Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Update - September 25, 2006 - The Naked Truth Edition

The Naked Ape

Jack and Tyrone are enjoying a fry-up in the cafe when Vera comes in accusing Jack of ... something. He's bathed twice this week but he hasn't changed his underwear since Saturday so she can rule out a new fancywoman. When she leaves, Jack tells Tyrone that he's posing as a nude model in Hillary Saunders' art class. He fears he may be getting cold feet. Tyrone suspects that his feet won't be the only things gettting cold.

At the art class, Jack tells Hillary he's having second thoughts, claiming his once magnificent body isn't what it used to be. Hillary says that's the best part, it looks "lived in." (If that's the case, I could make a fortune posing for art classes) She tells him not to let the girls down. Jack poses before the all-female class as they all, all, take out their glasses for a closer look. Jack relaxes and begins posing for them

At the end of the class, Jack takes a look at one of the student's creations: an abstract drawing of him which looks rather Picassoesque. Hillary compliments the student on her use of movement. She tells him it's symbolic.

"So I've sat there symbolic naked, have I?" he retorts. Price for his troubles: 50 quid.

Later at the Rover's Jack tells Vera he spent the evening at his friend's posh shed at the allotments where they played dominos by the stove. Wait - is this community gardening or ice-fishing? When's she gone, Jack tells Tyrone that the girls said England still has a lot to be proud of.

The Naked Civil Servant

(Wait. Does that title work? Does Gail work for NHS?)

Gail is having a hard time with the kids this morning. Sarah is trying to get Phil to babysit Bethany while David is demanding Gail take time out of her morning to iron his shirt and wot? No chocolate bar in his lunch for school? It's like the Third World 'round here.

Later, Phil says Gail should get the kids to help out with the housework, to take some of the load of her. She says they've had a hard time of it lately. Hell, I used to help out with the chores when our domestic servants were in their immigration hearings so I understand doing your bit when the house is going through an undue hardship.

David bursts in, demanding his tea. Gail says she'll start making it right away but David can't wait and demands money to go to the chippie. She gives it to him. I guess Wong's got rebuilt pretty quickly. Phil thinks she's being too soft.

The Naked Goths

Sophie is complaining that she's the only girl in her class without a bra but Kevin and Sally have bigger fish to fry: namely keeping Rosie as far away as possible from Craig's penis, lest she fall on it again. They're grounding her for the next week.

At the factory, Sally apologises to Hayley (damn right!) and suggests a solution to the Sophie Webster Bra Shortage. We don't hear what it is but, gee, they do work in an underwear factory.

Later, Craig and Rosie have a Romeo and Juliet moment as he climbs a ladder on the brick wall in her backyard. From her window, Rosie professes her love for him. And brick wall safely keeps their genitals separated.

The Naked, well, People Who Want to be Naked

Jason wants Eileen to babysit Bethany so he and Sarah-Lou can have a night out. She refuses. He says she would have done it for Todd, her favourite. She said, at one time she could have seen those two with a future together, before the gay thing. She thinks Jason and her have no future together.

At the Rover's, Eileen confides to Sean that she doesn't want things to come between her and Jason so she heads back to make amends. She arrives to find Sarah, Bethany, and Jason having a night in. She is displeased. Jason leaves with Sarah-Lou and Bethany.

The Naked Truth

Mike is searching the flat for Penny. Adam reminds him of last night, saying this proves Penny is right that Mike needs help. Mike shrugs it off, claiming Penny will return, begging him to take her back.

Meanwhile at Danny's, he continues to moan about the lion's share of the business being left to the "tartan jockstrap" Leanne is more interested in the cash in Danny's wallet so she can go shopping.
At the factory, Mike and Adam come in arguing over Penny. Adam is trying to get Mike to call her and apologise, telling him that Penny is the best thing to happen to him in years. Danny comes out to make peace but Adam says Danny just tells Mike what he wants to hear. Adam storms off.

Leanne shows up with her shopping, including what appears to be the same Victorian bodice Sarah-Lou got for Jason. She also bought a nice top for Janice. She tells Danny she got something for him but he'll have to see it later as she's wearing it.

Later, Danny just got a big new order for the factory. Mike isn't all that happy because he's remembered that Penny turned down his proposal because she thinks he's losing it. He pulls out one his engagement rings out of his pocket. He tells Danny to give it to "whatshername." Isn't this the engraved ring? I can't keep track.

Later in his flat, Danny is recounting the day's event: the Scotch Egg and Mike are on the outs, Penny turned down his proposal, Danny scored a big contract, and Leanne gets another woman's engagement ring (to be worn on another finger). Leanne then allows Danny to see his present as the credits roll.

How vile is Danny being over this? And is anyone keeping tabs on his nicknames for Adam?


Jacqueline said...

Scotch egg and Robert the Bruce have been my favorite so far.

Now I want to make Scotch eggs....can you believe Mr. Glacia's never had one?

papasmurf said...

Such stylish font - must be the new computer ciphering machine.

Pamer said...

It was Carol that gave the engraved ring to Jamie

missusmac said...

Just how icky is it to wear another woman's engagement ring?

Oh, but not on your engagement finger. On your engagement finger would be tacky, and wrong and just plain gutter-like....but any other finger, it's fine.

Phil should be out on his keyster soon. Anyone who criticizes Gayle's parenting runs that risk. But is getting the boot from the Platt's a bad thing?

John said...

Carol did give an engraved ring to Jamie but Mike's first engagement ring has "PK MB XMAS 2005" or summat on it. I don't know if the second one was engraved.

Kristin said...

I can't stand Danny's behaviour. I love villianous characters as much as anyone, but this takes the cake. To me, it's far worse than how Tracey/Charlie/Footsie Phil/etc act. I mean, a truly evil person I can kind of respect in an odd way. But Danny, no way. So cowardly. Can only get higher on the totem pole by fooling an old man with Alzheimer's. You go, Danny!

Rob said...

I LOVE the way Vera yanks out Jack's underwear in the café to see if he's changed it recently, and concludes that he doesn't have a fancy woman.

Haven't seen that one on "The Young and the Restless" in a while.

Jacqueline said...

welcome back John btw!

Anonymous said...

That look on Ed's face when he's introduced to Mike in the Rovers (from the previous update)...

Maybe Ed's another of Mike's sons...?