Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Flaming Bet!

The lovely Glenda of Corrie Blog and Flaming Nora has three SIGNED copies of Julie Goodyears autobiography!

She has annouced that she is planning a contest tommorow so that three lucky, lucky readers will have the chance to win one of these babies.

Glacia's eyes glaze over at the thought of having a copy of her beehive-ness's bio.

I'll post the link to her contest tommorow or you can check at Corrie Blog .

Note: Use a great deal of caution when walking aorund her blog as she updates from the UK and there are spoilers. The links I've provided should take you directly to the Bet contest so you won't see anything you shouldn't.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

If Eileen's paramour and ex-con Ed looks familiar, that's because the actor has been on the cobbles before. In 1997 Chris Walker played Ray Thorpe with whom Tricia Armstrong left for a new life elsewhere.

The photo was found at Avenues and Alleyways, an excellent Scotland-based blog with lots of Corrie news and old photos. Have a look if you like but be warned: there is a spoiler there revealing Ed's identity.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Update for Episode 6223 October 30, 2006

Tracey finds herself a charming new flatmate to have a cuppa with.

Ty and Molly

The future take-away tycoon and his muse sit in The Rovers sampling different types of gourmet buns for future use in their fleet of chippie trucks. Molly seems quite enamored with Ty. Ty seems quite enamored with the selection of buns. Violet seems less than enamored with the two of them eating outside food that they have brought into the pub.

Tyrone is quite excited about the future of the fast food enterprise. Molly is being very supportive of his ambitions, and seems to be working under the assumption that the two of them will drive happily off into the sunset together in the restored chip van. Tyrone quickly puts this notion to rest when he tells her that 'women are a distraction' and if he is to be successful at his new venture he needs to focus on the job - for a few years at least.

Molly looks crestfallen when she hears this.

Sarah and Violet

Maria is doing some hair highlights for Violet and Frankie in the salon. (as if Frankie needs any improving) They chat about life and love as women are wont to do in a hair salon. (or so I have been told) Sarah twitters on in the background about how her and Jason are going on a holiday to Mallorca or Malaga or Minorca - somewhere that starts with M. Violet snaps at her. Maria restores calm to the situation.

Maria and the Reporter

Later we find Maria out for a drink and a bite of pizza with the ex-husband of Jacqueline. (aka creepy reporter boy) He asks all sorts of inappropriate prying questions while Maria pounds back the wine. She answers the questions as best she can but seems to be putting on a brave face on her having been given the pink slip by Tyrone. Reporter boy seems to be bad news if you ask me.

Ed and Eileen

Ed pops by Number 11 to see if Eileen is up for going for a drink. He gives her a peck on the cheek. Eileen comments on how much she appreciates the gesture, especially since they have decided to avoid the naughty stuff. Although she has already made plans for a girls night out she decides that she can go for one before the festivities begin. On the way to The Rovers however they run into Rita (in her moment of need) and Ed volunteers to fix her broken doorbell. A night in shining armour is our Ed. (please note the spelling of armour TinyVi - haha)

Jamie and Frankie

Jamie comes home and notices that Frankie (who looks fantastic) has had her hair done. She is quite happy that he noticed, since most men are neanderthals who don't pay attention to things like a new hairstyle, which is the main reason why people get divorced. Well that and the whole adultery problem.

Tracey and Beelzebub

Tracey tells her family about her new plan to move in with the human sneer. (aka Charlie Stubbs) Deirdre looks flabbergasted. Blanche asks if Tracey has got a brain. Even Eccles the dog is so upset she bites Ken on the leg. Well, she probably would have done that anyways. Still, the family is quite upset. Has Tracey really thought this through completely? What about young Amy?

Tracey responds by going through the history with Peter Barlow and Shelley Unwin and Charlie Stubbs and - when you think about it it all seems a bit incestuous. In spite of all the history, Tracey is adamant that she is making the right choice.

Having packed her bags she shows up on the doorstep of the local builders ratty little flat. Charlie seems a bit taken aback when he sees Tracey on his doorstep with suitcases in hand but recovers his composure soon enough. He seems very surprised when he is introduced to Amy, who it seems will also be sharing the flat with them. Wonder what Steve will think about this new arrangement.

Frankie and Eileen and Liz and Deirdre

The girls are out for a night of chin wag and cavorting. After a few glasses of wine they become quite animated and capture the attention of the resident lounge lizard. He asks them what they are all celebrating that evening. They tell him that Deirdre is freshly divorced. He slithers over next to Deirdre and tries out some of his best material. She gives a him good snog - and then tells him that she is actually happily married. He mutters menacingly under his breath and slinks back to his table.

Rita and Fred and Stacy/Orchid

Rita is still quite upset about the break-in (understandably so) and reads the riot act to Fred the spineless wonder and his sidekick, self centered Stacy/Orchid. The Thai bride bleats out the same refrain about how scared she is and how she doesn't know what to do and how she can't go the the police.

At the end of her tether, Rita has an emotional breakdown whilst talking with Emily. (who is a rock if you ask me) The whole sequence of events surrounding the break-in has reminded Rita of all sorts of unpleasant things that happened to her in the past. Emily tracks Fred down in The Rovers and tells him to grow a pair - so to speak. Fred seems to be truly sorry but at his wits end about what he can do to make things right.

Later in Number 4 Fred and Stacy/Orchid are having their tea. She gives Fred the hard sell about how she really cares for him and how she respects him and how this time it could be different and how she could give him what he really wants. Fred has finally had enough and tells her 'you could con the devil himself - you're still the nasty piece of work you always were'. Stacy/Orchid pleads with Fred but he tells her that after tonight she is out on her own - and she is lucky to have one last night under his roof.

Thursday/Friday Update

Rita ‘Misdemeanor’ Sullivan

Norris is on the gossip band wagon with regards to our Rita; he’s telling all and sundry that she might be losing her mind. Why? Because he can hear her talking to herself and playing hip hop music – which is a sharp departure from Vera Lynn’s greatest hits.

Audrey enters the shop and the rumour swings over the ‘Rita and Fred sitting in a tree….’ Theory and that possible Fred stayed overnight at Rita’s and to celebrate their tryst the next morning they decided to celebrate with some funky fresh dressed pussycat singing, ‘Get Yo’ Freak On’.

Or MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYBEEE it’s just Stacey blasting music whilst vacumming Rita’s flat. Stacey is frightened to leave this sactuary, but Rita finally convinces her that they can sneak away and get some ‘outdoor’ time.

Unfortunately, when they come back, Rita’s place has been ransacked and all her things broken and smashed. This is the work of Stewart (the yob who beat up Stacey in the first place.). The women go to Fred’s where Stacey asks if they can just not report the whole thing. She’s worried that if the police know about her, they’ll find out about her grifting. Fred asks Rita to omit information about Stacey to the police, but Rita is unwilling to do so.

When the police do come to talk to Rita, she decides NOT to tell them about Stacey/Violet. Stacey is happy, but both Fred and Rita convince her to go down to the cop shop with them and tell them the whole story. All is fine until Rita talks to the police, leaving Fred and Stacey alone in the waiting room. They talk about what will happen with the police report and this causes Stacey to panics and run away.

Tyrone aka ‘Meatloaf’
Maria is blue about Tyrone breaking up with her, but both Audrey and Fizz say that she’s not upset about losing Tyrone, she’s upset that he broke up with her.

He finds her in the pub very sad and goes to talk to her about why he needed to break up with her. She doesn’t understand until he asks her point blank if she loves him. It appears that she wants him, she needs him, but there ain’t no way she’s ever gonna love him and well, turns out that 2 out of 3 IS bad.

They are kaput, but Tyrone drowns his sorrows getting the chip truck up to snuff with Molly Malone right beside him. They enjoy the first burger made in the truck and Tyrone even gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Meanwhile, back at the salon, newspaper boy (who’s looking too much like my ex-husband, btw) comes calling to do a follow up piece on the surprise the bride. Maria tells him that her and Tyrone are splitsville. SURPRISE!

Jimmy Olsen asks if he can take her out to cheer her up and she accepts.

(Man, it’s like I can barely remember Tyrone and Maria as a couple.)

She’s Your Daughter, Man
Amber comes to the shop because she’s heard through her mom that Dev is stressed. She sees that he is not only stressed, but kind of stinky too so she offers to mind the shop while he bathes.

Even though he’s pissed that she called him mingy in front of the customers, he accepts the offer. Later, the two of them have a big heart-to-heart about his relationship with her and her mom and why he never took any interest in her life. Dev tries to squirm out of the conversation, but Amber presses on.

In the end, Dev asks Amber if she wants to come work with him and I think he’s beginning to see that she is important to him and that he better start making a relationship with this offspring.

There’s a New Kid in Town
I don’t want to hear it, there’s a new kid in town…

David spies a new gal, ‘Jo’ moving on to the street. David pets her dog and they have a few flirty moments and just for a second, you can see him all human like – weird.

You look in her eyes; the music begins to play
Hopeless romantics, here we go again

I Am Tracey, Hear Me Roar.
Tracey and Charlie are going through some kind of weird play for power. She keeps asking him to take her to the Clock and he keeps handing her groceries to cook. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand she keeps telling him that she doesn’t cook.

Somehow I don’t think there’s any higher feminist thinking behind her refusal to become a domestic drudge. Somehow meals find their way on to the table and Tracey asks Charlie where all his money goes if he’s not taking her out for dinner and he’s living in a dump for an apartment.

He says that the flat is fine for him, but if he had someone to live with he’d trade up. He then asks Tracey with her non-cooking platform to move in with him. She very excitedly accepts the offer.

I see one small diapered, pig tail wearing problem with this arrangement.

Clifford the Big Red Freak
Clifford, the Classmates Stalker, bounces into the café and Roy is visibly nervous about the visit. Clifford acts strange, but when the real reason for his visit comes out, Roy is over the moon.

Turns out that Clifford is a model train enthusiast and he shows Roy the pics of his model train set that got broken up when his marriage broke up. He’s come to ask Roys’ help to build it up once again. Roy accepts, but when Haley hears about Clifford his hobby, she’s upset that Roy’s going dedicate so much time to ‘toys’.

I for one don’t believe that Clifford is a train enthusiast OR that he was married. I think it’s all a big song and dance to get Roy to hang out with him.

I’m also beginning to suspect that Clifford wrote the Richard Hillman card.

And Eileen….
Still can’t get laid.

She and Ed have a discussion and he says that he really likes her but he wants their relationship to be stronger before they get physical.

She reluctantly accepts her no-nooky status.

Kelly gets a call that they’ve captured the guy who robbed her and they have her wallet and other stuff at the station. Her and Lloyd go down to collect it, but on their way out they see Becky (the gal Kelly was in jail with) at the station, picked up on a shoplifting charge.

Kelly, feeling expansive, due to her good fortune decides to give Becky some money to help her out.

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Dear Corrie Canuck Readers

I know where you live, mate.

Locations of visitors to this page

Update - October 25 - When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best

(Stupid busy at the office. Sorry for the brief update.)

Sarah Was Just Sad He Didn't Put Any Money In It

It's Sarah-Lou's birthday and everyone is all gathered round to watch her open her cards. She picks up one card, thinking it's from Martin, and opens it:

To Sarah

I still think of you as my daughter. Weren't we a wonderful family until your mother insisted on spoiling everything?

Happy Birthday


Dun-dun-dunh!!! Everyone is shocked and appalled and the list of suspects suddenly goes from David to Violet to Phil to Eileen Grimshaw and then back to David. Gail asks him repeatedly if he did it or if he knows anything about it. David denies it, saying why would he do such a thing, given what Richard Hillman did to their family?

When You're In Love with a Beautiful Woman, You Better Dump Her Quick

Tyrone is still chuffed at the prospect of Maria being up the duff. She says she'll do a test later but warns him to keep the news under his hat. So Ty goes off and tells the guys at the garage. Nathan is disinterested but Kevin offer congratulations.

Later, Nathan suggests Ty must be happy to have Maria pregnant as it will keep her from running to another guy. He points out the wisdom in the song, 'When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman" (Thanks, Nathan. Now it's in my head.).

Later, Ty goes to see Maria in the salon where she tells him she got her period. Ty realises she didn't tell him for over an hour. He sees this as a sign she doesn't care. When they discuss this later in the Rover's, Maria says they're still young (she is 22, he is 24) and they're no rush so he shouldn't be all crushed about the non-pregnancy.

Later, Tyrone meets Maria to discuss their relationship further. He says he realises she and he don't belong together and ends things between them. Maria is crushed.

I think Maria is a bit flighty and doesn't know what she wants but she liked the security Tyrone offered. She probably felt that she would be the one to end things, eventually. She's more surprised than anything that Tyrone was the one with the maturity to realise it wasn't working out.

I Still Call Her Orchid, Too

Rita takes a day off work to babysit Stacey "Orchid" Hilton. Stacey seems genuinely remorseful over her actions and tells Rita the Thai bride scam was her only real crime in life. She says she feels she deserves to be where she is.

Rita says no woman deserves to be knocked about and tells her she can change her life and do something useful with it, like Rita herself did many yonks ago. When Fred returns, she tells him and Rita that she is humbled by their kindness.

It's funny. I know Stacey is from the area but when she speaks, I still hear the fake Miss Swan accent. Her injuries are obviously real and her meeting with Fred was by chance, but I smell another scam in there somewhere.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

On The buses Clips

I have got Permission to put some On Buses clips I put into Youtube.

The First one is called Brew it yourself 1970.

The second one is called Boxing day Social 1971.

The Third one is called No smoke without fire 1972

The final clip is of the opening to the First one in 1969.

Kenneth Farrington

I have taken a screen shot from corrie 1961 of Kenneth Farrington who is know in Emmerdale.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A pic from Emmerdale.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

John Savident

I have taken screen shots of John Savident in other progs.

The First pic is him in a comedy called Two In Clover 1970.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Second pic is of him in another comedy called Yes Minister 1980.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The final pic of him in a Doctor who: The Visitation 1982.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Bye Bye Sunita Update

Oh where do we start, where do we start? Oh what the hell, let’s start with the big bang.

The Color Amber
Dev comes to take the twins off of Sunita’s hands I order to give her some much needed rest and for him to parade them around Weatherfield like big Daddy Warbucks – or summit. Audrey tells him that fatherhood suits him – aaaaaaaaaaaawkard. Dev says that it does now that he’s doing it properly.

Later when he drops the babies off, he notices she’s cleaned up and found a very convenient storage place for her clothes and dishes – large cardboard boxes labeled ‘VanLines’. He brings up the kiss and she tells him that it was all a mistake and that she was overtired when she kissed him. He does some groveling and tells her to think about moving into that big gorgeous house he has for them. She tells him she’ll think about it.

Exit Dev, enter Shelly who’s come to help Sunita pack up and move her stuff to Swinton with her parents. The girls have a nice chin wag and reminisce about all the good times they’ve had with Peter Barlow, Stubbzies, and Dev. Even though Shel doesn’t want her to leave, she understands and they do a triple swear blood oath that they will always, always, ALWAYS be friends.

Sunita’s brother comes to collect her and Dev catches them as they’re loading the kids up in the car. He begs and pleads and asks if she is really going to be happy under the thumb of her parents than with him. Sunita says that her parents will be a helluva a lot better as role models than Baby-Daddy Dev.

We see our girl drive into the night and Dev stands in the middle of the street crying. Who should appear but Amber.

Oh Dev, whatcha going do now? Blamed Amber as the source of your misfortune or look upon her as your chance at redemption?

It all made me think of Whoopie Goldberg holding a knife to Danny Glover saying,
‘Until you do right by me everything you think about is gonna crumble!’

But I guess that’s it for our Sunita, which is a shame. Why couldn’t they have her go off happy? Why does she still have to have such misery?

Speaking of Baby-Daddys…Maria’s badgering of poor Tyrone has got him believing that he’s ugly. It takes a wise Vera to tell him that he’s gorgeous and not to let anyone tell him different.

Later at the garage she brings him some eccles cakes and has to just remind him that only freaks like eccles cakes. Immediately she feels bad and apologizes and explains that she’s not really herself lately because she is LATE.

And when I say 'late', I don’t mean she is tardy for work, I mean that she might have little eccles cake in the oven.

Daddy Warbucks
Rita and Fred go down to the hospital to find Stacey only to find out that she’s no longer at the hospital. Fred tries to find out if a man picked her up, but Nursey McNurse says that would be a breech of patient confidentiality.

Later on the street, Stacey finds Fred herself and the first think out of her mouth is, “I need money.’ Notice, she doesn’t ask him for help in general, just money so that she can get out of town but quick.

Fred won’t give her money, but he will find her safe lodging. That being Rita’s flat of course. Rita is MORE than hesitant and initially tells Fred no, but he breaks her down and abaracadabra Rita’s got a lodger.

Hmmm…Rita has a right to be hesitant.

Two words

Jenny Bradley.

Who’s Your Daddy? Not Ed Apparently
Eileen and Ed getting along - but girlfriend wants some sugar – some sweet Christian sugar.

Ed is still being the uber-gentleman which leaves Eileen to gripe to Liz about the lack of ‘funky’ in her life.

And the winner is....

Everyone who said it was Bet.

Julie Goodyear was a particpant in t.v. fakeovers in which she was transformed from 60 something ex-corrie star to 40-something Linda Hart.

BTW - I've heard through the grapevine that Julie is to appear in upcoming episodes of Hollyoaks. I believe we get that her on BBCK, but I have no idea how far behind we are in our episodes.

More Julie news - she's coming out with an autobiography and I for one will be ordering that baby the MINUTE it comes out. Visa card + Amazon.uk = Happy Glacia.

More Corrie Spotting

Thelma Barlow (aka Mavis Riley) will be appearing in the third season of Dr.Who and a 'baddie'. You can also catch her in 'Mrs. Henderson Presents' which I rented this weekend. It's a great film and not to be missed.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

On The Buses

I have taken a screen shot of Johnny Briggs in a British comedy called On The Buses 1972.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Guess the Corrie Star

Okay - here's a Corrie Star heavily disguised by the magic of makeup.

Any guesses?

Answer tommorow.


Dev's stellar performance as a drunk this week did not go unnoticed:

And "Stevie Boy!" is the new sensation that's sweeping the nation, as this video, entitled "Dev Alahan Day," will confirm:

2D TV.

I found very funny comedy clip from a programe called 2D TV.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Update for Episode # 6218 October 23, 2006

Devendra and Sunita - could they possibly get together again?

Ty and Molly

Ty and Molly have a discussion about the future of the portable chippy. It seems Maria is less than keen about the plan. Molly seems to think it is a great idea. Molly seems to think that Ty is a great guy. (Ty is a stand up bloke) It looks like something might develop between these two in the future.

Tracey and Ronny

Tracey stops in at Streetcars to tell Steve that he has to take Amy for the evening because she has made plans to do the horizontal limbo with Charlie. Ronny tells her that this isn't on, as they have already made plans to go clubbing with Lloyd and Kelly. The two women trade a few barbs. Steve stands by like the eunuch he is.

When Kelly and Lloyd (who seem to be happily together again) hear about clubbing they are quite excited to go. Steve still seems unsure about the plan, but Ronny tells him that they have to go clubbing or else Tracey will be quite upset. Steve explains that Tracey is unlike other mortals, and will not rest until her target is dead, or even better, humiliated.

Later in The Rovers Tracey finds Ronny and her eunuch having a quiet drink, and not out clubbing like they said they would be. Tracey is angered that she missed out on some sweet, sweet loving with the human sneer. Tracey and Ronny trade insults once again while Steve sits idly by.

Roy and Clifford

Roy and Clifford return from the worst school reunion in the history of the world. Clifford is quite impressed with Roys Rolls but is strangely obsessed with the font used for the signage. Roy promises to investigate this for him. They go in and meet Hayley who asks how the reunion was. Clifford responds that 'it was better than he expected it would be'. This seems to puzzle Roy somewhat. The three of them decide to go out for a libation or two.

Clifford gushes about great it is to go on a trip down memory lane with Roy, who tells him that particular road is often full of potholes. It turns out that Clifford has had no real contact with any of his classmates and all the newsletters were compiled through research and stalking. Clifford has had restraining orders and injunctions filed against him as well as some threats of physical violence. It turns out Clifford is profoundly alone in the world and the time spent with Roy and Hayley is the first positive experience he has had with a schoolmate in 25 years or so.

At this point I would have run screaming into the night. To their credit Roy and Hayley treat Clifford with an appropriate degree of respect and empathy. They wish him well and after the cab drives off Roy expresses a hope that Clifford might stay in touch.

Fred and Orchid

Fred is still sensitive about Bev running off to Romney Marsh with some bloke from the cruise ship. In his weakened emotional state he goes back to the hospital to visit Orchid, who he saw being admitted when he was at the A & E with Ashley. It turnsd out Orchid tried to con another man (as she did with Fred previously) so she could get enough money to move to London. He discovered what she was up to and beat her up, and then took all her material possessions. Fred is moved by the story, old softy that he is.

Later in The Rovers Fred makes up a story about a Traders Association meeting for Ashley to explain where he has been all afternoon. Rita mentions that she never heard about the meeting. Fred says a few nasty things to Rita. Soon after he takes Rita aside to apologize for his boorish behaviour and tell her what he is upset about. Rita, wise soul that she is, advises him to stay far away from Orchid.

Dev and Sunita

Sunita isn pondering geting back together with Dev, father of many daughters. Shel tells Sunita that she has a choice besides moving back with Dev or with her family. She has friends and a support network in place on Coronation Street. (Shel is nicely recovered from her relationship with satan - aka Charlie) Violet gives Sunita a hard time about even contemplating getting back together with Dev. (Violet seems to be projecting some of her own bad experiences onto Sunita here) Sunita talks about her duty to her family and to her vows. Violet asks about love in a marriage and how it is better than an arranged marriage. Sunita reponds that marrying for love means you only have farther to fall when things go wrong.

Later in The Rovers Dev comes in for a drink to give Sunita some 'space'. Violet tells him the best way for him to give Sunita some space would be for him to move to Mars. Dev then proceeds to get stinking drunk and painfully obnoxious. (what I will be doing at my local as soon as I am done typing here)

Sunita, after much inner debate and turmoil, realizes that Dev has no integrity and she cannot in good conscience go back to him. She decides for the sake of Asha and Aadi that she will move in with her family. This makes Jayesh (who appeared from nowhere) quite happy. She just wants to get away from Dev and not have him pursue her any longer.

A Horribly Late Friday Update

I swear I didn’t forget. First moment I’ve had since Friday. And my PVR tells me that the new episode is starting in five minutes, so I’d better get my ass in gear! This is going to be as quick and sloppy as one of Dev’s kisses….

It’s morning. Audrey finds David yelling at his mom that he didn’t do it. The glass in the back door somehow got cracked and Gail was only asking if he knew anything about it. David storms off, flowers wilting and dogs howling as he passes by (okay, not really). Gail doesn’t remember being like this as a teenager and Audrey says she is doing a good job (Audrey lies!) and that David will grow out of it.

Meanwhile, Dev buzzes Sunita’s flat, he has something for the babies. She lets him in, looking like she hasn’t slept in a month. He’s bought the babies a toy and Sunita says she doesn’t want it and throws him out. Dev’s getting too close and Sunita’s freaking out. Later, she tells Shelley how tired she is and how she screwed up by choosing Dev over her parents. Shelley gives Dev hell in the pub. He says he’s already torturing himself quite enough, thank you very much.

Betty’s looking all dolled up at the butcher’s! Fred laments that he didn’t do more to woo Bev, but that he never knows whether doing something is worse than doing nothing, especially in his case. You gotta feel sorry for the guy! Luckily, Ashley distracts him by almost severing off his finger. At the hospital, Fred goes out for a smoke only to witness the arrival by ambulance of his former Asian bride, Orchid, a.k.a. Stacey Hilton. She’s a bloody mess (as in, covered in blood). He tries to get information out of the nurse but since he’s not family, he has to telephone later and pretend to be her uncle. He decides to keep all of this from Ashley.

Audrey takes David to Roy’s Rolls where she orders him to cut his mom some slack. David thinks he and Sarah come second to Phil. Audrey points out that Gail’s entitled to some happiness. David calls it selfishness and Audrey says that sure, Gail is entitled to a little bit of selfishness. Audrey! You walked right into his trap! Sure enough, David goes and tells Gail that Audrey called her selfish. It’s meant to distract Gail from the fact that he’s cutting class.

You’ve endured the Platt’s, now for some levity. Hayley enters Roy’s Rolls in time to see her husband dive under the counter. He’s hiding from her because he doesn’t want to go to the reunion. But too bad – Hayley’s not letting him get out of it. So, wearing his best suit, Roy pins on his name tag, takes a deep breath and enters the school… and into an empty room, save for the lone party planner Clifford, a table full of chips and some 70s music. Poor Roy is the only one who shows up. Clifford tries desperately to spark a kinship between them. He invites himself to the café. Roy is clearly uncomfortable in Clifford’s awkward company.

Over at the Salon, Maria tortures poor Tyrone to make him worthy of being photographed. She manages to insult him six ways from Sunday. He’s too blokey. He has piggy eyes. He has crap hair. Maria meets the rookie journalist at the pub and is fondling his hair (in her capacity as a professional stylist) when Tyrone rushes in, covered in grease and apologizes (“I was under a trannie”). The journalist starts the interview and a few things become very clear – Maria has plans for Tyrone’s future and it includes his own garage, not a chippy van. “Do you feel loved?” the journalist asks. Tyrone says yes, but his eyes say no.

In Sunita’s flat, Dev comes bearing food and apologies. Sunita is tired and beaten. Dev comments on the blessed silence and Sunita says flatly, “I smothered them.” He laughs because he knows she’d never do such a thing. Sunita says wryly that it must be nice to know someone that well. The twins start up and Sunita gives in. She needs to eat and sleep and Dev will simply have to do.

Later, the babies are sleeping and Sunita, drunk on sleep and nourishment and possibly shower fumes, has a moment of weakness. Dev is solid, strong and comforting. She is weak, tired and in need of comfort. The episode ends with a kiss. Will Dev and Sunita get back together?

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From Black and White to Color.

From Black and White to Color or as we spell it in the UK (Colour).

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Coach Crash

I have taken screen shots from the Coach Crash, take a look at there faces on the bus.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Friday, October 20, 2006

Work is Killing Me Update

Sorry for the lateness, kids

First, I’ve Got 3 Docs Due for Nov 1.

Sally makes arrangements for Rosie to go on the ski trip that the Webster’s previously decided was too expensive for her to go on. Kev is pissed that Sally made these arrangements behind his back, but she feels justified in doing so because they have to do SOMETHING to keep her away from that trashy Craig.

Rosie is even more pissed as she can see through Sally’s suggestion that they’re sending her out of the goodness of their hearts. She tells Sal to jump in the lake and that she’s not going and she loves Craig and Sally and Kevin know nothing about love and that they are never, ever, ever, EVER going to break her and Craig up. (Teen storms off the set in angry goth huff.)

Later, when Craig and her are exchanging smooches, he tells her to go on the trip. That will make her parents see that they can’t keep them separate and that they’ve wasted their money on this trick.

Then, the Network was Down for Half the Day
Meanwhile, Audrey asks Keef if they can have a chat. He assumes that she’s getting tired of having her name drag through the mud with his family and the polis. He tells her that he won’t blame her if she wants to break up with him.

She tells him that she not embarrassed over the polis incident, she’s embarrassed by his paper route. She’s gone from Mayoress to paperboy’s girlfriend and it’s too much for her to handle.

Keef tells her she should find someone new.

(These two are never going to work out, are they?)

And the Notes I Got From Product Development? I Don’t Even Think They’re In English.
Liz is back from the cruise, but without our Bev. Why? Because she met some guy named Greg and has gone off to shack up with him instead of returning to Weatherfield.

Guess who gets to tell Fred?

Congrats, Shel!

And I Only Got 4 Hours of Sleep
Sunita is exhausted and tells Shelly that she can’t afford to pass up Dev’s offer to help parent the twins.

She is furious that he’s being all Mr. Nice Guy now after being such a jerk with his other kids.

And Forgodsake It’s Friday and I Just Want to Get Very Drunk
Gayle and Dr. Phil are enjoying some quality alone time when David comes home a bit early. Clearly upset and without his dinner, Gayle presses to know why he’s early and if everything is okay at Martin's.

David finally tells them that Martin and whateverthehellthatgirl’snamewas are having a baby. He then goes into a fit about how he just wants to be from a normal family. (Kid, you were born on Coronation Street – fat chance for a normal family.)

Later, Phil gets David to help out with cooking dinner and when everything seems to be going very smoothly, the issue of the slam on Phil’s hand comes up. David says it was no accident and Phil says he knows. Then he offers an olive branch by offering to tell Gayle that he threw David up against the wall.

David rejects this gesture and says, ‘I have even started on you.’

That kid gives me the creeps.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Separated at Birth

Deirdre Hunt-Langton-Barlow-Rachid-Barlow

And The Fifth Estate's Hanah Gartner.

The First scenes and other Classic

The Fisrt in side the Rovers Returns Pub. 1960

They don't make corrie like This any more. 1960

The Opening and Ident. 1974

Hlda Ogden loves to shout at people Elise Tanner alway gets shouted at. 1968

Poor old Elsie Tanner, she now has Annie Walker shouting at her. 1967

This is the first slanging match between Ena Sharples and Elisie Tanner. 1961

An argument with Ena and Elise. 1965

More Corrie

I have more classic Corrie clips.

I have edited 8 clips of Corrie from 1974, you will hear a sound each time a clip comes in, This means that it is not part of the same episode.

just for you.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Update - October 18, 2006 - Dog Eat Dog Edition

Like Two Dogs in Heat

Kevin and Sally arrive at t'Polis station to bring forth charges of an unlawful, albeit consensual, entry of an underage penis into their daughter. Kevin sees actual criminals being hauled in and looks like he's reconsidering.

They sit down with a D.C. who asks them about why they're there. Sally launches into her spiel about how Rosie and Craig are too young, don't know what they want, and it's all very illegal if this woman, who went through police training, knew anything about the law would know very well.

The D.C. informs her that she is aware of the law and says they will look into, including a talk with Craig's grandfather.

Later, the D.C. and her partner, D.C. Tall Guy, appear at Keith's door, informing him that a complaint has been made against Craig by the Websters. Inside, Keith explains it's been tough raising Craig and but informs them that Craig thinks the world of Rosie and given the life he's had, it's not such a bad thing. Just then, Craig and Rosie arrive and soon realise that the cops are there for those two.

As Rosie arrives back home, she's soon followed by Keith who confronts the Websters about their actions. Realising the polis are there, she asks D.C. Cute if she's going to arrest Craig. She tells Sally there is no cause to as both have committed a crime. Sally says Rosie is the victim but the constable counters that she sees no evidence of coercion or abuse and as they are the same age, establishing exploitation is impossible. She tells Sally she will contact the Child Protection Unit to determine if any further action is warranted.

As she leaves, Sally breaks down, "They won't arrest him," she blubbers into Kevin's arms. "We've lost."

Runaway Dog

David casually informs Gail that he's off to Liverpool to spend a few days with Martin. Gail says it's the first she's heard of it to which. Phil suggests it would be nice to let his mother know these things. David says that just because he sits in Martin's old chair, doesn't make him Martin and he has no right to tell him what to do. With that, the little ray of sunshine known as David Platt storms out.

Gail decides to call Martin to verify this story. She later finds him at the bus stop, and not at school. As it turns out the story was a lie. He asks if she means he can't go. Gail says he can but he shouldn't lie. Phil suggest he apologise to his mother and mean it. David says he isn't allowed to lie and gets on the bus and takes off, leaving Gail in squeaky voiced indignation.

The Other Runaway Dog

Ken is taking Eccles out for a walk, much to Deirdre's surprise. When they arrive at the Red Rec, Ken talks her off the lead, pulls out a ball from his coat, and throws it as far as it can, sending Eccles chasing after. He then puts the lead in his pocket, looks around, and walks off.

Ken, I've defended you in the past. No more. That was a dick move.

At Number 1, Blanche looks out the back window, only to see Schmeichel happily munching away on some old bones. Blanche believes the Great Dane has devoured Eccles. She confronts Les and Cilla, who's wearing GoBetty's sweater, for the murder of her dog.

The Battersby-Browns say it's just chicken bones (which a dog should never eat) and he only scrounges from the best. He's a connor sewer. Les arrives to tell Blanche that he's "lost" Eccles. This doesn't hearten Blanche too much and gives Ken hell, until Deirdre shows up with Eccles in her arms, who then gives Ken a well-deserved bite on the ankle. Eccles, not Deirdre, that is.

In other news

The recently fired Jessie shows up wearing a hideous green jacket with a garish multicolouted tie. Jessie got a job, in two days, with Porter Airlines Celestial Airlines, as a flight attendant. It must be some airline that she can go through the interview process and get a fitted uniform already. And she knows what route she'll be serving: Sunderland to Norwich. Too bad she's afraid of flying.

Me, Cilla and Our H&M Sweater

Maybe MJ will oblige me here by posting a picture... On tonight's Corrie there is a small altercation in the street between Blanche, Les, Cilla and Schmichael (this is not a spoiler by any means). And if you'll kindly notice the sweater Cilla is wearing. And know that I own the same sweater. Well, until VERY recently I did. As it happens, this past Friday night I cleaned out my closet. And that very sweater did make its way into a bag bound for Goodwill. About which I am now somewhat sad. Cuz who doesn't want to 'ave the same jumper as Cilla, roight?

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome aboard TinyVi who is the lovely gent supplying all these Classic Corrie clips for us.

TinyVi is in the UK which makes him our first overseas correspondant. (How excited am I?)

He's also a big Dr. Who fan and as a treat, has offered up this tidbit for us - corrie with a Dr. Who ending.

Movie Time Update

Before I start anything, I will tell you that last night I dreamt that Sally and I went shopping for fedoras for Mr. Glacia and Kevin. We had to shop at the police station and I gave her sound child raising advice by quoting The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran:

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts.
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;
For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.

Then we had lunch with Madonna and Dick Cheney.

Just thought you ought to know.

Now on with it, troops!

The Name of the Rosie
At the beginning of the show we see Audrey complaining to Keef that Sally has snubbed her and that it feels bad because no one has ever snubbed her because she’s a people person. (No one ever in the history of Corrie Street has ever, ever snubbed her or had a conflict with our Audrey. Hmmm. Of for God’s sake, EMILY has been snubbed on more than one occasion.)

Anyway, she feels that Keef should be a bit more heavy handed with Craig and that he might actually need a slap upside the head. Keef takes the Gabrin school of thought and says that they have to just trust them.

Meanwhile, Sally’s freaking out because Rosie’s grades are going down. Kev says that the more they agro Rosie and Craig, the more things are going to be worse and that they just have trust them. Sally tells him he’s out of his mind.

Back at home, Sally decides to go rummaging through Rosie’s purse and when she’s caught, she tells Rosie that she was just looking for a pen. Rosie is understandably upset and tells her that what she’s looking for can be found in the pencil case.

Yep, birth control pills.

The entire Webster household loses it’s mind and Kev goes marching across the street to confront Craig. He has him down at one point on the ground and Craig tells him to hit him. (I’m really confused if Craig really wants to be hit or not. He’s kind of making references to what his dad would do and tells Kev that maybe what he needs is a thump. I don’t know, it was a bit confusing.)

Careful what you ask for Craig…Kev can really give er – as Deb has pointed out.

Kev backs off, but back at the house he decides that because what Craig and Rosie are doing is illeagal, he will call the police. I was wondering why they didn’t think of this earlier.

Three Factory Workers and a Baby (s)
Kelly, Fizz and Sean are over at the shop fussying over the twins. Dev has taken the babies off of Sunita’s hands so that she can get some sleep. Dev is really a big mushpot with the babies and is bragging about how well he can take care of them.

Amber comes waltzing into the store, like, telling everyone and sundry about her agro with the bus driver, right when she sees the babies, man. She’s all happy to see them, her lil’ brover an sistah, like and man wants to know if Dev and Sunita are getting back together. She then sees Danny and asks Dev if that’s his boyfriend and has he caught gay.

Danny maintains that they’re just good friends.

At this point, Dev turns into a big fat jerk and pushes her out the door for disturbing the babes.

Amber’s mom comes back a bit later and tells Dev that he’s broken Amber’s heart with the way he treats her and then she breaks down into tears about how she’s loosing Amber to Dev and he doesn’t even care about Amber.

Dev looks nonplus.

Hey, Amber kind of reminds me of young Bet from that clip we saw of her first appearance on Corrie. In 40 + years, will we see Amber as manageress of the Rovers, big beehive do and big ass birdcage earrings?

Romy and Roy’s High School Reunion
Roy gets an invite to his school reunion and doesn’t want to go because everyone he went to school with were jerks to him. Haley really wants him to go and pushes him on the point.

In the end he decides to go because Clifford (of newsletter fame and who was lower on the social ladder than Roy) is organizing it and he wants to support him. Also, he wants to go because he’s proud of Haley, the café and their life together.


Jason Maquire – You had me at ‘I’m sorry’.
Sarah is ranting and raving about Jason to Audrey and Gayle and wishes the Grimshaws emigrated to Australia or some place farther.

Later in the pub, Galye and Eileen have a truce like chat about the kids and are pleased that Sarah has run the gamut of Grimshaw boys and that they might not have to deal with their kids dating one another ever again.

But that was just tempting the gods, ladies.

Soon enough, Sarah and Jason both go to the bar to order drinks at the same time. There’s a show down of looks and he apologizes, she kisses him and both mom’s develop an ulcer.

Violet walks into the pub just in time to see this and says that at least he’s helping her stop loving him.

Short Film Category
Jamie comes to the factory looking for Mike. When Danny tells him that he’s in Spain, Jamie’s pissed that he’s been left out on his own in a foreign country. Danny then wants Jamie to have lunch with him, Jamie tells him to piss off.

Jesse got a job interview.

Goodbye Bette

I happened to tune in to CBC Country Canada last night to see Bette depart (for the last time?) in a taxi, and the driver is joking about Spain, Tenerife... Anyone else see it?

We love Tiny Vi

More video fun from Tinyvi - Emily's first appearence on Corrie.

Corrie accident - but it also seems that this was the episode where they switched to colour video!

Note to Vi - drop me a line at glacia at gmail dot com. Thanks, Jacqueline.

The Old Rectory

Ever wondered about Jack & Vera's house #9? I found myself doing just that last night, wondering why it's painted so oddly. Can anyone tell me? Here is the history of the house, including why the word "Rectory" on the name plate looks a bit messed up. Was it really a rectory?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Update for Episode 6213 October 16, 2006

The Singer

The girls are hanging around at the factory doing little as per usual. Needing some distraction from their hard graft they persuade Jessie the karaoke queen to get up on one of the machines and belt out one of her original compositions. (which quite frankly was terrible) Naturally Danny comes in at this less than opportune moment and invites her into his office for a chat. She apologizes but it is to no avail, Danny gives her the boot and she has sewn her last pair of knickers at UnderWorld.

The Convict

Eileen sits in The Rovers looking quite sharp waiting to have a drink with Ed. Norris and Rita show up first and invite themselves to sit with her. Norris then proceeds to be a complete git, as is his wont. Ed and Emily eventually show up and jam themselves around the table to make a cozy group of five. Norris gets fully into his obnoxious mode and proceeds to insult everyone around him - christians, the homeless, ex-convicts, you name it. (I like how he viewed 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone' as a cliche)

Eileen and Ed go for a walk to get a bit of peace and quiet but the conversation keeps returning to what Ed was in prison for. He says it was for aggravated burglary from the days when he ran with the wrong crowd.

Eileen invites him for a coffee but he begs off saying it would keep him up all night. Eileen coyly asks if this is a threat or a promise - oh the brazen hussy - and Ed seems a bit taken aback by this turn of events. He slinks off, saying he had promised to visit his mother that evening.

The Bunny Boiler

Jason continues to tell Violet that they should get married. Sarah continues to text him while he is professing his undying love for Violet. This leaves Violet in an understandable state of confusion.

Where does Violet go for advice on romantic matters? Why Sean of course. (since he has been so successful in matters of the heart) Does she love him? Well yes, maybe she still does. Does she trust him? Well that's a different story.

Where does Jason go for advice on romantic matters? Why Charlie of course. (since he has been so successful in matters of the heart) Is she a bunny boiler? Well yes, maybe she is. Does he love her? Well that's a different story.

Charlie then goes on about some research that was done in the states that determined all women are nutters and the only thing a bloke can do to make things right is say sorry. (I think I know a few of the women in that study) Jason plods off to buy some flowers - but for which girl it remains unclear.

Meanwhile Violet is sitting on a bench having a bit of a think. Frankie (bless her heart) comes by and invites Violet for dinner but she has to say no, as she is supposed to be at work at The Rovers already. Jason comes along and tells her that his offer of marriage still stands, But Violet tells him that will never happen. Good for you Violet.

Opting for Plan B Jason stops in at the Platts to apologize to Sarah. Sarah starts reading him the riot act in the living room so Gail asks them to go elsewhere and have their spat - so they opt for the privacy of the kitchen. She asks him why he did not return any of her 17 messages and texts. He says he was too busy. He tries to apologize but things turn ugly when they start talking about Violet. Sarah says she won't be 'sloppy seconds to that silly slapper'. (quality alliteration there) Jason calls her a 'bunny boiling freak'. Much vitriol and vituperation ensues (yes I can use alliteration as well) between the two brainless wonders before Jason storms out the door - never to return. (Phil is sitting on the sofa like a lump the whole time - he should have heaved Jason on the street) Sarah is so enraged by all this that she slaps David - probably because he was the nearest male.

The Bunny Boiler's Brother

David tells Gail that closing the car hatch on Phil's hand was an accident. Gail believes him. Phil seems unconvinced of David's innocence. The two cast baleful looks in each other's direction.Phil will be off work as a foot fiddler for two weeks beacuse of the injury - two unpaid weeks that is. When Jason shows up it is Phil who lets him in the door. Gail gives him a bit of grief for letting Jason cross the threshold and David chimes in by calling Phil a pillock. Phil looks ready to give David a kick in the arse for this, but David says he was calling Jason a pillock - not Phil. Neither of them believe this for a moment. Something bad is going to happen soon.

I think they should hang a sign over the door at Number 8 that says "Abandon hope all ye who enter here".

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Friday the 13th Update

Royston, a.k.a. Roy, pours over his latest appearance in the tabloids, a.k.a. alumni newsletter. He wants to disregard it but Hayley gets her hands on it and reads that he’s been chosen as Alumnus of the Month for his now famous restaurant. Hayley is over the moon and Roy’s as consternated as ever. The only guy who was more bullied than he at school wrote the article. Roy doesn’t need daily reminding of the horrible experience.

Ed is fixing Emily’s exterior windows when Eileen comes by. Emily, that little matchmaking minx, sees the sparks and invites Eileen out to the pub later. After Eileen leaves, Ed starts getting nerves and we finally learn his deal. He was in prison. He was serving time for something he did as a young guy and he’s just been released. At least it saved him with the Christianity ‘n all, he says. Emily says she’s surprised rather than shocked and forgets to ask what Ed did to get himself incarcerated for a couple of decades. Instead, she reassures Ed that Eileen is probably the least judgmental person on the whole street (Unless your last name is Platt. Emily didn’t say it but I bet she was thinking it).

Speaking of the Platt’s, Jason’s over there doing a poor job of explaining to Sarah and a Platt audience why he was so upset over Jaime dating Violet. Everyone can tell his heart’s not in it, even Sarah. And sure enough, Jason proves he is after Violet, cornering her behind the Rovers to tell her he thinks they should give it another try. His eyes are at their biggest and most puppy dog, but Violet sends him off. Back in the bar, Sarah stops glaring at Violet long enough to text Jason that she’s ready to hear his apology when he’s ready to give it.

There is a brief a glimmer of hope as Phil and David join forces to make fun of Gail. She feigns injury, but she and Phil exchange meaningful glances. “Don’t burst the bubble!” Trevor yells at the TV. “Phil should just leave it at that,” I agree. Unfortunately they never listen to us. Phil thinks he just got the green light to talk feelings with David, which sends David right back to the Dark Side. When Phil’s not looking, David purposely slams the car hatch down on his fingers. Phil and Gail immediately assume it’s an accident, but we all know the Devil himself has arrived on Coronation Street. That David is a cold mo’fo.

Violet finds Jason at the yard, meaning to have a talk with him. She’s just accepted another date with Jaime and she needs Jason to stop being a psycho. She barely says a word when suddenly he’s down on one knee proposing marriage. Violet looks shocked and credits role. Of course it’s a cliff hanger! Didn’t we just have one of these? Oh right, when Penny turned Mike down. Better luck, Jason. Somehow I don’t think it’s going to work out for you, either.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Update - October 11, 2006 - Postman Pat and His Black and White Cat Edition

Je Prend Alesse

Walking off to the school bus, Sophie asks Rosie what's going on? Is she pregnant?

Rosie leaves Sophie to join Craig, where they discuss recent events. Rosie wonders what would have happened if, despite their precautions, she had gotten pregnant. Her mum would have forced her to kill her own baby, she reckons.

The two arrive back at the public health clinic where they are greeted by a visibly curious Gail. Rosie says it's for a veruca but Craig tells her she need explain nought.

They are greeted by an Irish doctor whom Rosie informs she'd like to be on the Pill. He says he's not pleased about the idea but says it's preferable to her coming in and requesting a pregnancy test (keep in mind, legal birth control is a relatively recent thing in Ireland).

Meanwhile, Kevin and Sally argue over the issue. Kevin is relenting on the issue of Craig's penis. Sally says she wants something more for her than the two kids in a back street terrace house routine. I think such a life would be perfectly fine.

Dev, You Hoser

Dev leans on Sunita's buzzer for five minutes, waking the twins. She is displeased and tells Dev to bugger off. Later Sally Shelley arrives. Sunita wants to go register the births but can't get a moment to prepare with the feeding and the crying and the pooping. Sally Shelley agrees to watch the kids so Sunita can get ready.

Later Sunita takes her three-month old newborn twins to get the Wayfarer, which she misses. She eventually arrives at the evidently wheelchair unaccessible registry office, only to learn Dev has already registered Asha and Aadi.

Later at her flat, she asks, using three words that mean the same thing, why Dev had the cheek, the nerve, and the audacity, to register the births without telling. Dev lies and says it was to save her a trip. He then admitts he was tired of her throwing crumbs his way, knowing he was desperate to be in their lives. He throws down the birth certificates and goes Canadian on her:

"There, a proud moment, eh?"

No doubt about it.

Ty's Pies

Tyrone decides to surprise Maria with the chippy wagon that was abandoned at the garage yesterday. He thinks they could use it and start their own chippy business. Maria thinks she'd look like Postman Pat driving that thing. Needless to say, it's not Maria's idea of a romantic gesture.

Later Tyrone is feeling down but Molly tries to cheer him up with the success his business could be. They discuss names: Dobb's Delicacies, Ty's Pies. They seem to be getting along quite swimmingly when it appears they're having a moment. They akwardly break it off.

Later with Vera, he discusses the things Maria has been putting him through, like the back-waxing, just so, he reckons, she doesn't see what kind of guy she's settled for. Vera says she's lucky to have him.

This has been an ongoing issue for ages with Maria and Tyrone - that Tyrone is a simple guy and Maria wants a more glamourous life.

In other news

Mike is off to play golf in Spain. Did he tell Danny? He's sure he told Danny. Did Danny mail that letter to Mark? Sure he did. Does Danny want the keys to his flat? Sure he does. Does Danny remember the first time he played golf with Mike? Must have been thirteen. No, must have been one of the other ones, Mike.

Ed and Eileen meet in the cornershop. Eileen says she doesn't think a middle-aged Christian would want much to do with a middle-aged agnostic. Ed says agnostics are just fence-sitters and won't take a stand. Eileen says it's better than pretending you have all the answers. Just when you think they'll have nothing to do with each other, he asks her on a date. She quite flatly says yes.

PSA Update





Just a PSA for Kev. Thought he might just wanted to be reminded what they looked liked.

So Kev DOES know about the morning after pill and although he’s not on board with it, he let’s Sally continue on with the program.

Later in the day he finds Craig sitting in the Webster living room with Rosie on his lap and tells him to hit the road. Craig leaves, but not before making a final appeal – telling him that he understands that Kev wants to protect Rosie because so does he. In a smart move he let’s Kev know that he loves her and wants to make sure she’s okay.

Kev seems to bend a little with regards to Craig as neither guy agrees with Sal’s latest tactics of forcing pills down Rosie’s throat. Kev tells Craig not to come around again until he says it’s okay….which is considerably better than ‘stay away from me daughter forever.’

Later at the garage, Hyacinth – I mean Sally, comes by to instruct Kevin on the best way to deal with Craig. She tells him go hard-line with regards to keeping them apart so that Craig will get bored and bother someone else’s child.

Richard, I mean Kev, says, ‘Yes, dear.’

Oh, in addition, Sally apologizes to Gayle and says that she’s just upset that Rosie is involved with someone who comes from a home where murder has occurred. The insult was not lost on Gayle.

Come on Babies, Let’s Make It Legal
Dev continues to phone Sunita to offer help and she continues to refuse and tells him to leave the heck alone. Dev is undeterred and even tries to get Violet to call up and see if everything is okay – this backfires when Sunita sees the mobile number as Dev’s and has a screaming fit on the other end.

She does relent a bit by letting Dev do a bit of shopping for the twins and he is in such a good mood that he allows Amber to watch the store while he is away. There is a nice bit of Alahan/Shopkeeper bonding between them.

Meanwhile, Steve warns Dev that he needs to make sure the babies are registered with him as the father in order to avoid any messy legal problems. Dev is able to get the twins registered all without Sunita having to be involved. (Glacia thinks it’s ODD that the mum doesn’t have to sign the registration form.)

I Hate Leanne
Sorry, I’ve never been a fan of Leanne’s but I’m really starting to hate her.

Leanne is bugging Danny to make sure Mike changes the will to have Danny as sole heir and even wants him to escort him to the solicitors. Danny tells her that he very well can walk him to the lawyers and that Mike is on his way anyway.

On his way to the top of the factory. Leanne calls Danny when she sees Mike standing on top of the factory roof – looking for the store room that somehow has gone missing.

Danny gets him down and reminds him that he is to be at the solicitors at which point Leanne jumps in to suggest that Danny ‘chauffer’ him there. Mike agrees and even invites Danny into the meeting where he gets the lawyer to assure him that the new will will be iron clad and that Adam can’t challenge it.

(Again, Glacia thinks this is odd. I’m pretty sure that once it is public that Mike is suffering from Alzheimers, Adam can contest that he was not of sound mind when he wrote the new will.)

Danny goes back to the office full of guilt, especially since Mike spent a good portion of the meeting bragging how Danny was the only one who hasn’t betrayed him. When Leanne comes in to rub her hands together in evil joy, Danny accuses her of having no conscience what so ever. He says that they’ve taken advantage of a weak old man.

An insulted Leanne dumps him on the spot, but they are soon reunited when Danny makes up with her in the Rovers. She says they are well matched because they’re just so gosh darn evil together.

Again, I hate Leanne.

Drive By Shooting
Maria is insistent on NOT having her pic in the Gazette again. This is a problem for Tyrone as they need a pic of the two of them together to go to the next round.

Nathan and Tyrone plan a drive by photo shoot and when Maria answers her door, Tyrone wraps his arm around her shoulders and says cheese while Tyrone takes a pic.

There’s also some story line about Tyrone wanting to buy an old chip van that’s in the shop, but I’m not quite sure what’s going on with that.

And Finally,
Jamie has asked Violet out on a date.

Also, Sean came out of the closet. (aaaaaaah, I’m messing with you. A little ‘National Coming Out’ day humour.)

More Young Mike Goodness

The first appearence of Mike Baldwin back in 1976.

I love the gum chewing Bet and Rita!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ernest Bishop

From TinyVi again, here is the scene from 1978 where Emily's husbad Ernest is shot to death at Baldwin's factory.

Note - the very last scene where the factory girls come into the office, the first blond lady that comes in behind Elsie tanner (shorter lady in front of Vera) is Ivy Tisley.

Ivy Tisley - who's son Brian was Gayle's first husband and father of Nick.

The Flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman circa 1920 which has been restored for main line operation with funds from The National Heritage and Sir Richard Branson.

The Flying Scotsman in it's current form with the GNER.

Vision On

Yep, I remember it too.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanksgiving Update - Episode # 6208

Soothing images from Monet to offset the impact of Jack in the nude.

What About Violet?

Mike and Jamie and Frankie are in The Rovers for a drink. Mike thinks Jamie should have a bird to go out with and spots lovely Violet behind the bar. Mike asks 'What about her?' Frankie concurs that this might be a good idea and the two adults quickly leave Jamie alone at the bar so he can chat up the bar maid at his leisure.

Poor White Trash

Jayesh pops round for a visit with Sunita and the newest family members. Things are pleasant at first but soon turn ugly when brother dearest tells Sunita how shameful it is that she is living in a flat over a shop raising two kids on her own. She should move back in with her husband or better yet, move back in with her own family where she would have help with the ironing and the feeding and the shame and all. Sunita throws him out and tells him to never come back.

Box Clever

Boris and Natasha, er, Danny and Leanne continue to scheme and plot about how they can get Mike to change his will so that Danny will be the sole benefactor of the factory when Mike goes to that great golf course in the sky. Danny tells Leanne he will handle it without her, and is making some progress in this direction, until Leanne shows up and puts a halt to his machinations.

RU 486

Sally drags Rosie into the medical centre in search of a doctor to write a prescription for the morning after pill. Gail tells her there are no openings that day, perhaps the Webster women should go to A & E? Sally screeches at Gail in the way only she can, and they end up seeing a doctor after all.

The good doctor is less than co-operative with Sally's plan though. After finding out that Rosie and her boyfriend were practicing safe sex and that Rosie seems to have a brain he suggests that a plan of contraception might be a better idea. He even thinks that Sally might be using the morning after pill as a form of punishment. In any case he won't write a Rx for Rosie if she doen't want one. Sally screeches at the doctor and tells him if he won't write a prescription for them she will find someone who will.

We next see Sally at a chemists asking if they do the morning after pill, so she must have been successful in her quest to find an accommodating doctor.

Then the denouement of the drama takes place in the kitchen of Number 13 with much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Sally, in an act of tough love, forces Rosie to take the pill.

The Duckworths Unveiled

The suspense builds at the art gallery as all and sundry await the unveiling of the portrait of Jack and Vera. Jack fears the worst after having seen some of the other pieces of art by Hilary Saunders on display, so he keeps fortifying himself with dutch courage. He is especially concerned that Vera not find out about the room of student art - all featuring Jack in the buff. He manages to keep her from going into the room by telling her the work it contains is gruesome (true enough) and like a morgue.

Jack begs the others not to tell Vera about the nude paintings and tries to bribe them with offers of drink and a free taxi ride home.

Roy tells Ken about his painting of The Flying Scotsman* and how it was featured on a TV program some years back. Deirdre, Blanche, Roy, and Norris do an impromptu quartet of the theme music for the show.

At last it is time for the unveiling. Hilary Saunders waxes eloquent about how wonderful the Duckworths are, and how she admires Vera's primeval temper. When we finally see the painting it turns out to be - quite nice actually. The two have a lovely cuddle infront of their portrait. Jack thinks he has gotten away without Vera having seen his nudes in the other room and it is clear sailing from here on in. The only problem is that Vera asked Blanche for directions to the loo, and you can guess where she sent her. Vera comes back in a rage and breaks a painting over Jack's head (which she will have to pay for) and drags him out the door.

* The Flying Scotsman (besides being a nickname Danny has for Adam) is the name of a famous train that runs from Kings Cross station in London to Edinburgh Waverley. The service started as a steam train in 1862 and continues to this day. An afficiando of steam trains like Roy would be quite fond of this particular train. I have ridden on The Flying Scotsman and it is a wonderful ride, although the ride back from Edinburgh was a bit of a blur after we drank the city dry the night before.

Brimful of Asha

Many months ago, when Sunita learned she was pregnant, Dev suggested naming the baby, if it's a girl, Asha. He then made a reference to the Cornershop song Brimful of Asha. Now, of course, he and Sunita have a daughter named Asha. This is that song that he referenced.


Due to something called 'football' - Coronation Street will be aired at 1pm in the Maritimes and 1:30pm in Newfoundland.

Oops, I forgot


Corrie Canuck contributer 'Working from Home' and Mr.'Working from Home' got hitched on Saturday out in the great province of Saskatchewan!

Yeah you guys!

Fine Dining Update

french waiter

Dressing Drink
Carol receives a call from Jamie telling her that he is coming home from Spain that day.

Frankie hears the tale end of the conversation where Carol is saying, ‘Okay babe, I love you too.’ When Frankie asks who was on the phone, Carol tells her it was a telemarketer.

Frankie, suspicious of Carol’s intimate relationship with the someone who schlocks time share vacation spots over the phone, calls Jamie herself and finds out that he did call Carol and that he is coming home.

Frankie confronts Carol about her lying and Carol responds by saying that she’s trying to protect Jamie from her because she can see that Frankie is romantically interested in him.

Jamie gets home and figures out that something is amiss so he talks to Frankie alone about Carol’s accusations. He also admits to Frankie that he might fancy her. (Hello!)Frankie brushes that off as just crazy talk but they both decide something needs to be done about Carol.

When they get home, Danny packs her stuff and tosses her out on the street. A lot of crying and begging ensues on her part and he tells her that he never wants to see her again and that he wishes he had never found her and slams the door on her.

Then a lot of crying happens on both sides of the door.

2 of 1 Appetizer Special
Jan 31, 2006 - With the help of Dev as birthing coach, Sunita gives birth to Aadi and Asha Alahan. Aadi means ‘First’ and ‘Asha’ means ‘Hope’.

Well, those kids are gonna need a lot of hope because mom tells dad, ‘Thanks for the birthin’ help but that’s it - you’re out of these kids life forever.’

Dev is furious and calls Sunita an ungrateful cow after he was willing to take her back. (After he what? Did I miss that part where he offered to take her back? Cause I was thinking it all came down to her taking him back.)

Anyway, Sunita is pretty resolute in being a single parent even after Betty and Violet suggest she might want to reconsider not having him in her life with two babies. (Glacia thinks back to that big ass house again – hmmm, yeah, how bad could it be?)

Tip for Dev. If you want to win back Sunita, don’t call her a cow. Oh yeah, it may have been a sweet gesture to take Amber with you to the hospital when she asked to see her brother and sister, man. You could prove to Sunita that you are being a MAN about your earlier children and including them in your life.

May I Suggest Some Nice Fig Leaves Stuffed with Carrion?
There was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much gold with this next story line. I was trying to capture most of it, but I don’t know…not since the geriatric speed dating have I heard so many great lines.

So Emily Saunders is giving an art show at the Weatherfield Gallery and Vera receives the invite in the mail as her and Jack will be the featured portrait of the event. She goes to the Rovers to brag about the show ‘Carrion Wake’ and Blanche pipes up, ‘Carry On Wake? I must have missed that one.’

When Vera sets her straight, Blanche makes fun of her and says there’s no way the Duckworths would be a subject of art. Vera then tells her to come to the show to see, and while she’s at it, bring everyone with her. (If you are really still you can hear the foreshadowed Duckworth embarrassment stepping up behind you.)

Blanche makes it to the show accompanied by Ken, Deidre and Norris. Also in attendance are the Duckworths of course and Roy.

They enter the gallery to be greeted by the sounds of a tuna canning factory in Norway. Everyone’s got a different opinion about the show which focuses around condemned meat. Blanche has already expressed her preference for the works of Rolf Harris and Ken just thinks it’s ‘tripe’.

Roy is a fan and Emily explains that she wanted to blend the concept of ideal consumerism with the harsh reality of industry and what better way of doing so than by displaying 12 scrambled egg on a bed of money! You know, I recently pulled out some 12 year old radishes out of my fridge, I should have taken a pic.

Actually, I’m kind of intrigued by her work here. I know Ken thinks there’s a lack of real artistic talent and that she relies to heavily on shock value, but I am of the school of thought that art is supposed to shock a bit and get people talking. But that’s just me.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until today to see the big unveiling of the Duckworths. I’m sure it will not be a disappointment. e make it with a pan or a griddle

A Bit of Holy Frijole?
Ed and Eileen are getting chatting and friendly in the Rovers. All goes well until Roy and Ed have a theological debate about the existence of God. Eileen feels a bit uncomfortable and excuses herself.

Later, Ed and her have a talk and he asks her if there’s an issue with him being a Christian and she says a bit because she’s not religious. He says does that exclude them being friends and she she replies that she has all the ‘friends’ she needs thank you very much. Then he responds that he can’t be her ‘special’ friend right now anyway.

Okay, WHAT the hell is going on with this guy? Sometimes he seems to be okay, but then he’s got that evil haircut. What do you think? A force for good or evil?

BTW – as John mentioned before, I do like the writers portray Emily and her church going friends. They are just spiritual people, not out to convert the world – even though you can see how nervous peeps get around them a bit. Glacia can relate.

Naaaah, You Want Some Lobster, Don’t Ya Mate?
Danny gets a letter from Frankie’s solicitor telling him that she wants half of everything he has. Danny is more than happy to hand over that amount to his ex-wife, but Lady MacBeth, er, Leanne doesn’t think that’s fair.

As mentioned earlier, she explains to him that the world is his lobster and that he should just grab the brass bling.

Meanwhile, Mike is back at the factory wondering why Adam didn’t come home that night. Danny reminds him that he tossed Adam out on his kilt and he went back to Scotland. Mike does a classic, ‘Iknewthat!’ bluff by saying that Adam was supposed to come down for a visit.

Now Danny is worried that Mike is going to get so confused that he brings everyone back into the fold. He plans to get Mike to change the will before any reconciliations happen.


(BTW – I dreamt last night that I got Mike and Penny back together. Weird, eh?)

Ou Chaud Chien?
Molly has been working with Ken to become master of his domain…aka the Alpha Male of the house. With her help, they’ve been able to get Eckles to come on command, sit, beg, roll over, etc.

Ken is so happy that he takes off the wee leather muzzle that they have on Eckles. But no sooner do he remove it than Eckles takes a bit out of his ankle.

And Maybe Some Tart for Dessert?
Craig and Rosie WISELY decide to get it on at her place while mom and dad are at work. This goes extremely well right up to the point where Sally comes home early for lunch and finds them in various stages of undress.

Craig once again announces that they can’t be kept apart and they’ve done nothing to be ashamed of. Sally tosses him out of the house and has a big cry scream fest with Rosie.

Sally goes on about how Rosie is destroying the future that her and Kev are working so hard to provide for her. Rosie is sorry about hurting Sally, but says she loves Craig.

Sally responds, ‘You stupid girl, that’s not love – but this is.’ Then Sally hauls her kicking and screaming to the healthy clinic.

To do what? Get her fitted with a chasity belt or get her some birth control pills?

Here, Have A Bit of Wedding Cake
Tyrone has gone to the next round of contestants in the Surprise the Bride contest and he and Maria’s face are splattered all over the papers.

He is very happy about it, but Marie…well, she’s not so happy. Turns out she didn’t want her face in the paper like that.

But they won a wedding cake!


Saturday, October 07, 2006

update delay

okay - partied last night and forgot to watch Corrie.

The Thurs/Fri update will be up tommorow.

Sorry kids.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Scheduling Update

In case you didn't notice, last night's Corrie was pre-empted by Hockey Night in Canada to allow all of Canada to renew its national love affair with the Toronto Maple Leafs. A double episode will air tonight.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Evil One is Spawned

Speaking of births, remember the day Tracy Langton was born? I don't either but here it is anyway. Another YouTube find, this time courtesy of ElsieTanner. It's a wonder Ray was able to conceive anyone, with trousers that tight. And I love the taste of Blanche Hunt's acid tongue to come.