Friday, September 08, 2006

Updatey, me mateys

(This would be 'Murder Dolls')

Children of a Lesser Korn
Craig is on the outs because it’s Christmas and he misses his mom, (and his dead dad…and his dead sister.). He was supposed to go over to the Websters for a movie and pizza, but tells Rosie that he’s too sad to come over.

When Sally and Kev come home with a veggie pizza and a copy of ‘Children of a Lesser God’ (instead of Children of the Corn (insert your own joke about not hearing and ears of corn)).….Rosie tells them that she’s going to Imogene’s instead and Sally is happy in the fact that her young lady is hanging out with rich people.

She ends up at Craig’s explaining that she had to lie because her parents wouldn’t get why they need time alone and besides her parents are terribly unsophisticated and that Kev got confused by all the subtitles in ‘Pearl Harbour’. (Where were there subtitles in Pearl Harbour? I don’t remember, or maybe I was so overwhelmed by the overall ‘suck’ of the movie that I missed them completely.’)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaanyway, Keef and Audrey are out for the night and one thing leads to another and they end up in his room….they listen to some Murderdolls, and profess their love for one another. Then they worry if, as Goths, they are allowed to feel positive emotions like love. (Glacia immediately contacted her friend, who is a Goth, and was informed that Goths are indeed to fall in love. In fact, my Goth is in love with a man who regularly eats pork products.)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaanyway, one thing leads to another and boom! Teen sex happens. Craig convinces Rosie to spend the night even though Keef and Audrey come home.

Personally, I hope they don’t get caught. I know, teen sex bad, but they’re kind of sweet.

I Should Be So Fat
Frankie comes home to find Carol on the couch and crusty. She was going to put up the Christmas decorations, but found some Santa that Jamie made and got depressed about missing all these Christmases with Jamie.

So, being Carol she redirects that energy into being a bitch to Frankie, even after Frankie points out that it was Warren that made the Santa.

Then Carol calls Frankie fat….so she’s a bitch.

I Should Be So Fat – Part Deux
Dr.Phil tries to give David a grilled cheese sandwich with mustard and he calls Phil phat.

A lot of mouthy David crap ensues… he’s an ass.

Oh damnit…Kelly.
Kelly takes Lloyd out for a fancy dinner, but when he cautions her about spending all her lotto winnings, she gets upset. He decides that he’s had enough and walks out on her.

This leaves Kelly to get home by herself and she is accosted by some yob on the street. After she tells him to beat it, he comes back and mugs her. He takes her new phone, her new purse, her money and then makes her go to the ATM to clean out her account.

She goes to the police to report it, but is further upset by the fact that the first thing the cops ask is if the mugger was black. She calls Lloyd who does a nice job of comforting her.

That really sucks that she was mugged though…I liked rich Kelly.

In Other News
Mike invites Danny boy and Leanne for family Christmas.

Also, Nick ran off to Amsterdam will all the family savings, and Sumesh has decided to go back to India....oh wait....that's the other soap.


John said...

Heh. I auditioned to be an extra in Children of a Lesser God when I was 14. They filmed it in Saint John. Oscar winner Marlee Matlin returned 15 years later to film an erotic thriller in my apartment building. But not in my apartment.

Pearl Harbour was good when shit was blowing up. When people started talking, it sucked. Anyway, they used subtitles for the Japanese.

I feel bad about Kelly getting mugged. That woman has no luck at all. Oh well, she would have blown it all on bling before Christmas anyway.

kowy said...

Hey, isn't Rosie supposed to be only 14 years old?



And, the subtitles in Pearl Harbour happened because Kev couldn't figure out how to turn them off and they ended up subtitling the whole movie.

Jacqueline said...

"Oh well, she would have blown it all on bling before Christmas anyway."

See and that's why it sucks so much that she was mugged. I wanted live vicariously through Kelly's spending.

Jacqueline said...

Children of a Lesser Shatnerian.

John said...

Yeah she's 14 but it happened with someone who obviously cares about her so, assuming protection was involved, it could have been a lot worse. It could have been Martin.

missusmac said...

Hahahaha! Could have been Martin. Nice one. At one point, I was a big fan of his. Not so much anymore...

I think they upped Rosie's age to 15 in the last week for this plot line. ( i.e. Kev tells Sally that "they're 15-year-old girls" when she natters on about Rosie and her friends drinking coffee after dinner.)

Hopefully, Craig bought some condoms during his shift at Dev's.

Anyone else hoping Frankie smashes Carol over the head with the turkey?

I love Corrie Christmases

John said...

I won't spoil it or anything but I saw the upcoming 'Christmas at the Clock' episode when I was in Scotland last year - saw it in a pub, no less. It was fun watching Corrie in its natural environment.

kowy said...

If Dev's store sold condoms, he wouldn't have so many mini-me's all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point, Kowy!

Anonymous said...

Dev should have bought his own shops condoms...that way he wouldn't have so mnay children running around....