Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Flaming Bet!

The lovely Glenda of Corrie Blog and Flaming Nora has three SIGNED copies of Julie Goodyears autobiography!

She has annouced that she is planning a contest tommorow so that three lucky, lucky readers will have the chance to win one of these babies.

Glacia's eyes glaze over at the thought of having a copy of her beehive-ness's bio.

I'll post the link to her contest tommorow or you can check at Corrie Blog .

Note: Use a great deal of caution when walking aorund her blog as she updates from the UK and there are spoilers. The links I've provided should take you directly to the Bet contest so you won't see anything you shouldn't.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Well I've entered even though they say they can't ship to Canada but I've offered to pay for shipping or give them a UK addy of a friend. If I win I know what might end up in a certain person's stocking...