Saturday, September 02, 2006

Update For Friday, Sept. 1st, 2006

Our first update! I may have taken "recap" too literally. We had to cut it down significantly. We'll get the hang of this yet!-- Working and Trev.

The show opens on dark and rainy cobblestones. In Underworld, Hayley is still standing her ground. Janice is her usual sensitive self, calling Hayley a martyr as she heads off to the Rovers.
“Mr. Baldwin, you’re making a big mistake,” Hayley says.
“One of us is,” he says arrogantly. Mike is on the warpath, backed by 40 years of in the business of women’s knickers.

Meanwhile, at the Rovers, Sunita, Shelley, Bev, and Violet sip tea in back and laugh over their recent antics. Sunita says it’s nice to laugh.
“So what are you going to do?” Violet asks and Sunita admits it’s time to work something out with Dev. “Can’t leave it ‘til the labour ward.”

Making Money the Jack Duckworth Way

Lloyd and Jack listen to the races on the radio. Lloyd’s face falls as he realizes his bet lost.
“Well, there you go,” Jack shrugs it off.
“What do you mean ‘there you go’? You said he couldn’t lose!”
“Ah well he did, didn’t he?”
Jack explains the excitement of racing to Lloyd. “Sport of kings, son, you take the rough with the smooth.”
Lloyd decides the races aren’t for him due to lack of winning.

The High Speed Blanche Connection

At the Rovers, Keith buys Audrey a drink, saying the gossip has done more for his self-esteem than anything. “Good old Blanche. I bet she can spread news faster than that Internet thing,” he adds.

Jamie’s mom tries to explain the wad of cash in her purse. “It was for Christmas presents,” she whines. Jamie accuses her of saving it for booze. She’s firm that she’s not going to blow it with new stud Eric for the sake of booze. Jamie dismisses her and stomps out. Carole goes to the bar and barks her order for a vodka tonic but never gets to drink it as Eric arrives to take her to the Clock.

Take My Baby… Please

Tracy feigns interest in Deirdre and Ken’s plans for the night, carrying the baby in front of her like a sack of rancid potatoes. Deirdre refuses to baby-sit, “while you go out with Charlie.” Tracy takes offence and Deirdre backs down. Again.
“Mom, I will never ask for anything again.”
“On Gran’s honour.”
Deirdre surrenders. Again.

Hmm, I wonder where I put Maya’s phone numer?

At the shop, Dev and Sunita fight over the flat. Dev argues the logistics of living in an second floor flat when you have twins and strollers to wrangle. She sees it as a retreat from everything bad, including him. He says she should be in the house with him, using the ever effective argument, “I married you.”
She threatens to raise the twins in the pub, saying, “You let me have the flat. No, in fact, you GIVE me the flat.”

At the Clock, Carole is going off about all the posh London restaurants she’s been to when it occurs to her that Eric is barely listening. In fact, he’s staring at an elegant lady in white across the room. “She’s attractive, isn’t she,” he says dreamily.
The lady finally crosses the floor. Turns out Eric’s been using dates to stalk his own wife. Wifey cuts Eric down to size and tells Carole to enjoy her meal as “he’s got nothing else to offer.”
Eric promises he won’t look any more and can’t they just finish their dinner?
“We can’t," Carole replies.
“Why not?”
She gives a good yank on the table cloth, sending plates and cutlery flying. “Because it’s on the floor.”

And the Hypocrisy Award Goes to…

Back in Roy’s Rolls, Hayley and Roy try to convince the Underworld workers to strike in solidarity. Janice says that Hayley fired herself so it’s totally different. They all argue they’re too broke and it’s too close to Christmas.
“I’m not going on strike for you or anybody else,” Janice announces and takes her leave, Kelly in tow. Hayley tries to convince Shawn to take her side, but he just can’t.
“I’m disappointed in you, Shawn. You’ve let Hayley down,” Roy admonishes.
“Everybody’s let me down,” Hayle says, “At least Shawn’s given it some thought.” She looks defeated.

Meanwhile, Penny is at the Rovers looking for Mike. He was due home ages ago and is nowhere to be found, but Danny is more interested in buying Carole a double vodka. Danny’s taunting inspires Carole to order a tonic water instead.

At the shop, Craig and Rosie are talking about the school dance while Penny asks Deirdre if she’s seen Mike. Deirdre then takes Craig to task for gossiping instead of working. Rosie lips off and Deirdre threatens, “do you want me to have a word with your mother?” Rosie backs right down. Growth, or is Deirdre that scary?

Kelly gives Lloyd crap for owing 10,000 quid, saying he has to “sort that Tina trollop out” and breaking it to Steve that Lloyd’s finances are not so much in order. Steve is understandably concerned.

Chapter 85,000,000 in the Battle of the Sexes

Jason gets yet another call for gay massage. “Lucky you, anyone nice?” Shawn jokes.
“I’ll deal with you when I come back,” Jason threatens.
“Oh, promises, promises J-boy,” Shawn replies. Jason starts to blow his lid, so Violet fesses up, seconded by Shelley and Sunita. J-boy exits to peals of laughter. Violet and Shawn hug and make up.

Oh Mike, Break out the Depends and the Apple sauce.

Mike finally arrives home to a very worried Penny. “Is there any hot water? I want to take a bath.”
“There’s always hot water,” Penny frowns.
“Okay!” he sings. Penny asks him where he’s been and he says he’s been “round and about, here and there.” He’s out of it. Penny is worried.


Jackie said...

I have a hunch that maybe Carol is the one stealing the money from the factory? Did anyone else find it odd, that in the same show they find out that the money is missing, Carol has a great big wad of it in her purse???

Jacqueline said...

D'uh! Of course, that makes sense!

Never crossed my mind.

Great job Saskachewanians!

missusmac said...

Her last name is probably still Baldwin, so she can cash a cheque.

That's what makes Mike and dim Adam's searching idea so stupid.

As Danny keeps saying, "what can these factory girls do with a cheque? Most of them don't even have bank accounts?"

Good update! Very nice.

GoBetty said...

Yup, I thought of the Carol Balwin thing too... but whatever. Poor old Mike.

howdi said...

I never thought of the Carol/missing money connection. Good one!
No wonder I have never been right guessing the outcome of a Corrie storyline.