road.

In Other News
Leanne sold the ring Jamie gave her, even though Janice told her she should give it back.

Keef asks Audrey to go to the pub with her.

Nathan makes goo goo eyes at Frankie

Sarah continues to wear the rabbit jacket of death.

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