Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Friday the 13th Update

Royston, a.k.a. Roy, pours over his latest appearance in the tabloids, a.k.a. alumni newsletter. He wants to disregard it but Hayley gets her hands on it and reads that he’s been chosen as Alumnus of the Month for his now famous restaurant. Hayley is over the moon and Roy’s as consternated as ever. The only guy who was more bullied than he at school wrote the article. Roy doesn’t need daily reminding of the horrible experience.

Ed is fixing Emily’s exterior windows when Eileen comes by. Emily, that little matchmaking minx, sees the sparks and invites Eileen out to the pub later. After Eileen leaves, Ed starts getting nerves and we finally learn his deal. He was in prison. He was serving time for something he did as a young guy and he’s just been released. At least it saved him with the Christianity ‘n all, he says. Emily says she’s surprised rather than shocked and forgets to ask what Ed did to get himself incarcerated for a couple of decades. Instead, she reassures Ed that Eileen is probably the least judgmental person on the whole street (Unless your last name is Platt. Emily didn’t say it but I bet she was thinking it).

Speaking of the Platt’s, Jason’s over there doing a poor job of explaining to Sarah and a Platt audience why he was so upset over Jaime dating Violet. Everyone can tell his heart’s not in it, even Sarah. And sure enough, Jason proves he is after Violet, cornering her behind the Rovers to tell her he thinks they should give it another try. His eyes are at their biggest and most puppy dog, but Violet sends him off. Back in the bar, Sarah stops glaring at Violet long enough to text Jason that she’s ready to hear his apology when he’s ready to give it.

There is a brief a glimmer of hope as Phil and David join forces to make fun of Gail. She feigns injury, but she and Phil exchange meaningful glances. “Don’t burst the bubble!” Trevor yells at the TV. “Phil should just leave it at that,” I agree. Unfortunately they never listen to us. Phil thinks he just got the green light to talk feelings with David, which sends David right back to the Dark Side. When Phil’s not looking, David purposely slams the car hatch down on his fingers. Phil and Gail immediately assume it’s an accident, but we all know the Devil himself has arrived on Coronation Street. That David is a cold mo’fo.

Violet finds Jason at the yard, meaning to have a talk with him. She’s just accepted another date with Jaime and she needs Jason to stop being a psycho. She barely says a word when suddenly he’s down on one knee proposing marriage. Violet looks shocked and credits role. Of course it’s a cliff hanger! Didn’t we just have one of these? Oh right, when Penny turned Mike down. Better luck, Jason. Somehow I don’t think it’s going to work out for you, either.


papasmurf said...

David is indeed evil.

Jason is a pillock as they say.

Anonymous said...

I knew David was planning revenge on Phil.


Maude_Lynn said...

Phil just didn't know when to quit. Surely he can't actually believe that it was an accident? I mean, c'mon!

missusmac said...

David did look a little scared after it happened. Surprised himself I guess.

I also wonder what Ed did to put himself in jail for 20 years or more?

He did it when he was young, and he's not long out of prison... must be something bigger than covering up that your daughter has killed your husband, but slightly smaller than killing Ashleys' wife and bopping Emily on the head.

papasmurf said...

To get 20 years in the British prison system you would have to be a very, very bad boy.

Wipe out a village, kill an heir to the throne, that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

There was no mention of Dev and Sunita in this re-cap, so perhaps I've gotten my episodes confused. However, the last time they were together, did anyone else notice how mezmerised Dev seemed to be with Sunita's chestal area? He had a very hard time looking at her face! I hope they get back together tho.

cloudberry said...

Would Ed be old enough to have been in on the wages snatch and Ernest's murder at Mike's factory? I don't remember how long ago that was.

Anonymous said...

The killing of Ernest happened in January, 1978, so if it was Ed who killed him and he got 20 years for that, that would make his release 1998. Ed looks old enough now to have killed Ernest when he was around 20 years old, but his time in prison doesn't add up, but then again this is a soap so anything's possible.