Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Update - September 27, 2006 - Promises Something for Everyone Edition

For the Cruise Lovers

Fred meets Bev in the street where they discuss the upcoming cruise. Fred is wondering about sleeping arrangements. Bev says the cabins are quite spacious these days.

"I just wondered if I was to be on top or on bottom."

Bev looks flummoxed.

"Bunk beds!" Fred adds.

Bev says she'll get a brochure.

In the Rovers, Ashley and Shelly tease Fred about the trip. Fred frets about the cruise as he doesn't want to ruin his friendship with Bev.

Later, Bev also worries about ruining her friendship with Fred. Later they look at the brochure and conclude that there is a parquet floor in the ballroom, good for dancing. The sleeping arrangements, remain unresolved.

For Dog Lovers

Deirdre is preparing for Lena's funeral when Blanche enters, wearing scarlet.

Deirdre is aghast: "Mother!" (take a drink)

Blanche explains that Lena and she had an arrangement that they would wear red to the funeral of whichever one of them went first.

'It's my two fingers up to The Grim Reaper,' she says. 'These days I feel like he's stood over my shoulder with a hunk of bread waiting to mop up my friends like the remnants of a gravy dinner.'

After the funeral, we discover what Lena has left to Blanche: a small terrier-mix named Lady Freckles.

Deirdre reminds Blanche of the cost of keeping a dog: vets bills (don't we know it!), food, etc. Blanche says Lena left a small fortune to keep Lady Freckles in the manner to which she is accustomed. She even eats out of a nice Staffordshire doggie bowl that's nicer than anything Deirdre has around the house.

Tracy has become particularly enchanted with the dog, lavishing more affection on her in five minutes than she ever gave her own daughter in two years.

Ken arrives home from the nudie bar library and is at first quite pleased with Lady Freckles (or Eccles, for short) until she bites him.

For Todd Lovers

Eileen and Jason are still rowing over Sarah-Lou. Jason reminds her that Todd didn't come home because he's moved on with his life, and not because he's mooning over Sarah.

Later Jason talks with Sean about moving out, needing his independence. Sean reminds him that independence means cleaning, cooking, ironing, hoovering, etc. Jason is suddenly rethinking this move.

Eileen talks to Todd in London and discovers he has a new "friend" with whom he has become so friendly, they're moving in together. Eileen realises that Todd's moved on with his life and so should she. She tells Jason it doesn't matter who he dates, it's none of her business. The deal is sealed with the Secret Grimshaw Handshake and the rift is healed.

For David Lovers Tolerators.

Gail discovers David playing violent video games in front of Bethany. She admonishes him. He acts like a little snot to her. Lather, rinse, repeat.

For Mike Lovers

Mike is having second thoughts about throwing Penny out. He also remembers that he wasn't a good father to Mark, and doesn't even know where he is now. Danny reminds him that Mark copped off with Mike's wife, Linda.

Outside, Danny sees Penny pulling up in her car. She wants to talk to Mike before her business meeting but Danny warns her off, claiming he'll still be angry for a few days yet. Adam appears and says Mike has now taken to calling him 'Mark.' Danny suggests she take Adam to her meeting to which she agrees and so they leave without seeing Mike.

Later in the Rover's, Danny tells Leanne he's worried about Mark, or any other Baldwin heirs coming out of the woodwork. He worries that one minute Mike is as sharp as a knife, and the next, daft as a brush.

Mike enters, looking for Adam. Danny says all he knows is Penny came by and she and the Flying Scotsman took off together.

Later in the Rover's Adam talks about moving out of the flat and Penny offers to help with the deposit.

Suddenly Mike appears and accuses the two of them of having an affair, calling Penny 'Linda.'

He grabs Adam as Danny tries break it up. But Mike will have none of it.

'As for you! I never want to see you again!' he says to Penny before turning to Adam. 'And as for you, get out of my flat and get out of my factory!'

Suddenly, Danny's face is underlit as he tents his fingers, turns to the camera, and quietly exclaims, 'Excellent!'


papasmurf said...

Blanche rocks

Rob said...

Good update John... Loved the "Danny as Mr. Burns" bit at the end - nice touch!

(I have the perfect picture of Mr. Burns, fingers tented, but don't know how to add a picture to a comment)

missusmac said...

Love the update. Evil Danny is crackling good.

Ewwww, Tracy doing her toenails at the table. I repeat: Ewwwwwwwwwwww!

Rob said...

Isn't what we love about Corrie though? ...that makes it so different from "All My Children"...

Tracy doing her toenails at the table...Jamie checking the "fro-up" spot on Carol's sleeve...Vera hauling up the back of Jack's gotchees to see if he's changed them lately...