Saturday, September 16, 2006

Update For Friday, Sept. 15th, 2006


Appropriately, I forgot it was my turn to update. Having deleted the episode, I had to get a little help from Corrie archives. The Penny to my Mike.


Steve and Ronny are sharing a cozy Boxing Day moment on the couch when Ronnie has to go and bring up Jimmy. So Steve brings up Karen. Steve wonders out loud why he attracts the psychos and while it’s a logical question from our point of view, Ronnie must have thought he was joking because she doesn’t kick him in the nuts.

At the cab office, Steve stares menacingly at a gift left on the counter. It’s for Ronnie and as she opens the card, a piece of paper falls to the ground. She quickly hides it. The present is an amethyst bracelet from Jimmy, which isn’t okay with Steve. He asks how Jimmy would have gotten something like that from jail and Ronnie replies, “contacts.” Steve points out that his dad is in jail and doesn’t have contacts. Ronnie leaves in a huff.

They catch up later at the Rovers. She points out she’s not wearing the bracelet but admits that Jimmy probably knows about the money she took. She has to go see him and make things right. Steve freaks out. How could she let this happen? Did she forget that Jimmy tried to kill him? She tells him to shut up and Steve slips, “no wonder he used to knock you about….” He apologizes but it’s too late. Ronnie storms off.


Cilla and Les are enjoying a Boxing Day pint at the Rovers when she gets a text from Chesney asking when they are going to be home. Les points out the boy has been home alone for two hours. Cilla’s unconcerned because Chesney has the best sitter in the world – the television. When her chippy boss ‘Wongy’ comes in, Cilla jumps at the chance for a free triple brandy and a bag of cheese and onion.


At the Rovers, it’s champagne for all as Fred announces loudly and proudly that he’s going to be a granddad again. Liz, wearing a tight t-shirt emblazoned with the three R’s of Vernon’s band (her Christmas present from him), is quite impressed Fred’s being so generous with the bubbly. Bev says it’s a cheap, leftover brand that they could have used to strip paint. Liz thinks it’s quite good.

Enter Ashley and Claire who are right pissed that Fred has told everyone about the still early pregnancy. They are off to the Queen’s Arms when Bev stops them and pleads Fred’s case. Fred turns on the puppy dog eyes and they decide to forgive him.


When asked her favourite gift, Sally says she likes her Kate Bush CD from Kevin and the pink dressing gown from the girls. Sophie wants to hit the sales for a booster bra. Sally says that at age eleven, Sophie should be out playing with her friends, not buying booster bras. Kevin reminds Sally of her own less than pristine youth. Sally says something about wanting better things, and Kevin asks if she means better than him. She says of course not but Kev looks unconvinced.


Frankie is on the phone teaching Warren how to cook when Jamie interrupts her. Carol is missing. Frankie thinks Carol is likely embarrassed about her performance and is probably walking it off. Jamie thinks she's more likely in a gutter. Frankie tells him not to worry and he replies he's not going to. Is Jamie done with Mum?


Leanne and Danny enjoy Boxing Day breakfast with Champagne and lemon seasoned mushrooms, which Danny learned to make from “she who shall not be named,” meaning Frankie, judging from the look on Leanne’s face. Leanne wants it to be a Christmas ‘do-over’ since they’d both rather forget the previous night.

What they can’t forget is Mike’s odd behavior. Danny is the first to say the A-word: Alzheimer’s. Leanne thinks it’s a bit too far fetched but Danny’s concerned about the business.

Later at the Rovers, Leanne tells Janice about Mike and Janice doesn’t seem to take it too seriously, either. She’s too distracted by the expensive porcelain figurine Leanne bought her for Christmas. Leanne justifies it, saying Janice works hard to put money in Danny’s pocket, so she might as well get some back.


Penny is cooking up breakfast when Mike enters and shrugs off the whole scene the night before. Penny’s having none of it, confronting him about his memory loss. He tries to blame Carol for the whole night. Viv is no help, accusing Penny of overreacting and saying Mike’s probably just stressed and will he take her to the sales like he promised?

When they’re gone, Penny takes Adam into her confidence and begs his help in convincing Mike to see a doctor. Adam is visibly upset that this is happening to his dad, trying to recover quickly when Mike and Viv return bearing sales bags. But Mike’s seen him and asks what’s up. Penny replies that Adam is worried. Viv tries to change the subject and then accuses Penny of being overbearing, but Penny looses her patience with ol’ Viv.

Mike challenges Penny on what makes her think he needs to see a doctor. She reminds him of the day before, when he forgot his own brother was dead and got lost on Coronation Street, a street he’s known his whole life. Adam offers to do more at the factory to help take the load off, but Mike says the real issue is between Adam and Danny. Adam admits he is not going to acknowledge Danny as his brother but Penny insists that’s not the real problem. Mike flips, yelling that he's the head of the factory and of this family. He will not be questioned.


missusmac said...

Good summary! Danny's mother was quite rude to Penny, wasn't she?

Working From Home Today said...

Maybe Viv still holds a torch for Mike. Nice to see him all tough and strong at the end, but doesn't quite get rid of the memory of him crying in Jamie's arms. In reference to Jacqueline's post, kind of like the old lion's last stand.

Karen said...

I've never been a big fan of Mike's and at times wish his character would get caught in one of the sewing machines and die a horrible, satin and lace covered death. However, seeing him in the restaurant and then in front of the factory crying in Jamie's arms brought tears to my eyes. I'm curious to see where the writers will eventually take his storyline.

Anonymous said...

MVB = Aslan

Jacqueline said...


GoBetty said...

Viv is a DOUCHEBAG! I loved when Leanne bought the figurine for Janice.

John said...

I loved the look Kevin gave Sally when she said she wanted better things.

Thanks, dear. Love you too.

missusmac said...

Douchebag! Haha, haven't heard that in years. Haven't said in years either. Hmmm, how to work that into current conversations?

GoBetty said...

I think "douchebag" is the N. American equivalent of "cow".