Wednesday, October 25, 2006

John Savident

I have taken screen shots of John Savident in other progs.

The First pic is him in a comedy called Two In Clover 1970.

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The Second pic is of him in another comedy called Yes Minister 1980.

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The final pic of him in a Doctor who: The Visitation 1982.

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John said...

Wow. Did he ever have any hair?

Tinyvi said...

Only the fake hair in Doctor Who, if that counts.

Rob Swizzle said...

He also has a small role in Clockwork Orange, as one of the group who conspire to punish Alex.

JillyVH said...

Does anyone remember Fred as an auctioneer in Hudson Hawk? He's freaking head exPLODed! It's a hoot with frame-by-frame!

Heather said...

I also saw him recently in Remains of the Day - and here's a great list of all his performances:

The very last one is for the Good Sex Guide, Episode 2.5 - I'm sure it's a must see for Fred Elliott, I say, Fred Elliott...