Saturday, October 21, 2006

From Black and White to Color.

From Black and White to Color or as we spell it in the UK (Colour).

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papasmurf said...

We spell it 'colour' as well here in Canada.

Not everyone on this side of the Atlantic is a philistine.

Just our neighbours to the south.

Or is that neighbor?

Anonymous said...

Don't start a Canuck vs USA!

You and the Brits can keep your "U"

actually I love both countries...:))

The color to b/w photo and the blinking hurts my!

Jacqueline said...

Corrie brings together all the people of the world, US, Canada and Brits - it unites and makes as a strong force.

Now, let's talk about those Belgian jerks!

GoBetty said...

Ya and those a-holes in Iceland.

GoBetty said...

BTW - kidding completely.