Monday, October 09, 2006

Fine Dining Update

french waiter

Dressing Drink
Carol receives a call from Jamie telling her that he is coming home from Spain that day.

Frankie hears the tale end of the conversation where Carol is saying, ‘Okay babe, I love you too.’ When Frankie asks who was on the phone, Carol tells her it was a telemarketer.

Frankie, suspicious of Carol’s intimate relationship with the someone who schlocks time share vacation spots over the phone, calls Jamie herself and finds out that he did call Carol and that he is coming home.

Frankie confronts Carol about her lying and Carol responds by saying that she’s trying to protect Jamie from her because she can see that Frankie is romantically interested in him.

Jamie gets home and figures out that something is amiss so he talks to Frankie alone about Carol’s accusations. He also admits to Frankie that he might fancy her. (Hello!)Frankie brushes that off as just crazy talk but they both decide something needs to be done about Carol.

When they get home, Danny packs her stuff and tosses her out on the street. A lot of crying and begging ensues on her part and he tells her that he never wants to see her again and that he wishes he had never found her and slams the door on her.

Then a lot of crying happens on both sides of the door.

2 of 1 Appetizer Special
Jan 31, 2006 - With the help of Dev as birthing coach, Sunita gives birth to Aadi and Asha Alahan. Aadi means ‘First’ and ‘Asha’ means ‘Hope’.

Well, those kids are gonna need a lot of hope because mom tells dad, ‘Thanks for the birthin’ help but that’s it - you’re out of these kids life forever.’

Dev is furious and calls Sunita an ungrateful cow after he was willing to take her back. (After he what? Did I miss that part where he offered to take her back? Cause I was thinking it all came down to her taking him back.)

Anyway, Sunita is pretty resolute in being a single parent even after Betty and Violet suggest she might want to reconsider not having him in her life with two babies. (Glacia thinks back to that big ass house again – hmmm, yeah, how bad could it be?)

Tip for Dev. If you want to win back Sunita, don’t call her a cow. Oh yeah, it may have been a sweet gesture to take Amber with you to the hospital when she asked to see her brother and sister, man. You could prove to Sunita that you are being a MAN about your earlier children and including them in your life.

May I Suggest Some Nice Fig Leaves Stuffed with Carrion?
There was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much gold with this next story line. I was trying to capture most of it, but I don’t know…not since the geriatric speed dating have I heard so many great lines.

So Emily Saunders is giving an art show at the Weatherfield Gallery and Vera receives the invite in the mail as her and Jack will be the featured portrait of the event. She goes to the Rovers to brag about the show ‘Carrion Wake’ and Blanche pipes up, ‘Carry On Wake? I must have missed that one.’

When Vera sets her straight, Blanche makes fun of her and says there’s no way the Duckworths would be a subject of art. Vera then tells her to come to the show to see, and while she’s at it, bring everyone with her. (If you are really still you can hear the foreshadowed Duckworth embarrassment stepping up behind you.)

Blanche makes it to the show accompanied by Ken, Deidre and Norris. Also in attendance are the Duckworths of course and Roy.

They enter the gallery to be greeted by the sounds of a tuna canning factory in Norway. Everyone’s got a different opinion about the show which focuses around condemned meat. Blanche has already expressed her preference for the works of Rolf Harris and Ken just thinks it’s ‘tripe’.

Roy is a fan and Emily explains that she wanted to blend the concept of ideal consumerism with the harsh reality of industry and what better way of doing so than by displaying 12 scrambled egg on a bed of money! You know, I recently pulled out some 12 year old radishes out of my fridge, I should have taken a pic.

Actually, I’m kind of intrigued by her work here. I know Ken thinks there’s a lack of real artistic talent and that she relies to heavily on shock value, but I am of the school of thought that art is supposed to shock a bit and get people talking. But that’s just me.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until today to see the big unveiling of the Duckworths. I’m sure it will not be a disappointment. e make it with a pan or a griddle

A Bit of Holy Frijole?
Ed and Eileen are getting chatting and friendly in the Rovers. All goes well until Roy and Ed have a theological debate about the existence of God. Eileen feels a bit uncomfortable and excuses herself.

Later, Ed and her have a talk and he asks her if there’s an issue with him being a Christian and she says a bit because she’s not religious. He says does that exclude them being friends and she she replies that she has all the ‘friends’ she needs thank you very much. Then he responds that he can’t be her ‘special’ friend right now anyway.

Okay, WHAT the hell is going on with this guy? Sometimes he seems to be okay, but then he’s got that evil haircut. What do you think? A force for good or evil?

BTW – as John mentioned before, I do like the writers portray Emily and her church going friends. They are just spiritual people, not out to convert the world – even though you can see how nervous peeps get around them a bit. Glacia can relate.

Naaaah, You Want Some Lobster, Don’t Ya Mate?
Danny gets a letter from Frankie’s solicitor telling him that she wants half of everything he has. Danny is more than happy to hand over that amount to his ex-wife, but Lady MacBeth, er, Leanne doesn’t think that’s fair.

As mentioned earlier, she explains to him that the world is his lobster and that he should just grab the brass bling.

Meanwhile, Mike is back at the factory wondering why Adam didn’t come home that night. Danny reminds him that he tossed Adam out on his kilt and he went back to Scotland. Mike does a classic, ‘Iknewthat!’ bluff by saying that Adam was supposed to come down for a visit.

Now Danny is worried that Mike is going to get so confused that he brings everyone back into the fold. He plans to get Mike to change the will before any reconciliations happen.


(BTW – I dreamt last night that I got Mike and Penny back together. Weird, eh?)

Ou Chaud Chien?
Molly has been working with Ken to become master of his domain…aka the Alpha Male of the house. With her help, they’ve been able to get Eckles to come on command, sit, beg, roll over, etc.

Ken is so happy that he takes off the wee leather muzzle that they have on Eckles. But no sooner do he remove it than Eckles takes a bit out of his ankle.

And Maybe Some Tart for Dessert?
Craig and Rosie WISELY decide to get it on at her place while mom and dad are at work. This goes extremely well right up to the point where Sally comes home early for lunch and finds them in various stages of undress.

Craig once again announces that they can’t be kept apart and they’ve done nothing to be ashamed of. Sally tosses him out of the house and has a big cry scream fest with Rosie.

Sally goes on about how Rosie is destroying the future that her and Kev are working so hard to provide for her. Rosie is sorry about hurting Sally, but says she loves Craig.

Sally responds, ‘You stupid girl, that’s not love – but this is.’ Then Sally hauls her kicking and screaming to the healthy clinic.

To do what? Get her fitted with a chasity belt or get her some birth control pills?

Here, Have A Bit of Wedding Cake
Tyrone has gone to the next round of contestants in the Surprise the Bride contest and he and Maria’s face are splattered all over the papers.

He is very happy about it, but Marie…well, she’s not so happy. Turns out she didn’t want her face in the paper like that.

But they won a wedding cake!


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John said...

I don't think Sunita is going to be very successful in keeping Dev away from the kids. He could easily challenge her for custodial rights or even visitation. He has the desire and the means to care for them, no court would deny him just because Sunita doesn't want him around. He may be a sexist pig and a liar, but it's not a reason to keep him away.

I like Amber, I hope she stays around for a while.

I thought Maria was a bit of a cow when she turned up her nose at the free cake the Weatherfield Gazette would have provided.