Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bye Bye Sunita Update

Oh where do we start, where do we start? Oh what the hell, let’s start with the big bang.

The Color Amber
Dev comes to take the twins off of Sunita’s hands I order to give her some much needed rest and for him to parade them around Weatherfield like big Daddy Warbucks – or summit. Audrey tells him that fatherhood suits him – aaaaaaaaaaaawkard. Dev says that it does now that he’s doing it properly.

Later when he drops the babies off, he notices she’s cleaned up and found a very convenient storage place for her clothes and dishes – large cardboard boxes labeled ‘VanLines’. He brings up the kiss and she tells him that it was all a mistake and that she was overtired when she kissed him. He does some groveling and tells her to think about moving into that big gorgeous house he has for them. She tells him she’ll think about it.

Exit Dev, enter Shelly who’s come to help Sunita pack up and move her stuff to Swinton with her parents. The girls have a nice chin wag and reminisce about all the good times they’ve had with Peter Barlow, Stubbzies, and Dev. Even though Shel doesn’t want her to leave, she understands and they do a triple swear blood oath that they will always, always, ALWAYS be friends.

Sunita’s brother comes to collect her and Dev catches them as they’re loading the kids up in the car. He begs and pleads and asks if she is really going to be happy under the thumb of her parents than with him. Sunita says that her parents will be a helluva a lot better as role models than Baby-Daddy Dev.

We see our girl drive into the night and Dev stands in the middle of the street crying. Who should appear but Amber.

Oh Dev, whatcha going do now? Blamed Amber as the source of your misfortune or look upon her as your chance at redemption?

It all made me think of Whoopie Goldberg holding a knife to Danny Glover saying,
‘Until you do right by me everything you think about is gonna crumble!’

But I guess that’s it for our Sunita, which is a shame. Why couldn’t they have her go off happy? Why does she still have to have such misery?

Speaking of Baby-Daddys…Maria’s badgering of poor Tyrone has got him believing that he’s ugly. It takes a wise Vera to tell him that he’s gorgeous and not to let anyone tell him different.

Later at the garage she brings him some eccles cakes and has to just remind him that only freaks like eccles cakes. Immediately she feels bad and apologizes and explains that she’s not really herself lately because she is LATE.

And when I say 'late', I don’t mean she is tardy for work, I mean that she might have little eccles cake in the oven.

Daddy Warbucks
Rita and Fred go down to the hospital to find Stacey only to find out that she’s no longer at the hospital. Fred tries to find out if a man picked her up, but Nursey McNurse says that would be a breech of patient confidentiality.

Later on the street, Stacey finds Fred herself and the first think out of her mouth is, “I need money.’ Notice, she doesn’t ask him for help in general, just money so that she can get out of town but quick.

Fred won’t give her money, but he will find her safe lodging. That being Rita’s flat of course. Rita is MORE than hesitant and initially tells Fred no, but he breaks her down and abaracadabra Rita’s got a lodger.

Hmmm…Rita has a right to be hesitant.

Two words

Jenny Bradley.

Who’s Your Daddy? Not Ed Apparently
Eileen and Ed getting along - but girlfriend wants some sugar – some sweet Christian sugar.

Ed is still being the uber-gentleman which leaves Eileen to gripe to Liz about the lack of ‘funky’ in her life.


Rob Swizzle said...

With the "Dreary Little Drudge" gone, maybe crazy Maja will return on day parole.

Jacqueline said...

Dreary Little Drudge....Glacia giggles behind her vodka.