Monday, October 23, 2006

A Horribly Late Friday Update

I swear I didn’t forget. First moment I’ve had since Friday. And my PVR tells me that the new episode is starting in five minutes, so I’d better get my ass in gear! This is going to be as quick and sloppy as one of Dev’s kisses….

It’s morning. Audrey finds David yelling at his mom that he didn’t do it. The glass in the back door somehow got cracked and Gail was only asking if he knew anything about it. David storms off, flowers wilting and dogs howling as he passes by (okay, not really). Gail doesn’t remember being like this as a teenager and Audrey says she is doing a good job (Audrey lies!) and that David will grow out of it.

Meanwhile, Dev buzzes Sunita’s flat, he has something for the babies. She lets him in, looking like she hasn’t slept in a month. He’s bought the babies a toy and Sunita says she doesn’t want it and throws him out. Dev’s getting too close and Sunita’s freaking out. Later, she tells Shelley how tired she is and how she screwed up by choosing Dev over her parents. Shelley gives Dev hell in the pub. He says he’s already torturing himself quite enough, thank you very much.

Betty’s looking all dolled up at the butcher’s! Fred laments that he didn’t do more to woo Bev, but that he never knows whether doing something is worse than doing nothing, especially in his case. You gotta feel sorry for the guy! Luckily, Ashley distracts him by almost severing off his finger. At the hospital, Fred goes out for a smoke only to witness the arrival by ambulance of his former Asian bride, Orchid, a.k.a. Stacey Hilton. She’s a bloody mess (as in, covered in blood). He tries to get information out of the nurse but since he’s not family, he has to telephone later and pretend to be her uncle. He decides to keep all of this from Ashley.

Audrey takes David to Roy’s Rolls where she orders him to cut his mom some slack. David thinks he and Sarah come second to Phil. Audrey points out that Gail’s entitled to some happiness. David calls it selfishness and Audrey says that sure, Gail is entitled to a little bit of selfishness. Audrey! You walked right into his trap! Sure enough, David goes and tells Gail that Audrey called her selfish. It’s meant to distract Gail from the fact that he’s cutting class.

You’ve endured the Platt’s, now for some levity. Hayley enters Roy’s Rolls in time to see her husband dive under the counter. He’s hiding from her because he doesn’t want to go to the reunion. But too bad – Hayley’s not letting him get out of it. So, wearing his best suit, Roy pins on his name tag, takes a deep breath and enters the school… and into an empty room, save for the lone party planner Clifford, a table full of chips and some 70s music. Poor Roy is the only one who shows up. Clifford tries desperately to spark a kinship between them. He invites himself to the café. Roy is clearly uncomfortable in Clifford’s awkward company.

Over at the Salon, Maria tortures poor Tyrone to make him worthy of being photographed. She manages to insult him six ways from Sunday. He’s too blokey. He has piggy eyes. He has crap hair. Maria meets the rookie journalist at the pub and is fondling his hair (in her capacity as a professional stylist) when Tyrone rushes in, covered in grease and apologizes (“I was under a trannie”). The journalist starts the interview and a few things become very clear – Maria has plans for Tyrone’s future and it includes his own garage, not a chippy van. “Do you feel loved?” the journalist asks. Tyrone says yes, but his eyes say no.

In Sunita’s flat, Dev comes bearing food and apologies. Sunita is tired and beaten. Dev comments on the blessed silence and Sunita says flatly, “I smothered them.” He laughs because he knows she’d never do such a thing. Sunita says wryly that it must be nice to know someone that well. The twins start up and Sunita gives in. She needs to eat and sleep and Dev will simply have to do.

Later, the babies are sleeping and Sunita, drunk on sleep and nourishment and possibly shower fumes, has a moment of weakness. Dev is solid, strong and comforting. She is weak, tired and in need of comfort. The episode ends with a kiss. Will Dev and Sunita get back together?


papasmurf said...

I was under a trannie.

Nothing like a good double entendre

missusmac said...

Thank you for posting. Don't care when it arrives, just keep posting. I always enjoy the updates.