Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Very Merry Update


Imagine Mr.Glacia’s surprise last night when he arrived home and was greeted by me cooking a tourtierre in the kitchen, shortbread all around, the cat wearing a red and green bow and the dog with a great pair of reindeer antlers perched precariously on top of her head.

It’s Christmas in September and Le Chateau de Glacia is all aglow with Christmas eve charm.

Meanwhile back at Weatherfield,

Body Shop Pyramid Scheme
Danny-boy comes into Roy’s with a blue pyramid box full of bath stuff for Frankie to give to Penny – because he found out that Penny got Frankie a gift and didn’t want Frankie to be embarrassed.

Frankie is right pissed because she did get a gift for Frankie – a blue pyramid box full of bath stuff. Now she has to go buy a new gift so that Danny doesn’t think she took his gift. She complains that she now has three blue pyramid boxes full of bath stuff – so I assume she had bought one for Carol too.

Later she joins Jamie, Mike and Penny for a drink in the Rovers for a Christmas eve drink, but leaves when Danny and Ho show up. Penny asks her to come to the car because she has a present for her…..a blue pyramid box full of bath stuff.

Now I know what to get my sisters for Christmas.

Now, Where Was I?
The girls are complaining about Danny not letting them leave work early, but he tells them too bad they have to keep working. The reality is, he’s waiting for Mike to come to the factory with the bonus pays, but Mike is once again late.

Mike arrives, Danny leaves and trouble ensues as Mike is unable to balance the money he has with the Christmas bonuses. Penny comes to the rescue and when she is finished she nods to the box full of envelopes and suggest that Mike give out the bonuses. Mike says, ‘Yeah, one sec.’ And he walks to the safe. Penny points out that the bonuses are in the box, and Mike does a ‘Iknewthat!’ schtick.

Later, when the Baldwins are getting ready to leave, Mike says he needs to pick up Penny’s gift from the factory, but the minute he gets into the factory he forgets why he was there. Penny collects him and he looks concerned about his failing memory.

This storyline is really bringing me down, people.

Find the Amy!
Steve comes into the Rovers with a sack of goodies for Amy and approaches Tracey and Charlie to find out where his daughter is. They exchange a few words about who gets Amy at Christmas before Tracey tells Steve that she’s at Ken and Deidre’s.

Steve shows up at the Barlows, only to find out that Amy is not there either. Ken is fed up and marches Steve BACK to the Rovers to get the story from Tracey. ‘Oops, I meant Amy is at the nursery.’ She laughs.

She sticks to her guns about denying Steve access to Amy, until Charlie says that she’s being unfair and that both the grandparents and dad should have Amy access – thereby making himself the good guy and getting alone time with Tracey.

This relationship is never going to work…I don’t think Mr.Stubbs has much interest in being a step-dad or accommodating a psycho mom’s mind games.

One Golden Ring!
Carol tries to wrap Jamie’s gift, but he accidentally sees it. She has bought him a ring with his initials and engraved on the back, ‘From your REAL mom, not that slapper who stole your father from me and thereby forced me into a life of alcoholism and bedwetting.’

She tells Jamie that her life is truly great right now and that the only thing that would make her life truly complete is if she had her own place with Jamie as a roommate.

Jamie is not jumping on this at all.

Who The HELL is This Ed Guy?
Rita (looking smashing, btw) goes with Emily to hear the last sermon of her favorite vicar. At the church, they sit beside some 8’2” character named ‘Ed’.

‘Ed’ is all, oh Emily I would have given you a lift and if you ever need someone to drive you from point A to point B – I’m your man. At first, I was excited because I thought there was some cougar action potential for our Emily, but at the end as he drops them off, there’s some shifty eye movements from ‘Ed’ so we know he’s just an evil bastard.

So now I’m hoping that Emily and the Vicar hook up.

I want love for Emily.

In Other News
Moley has to clean up barf in one of the taxis. (And has gained points with me for her willingness to do so.)


John said...

Is it Christmas Eve on the street or Christmas Eve Eve?

I think 'Ed' is one of those people who become fast friends with lonely old people in an effort to get some cash in their wills when they die. We had a neighbour in Saint John who did that and got a house and million bucks left to her - just for bringing soup every other week! (Keep meaning to introduce myself to the old people on my street)

That said, I'm no Christian (the ground beneath churches shake when I enter them) but it's nice to see a churchgoing character like Emily who's not a fanatic. It's a rare thing on TV.

papasmurf said...

I put a Christmas bow on my cat yesterday as well...

Did Mike give the 'J' ring back to Jamie in the pub or did he take it with him to the factory?

Jacqueline said...

I thought he gave it back... or put it in the sally ann box.

What is a Christmas Eve, eve? The 23rd?

John said...

He gave the ring back to Jamie, which reminded him to go to the factory to get Penny's ring, which he forgot as soon as he opened the door.

If he put it in the Sally Ann box, there would have been a close-up.

This storyline is tough to watch. They're doing it well and it's realistic and all but it's hard to see a sharp, strong character like Mike go down this path. Which I guess is the point. It's not fun to watch it happen to your loved ones, either.

Christmas Eve, eve is indeed the 23rd.

Pamer said...

I thought Mike put the ring into the Sally Ann box too!!!

My first thinking was that Ed was a new love for Rita...not after the Snidely Whiplash look

Funny stuff with that Pyramid of "smellies". It's gonna look like it's being regifted

Pamer said...

oh...i also think it's the Eve of Chrimbo Eve. Steve says he wants to see AMy on Xmas which he says is Sunday (his day with Amy). And the factory girls are off early meaning it's probably Friday

Jacqueline said...

jacqueline runs around the house, tearing down all the decorations.

Rob said...

oh Jacqueline, you crack me up!

Rob said...

You really are too funny!

I'm trying to picture the bewilderment of your poor husband coming home looking like Ricky Ricardo, newspaper under his arm, fedora on his head, throwing open the apartment door, to those wonderful Christmas eve smells, carols on the radio, and you, Lucy-like, wearing your Christmas apron...

Just another episode of "Life with Glacia!"...

Kristin said...

i think this was the first time ever where they didn't have a xmas bash at underworld. how sad....

GoBetty said...

Sorry to sound really petty but Rita is HUGE under that black coat. She has a very attractive face but is incredibly made up (tastefully) with a lot of slap. She is dressed in slimming outfits and her body is NEVER showen. Unlike Cilla. Rita is much larger than Cilla.