Thursday, September 14, 2006

Who's Your Favorite.....

Corrie Poll!

Who's your favorite bitch? Which evil, nasty lady is your favorite.

I think I'd have to say Tracey -

#1 - They give her the best lines

#2 - She is trule twisted and evil

#3 - If you've been watching for awhile, you can track the development from innocent Tracey and yes, Ken and Deidre are completely to blame.


papasmurf said...

My vote goes to Blanche - old skool bitch.

Of course she is related to Tracey - apples and trees and all that.

missusmac said...

I'm with you, papasmurf.

She's mean, twisted, and blunt to the point of being a murder weapon.

And she's always a laugh.

Linda Sykes is a pretty close second.

Karen said...

I had never even thought of Blanche until you mentioned her. Definately. Whereas most of the "ladies" (cough cough) on the street are deliberately bitchy, you dont' get (at least I don't) that impression from Blanche. Sure she's probably the biggest one on the block and is very calculating in what she does, but she can also hide it behind the fact taht she's old. She's a sly bitch, that one.

Karen said...

PS: Thanks for doing this poll Jackie!

Pamer said...

Jackie??? LOL

speaking of bitches...doesn't Leanne seem so nice and cuddly lately? totally out of character. giving presents, being chatty with Pen...she seems so sweet, if you didn't know her past

Karen said...

Uh oh, wasn't it Jackie that did the quiz? Ooops, or should it have been Jacquie? Jacqueline? Egads, what have I done???

Anonymous said...

What about Maya? With friends like her, who needs enemies? :)