Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ye Friday Update

The Rosie of Shallot and Her Sister, Lady Poopy-Pants

Miserable, small-bosomed Sophie returns home to find everyone in a mood. They won’t tell her what’s going on. No one ever tells her anything. At least centuries-old Rita gave her a bit of sherry to bring in the New Year, because everyone else thinks she’s invisible.

She drowns her sorrows at her own local, Roy’s Rolls. Hayley plies her with free chocolate milk, aching to reach out to the child with the wisdom of her own awkward experience. There is more talk of the £18.99 bra, but Sophie doesn’t want Hayley’s brand of empathy. With a cutting insult, she storms off, leaving Hayley rejected once again.

Chez Webster, Rosie screams about the unfairness of being under house arrest. Because she loves him! Kevin and Sally’s brilliant plan is to never let her out of their sight. Sally suggests taking time off work and Kevin points out that while it will work for a approximately a week, then what?

Across the moat, Keith is having a tough time with Craig. It must be hard to discipline a kid who has been through a hell of a life already. Keith struggles to assert his authority, ordering Craig away from Rosie, but Craig is full of The Anger and disregards ol’ Granddad completely.

Rosie and Craig are briefly reunited in the street but Kevin is after them like a yapping terrier. Close call - what would have happened if he hadn’t dragged them away from each other? Chaos! Fornicatin’ in the street! You never know with kids these days.

Meanwhile, Down in the Village….

Frankie worries. Jamie hasn’t phoned. Carol is her usual sensitive self, saying that Jamie’s probably with some chick and who wants to call their step mom when they’re getting some? It turns out Jamie only went to Spain for some time with Warren. Carol suddenly gets all “let’s go to a movie,” but Frankie’s not game. Much like me, she’s getting sick of this Carole character.

Creepy church-going Ed visits the Kabin and gets the usual suspicious and cold reception Norris gives any of Emily’s friends. Rita gushes. Ed finds Emily in the Rovers and she confides in him that she’s not fond of the new vicar’s 'heart on your sleeve' style of worship. Emily prefers private spirituality. She enjoys the traditions of song and communal prayer. Ed reasons that they should start a group with like-minded parishioners. Emily thinks this is a bit scandalous but oh, what fun!

Across the bar, Liz tells Bev that Vernon is off to work on a cruise ship, probably full of Vernon-hungry widows. Bev says something about how couples should be able to spend time apart and Shawn makes a crack about menopausal women having better things to do on a cruise ship than chase Vernon. But Liz thinks it’s a good idea to blow her savings and go on the cruise. It’s creepy to stalk alone, so she invites Bev. Road trip! Or rather, boat trip.

Meanwhile, Violet has a plan. If she’s not married by 2011, she’s going to have Shawn’s baby. They’d make good parents, right? Shawn really wants to be a dad so it’s a sweet offer, but he still looks more than a little taken aback.

The King Chooses His Queen

Penny’s back from Mum’s. Mike rolls his eyes at her concern for him and tells her to get ready for a very special night. Penny is not in the mood, especially when Adam tells her there were a few incidents, like teabags in the fridge and consecutive baths. Danny tells her there’s no reason to worry, Mike’s just fine. Penny doesn’t buy it. When Mike later confides in Danny that he’s going to propose to Penny, Danny isn't happy. But he fakes it for Mike.

At the Clock, Mike inquires about the age of Penny's mother for the second time, apparently. Penny brings up his memory again but he picks out expensive champagne and compliments her outfit and Penny acquiesces – maybe they can have a nice evening. Then Mike pulls out the ring. A big ol’ sapphire encased in diamonds. He slips it onto her ring finger. He pops the question. And the credits roll (gah!). Will she or won’t she?


Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that that was the THRID ring that Mike bought for Penny?

THe first is in the drawer at the factory, the second, another all dimond ring he showed Jamie, and now this one is the saphire ring.

What's Penny going to say when she see's the extra ring reciepts???

GoBetty said...

Thanks, that was a great update.

missusmac said...

There was three rings? I thought Jamie showed Mike a ring in the pub?

This Craig/Rosie plot has loads of potential!

Is Vernon really a catch? Or is Liz just pathetic?

Anonymous said...

missusmac said...

There was three rings? I thought Jamie showed Mike a ring in the pub?

re: the scene in the Rovers, it was a ring Jamie received from Carole for Xmas, a silver job with a big J engraved on the front. (which reminded poor Michael he had a ring in his top drawer back at Underworld)

.... a few more good scenes from the actress playing Sophie, she is a natural.

S. Poole

missusmac said...

Sorry, wasn't clear what I meant about Jamie's ring. I know that was the one Carole bought him, I just wondered if that was the third ring Jackie noticed.

I only saw two rings for Penny. The one forgotten and left at the factory Christmas Eve, and the one Mike put on her finger at the Clock.

Who bets Penny says Yes, but only on the condition Mike sees a doctor?

Anonymous said...

Hum, I could have swore there were three rings (not counting the one that Carol gave Jamie).

When Mike and Jamie were having there heart to heart about finding the right girl, didn't Mike pull out a ring then? A ring that wasn't the one in the factory and wasn't the one on Penny's hand???

Maybe I'm confused, I'll have to watch extra close this morning, lol

John said...

There is only one ring:

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Sorry couldn't resist.

Rob Swizzle said...

When Kevin said "If only Tommy was here", I was pretty surprised. Tommy would probably have been pretty cool with his teenager getting it on with another teenager, not a creepy old nurse.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to wonder if Vernon only has Liz around to lug around his drum set for him. Every time he's going to a gig, Liz is loading the van and not him. He seemed relieved that Liz and Bev were only going on the cruise for a fortnight and not the whole month. Wonder what that's about?