Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Update for Episode # 6191, September 13, 2006

The Cornation Street Christmas Episode - Part I

The Happy Household

Claire and Ashley are having a cozy start to their Christmas/Anniversary gift exchange. Ashley gives Claire some lovely jewelry. Claire has a special gift for her husband that he has to close his eyes for, but the moment is interrupted by the arrival of Fred and Joshua, who is espceially keen on opening his presents. All in all a bucolic family moment.

The Three's Company Household

Carol and Jamie are ensconsed on the sofa after having opened their Christmas gifts without waiting for the third member of the house to share in the event. Frankie, looking fab in a mauve dressing gown, makes her way down the stairs and discovers that she has been left out of the special family moment - in her own home mind you. Carol points out the great gift she got for Jamie and how expensive it was. Frankie points out it the ring is a bit big and it might fall off and get lost. The two women snipe at each other for a while before Jamie calms them down.

Carol, intuitive soul that she is, decides this is an opportune moment to bring up the idea of her and Jamie moving out and finding a place of their own together. Jamie gamely tries to defend himself but the damage is done. Nothing says I love you more than telling your step-mom you're thinking of moving out and leaving her on her own - on Christmas day.

Thankfully the phone rings and brings some Christmas cheer for Francesca. It's Warren, the mumbling cut-rate galactico, calling from Espana to wish his mother happy holidays.

The Alternate Universe Household

Fiz and Leanne show up at the Battersby-Browns, which has a sign in the window that says 'Santas Grot'. (grotto perhaps?) Expecting the worst, they steel their nerves and go in to find - a strangely normal family gathering. Cilla and Yana are getting the foodstuffs ready. Les, Kirk and Chesney are having a game of (contact) Twister.

Normal service is resumed soon enough when Cilla discovers that the cooker isn't working and there is no way to cook the 15 pound one-legged turkey. Les is crushed, 'The Battersbys go hungry at Christmas again'. The day is saved though when someone has an idea and before long they are watching the bird cook - on the sun bed. Not a perfect ending but still pretty good for this lot.

The Teenagers in Lust Households

Keith and Audrey go off for dinner at the Platt household without Craig, who is not in the mood to be social. This would be completely understandable behaviour under the circumstances, with his family all being dead or in prison.

However, his real intentions are made clear soon enough, being a teenage male and all, when he texts Rosie to tell her that he has the place all to his own and he has a very special 'gift' for her. (winkwinknudgenudge)

Rosie is enjoying a fun family dinner with her clan until her mobile rings.All of a sudden she wants to go and visit Craig, and since dinner is done, there's no reason for her to hang around any longer with her boring family on Christmas day. Sally puts her foot down though and tells Rosie to stay home, Craig can wait for another day.

The Not So Happy Households

Steve and Ronnie (who is looking quite unattractive in her outfit) are getting ready to face the day when she gives Steve one last Christmas gift. He protests a bit but opens it quickly enough and finds 5000 Pounds. It seems Steve had been moaning about how skint he was for some time so Ronnie thought she could alleviate his problems by giving him some cash. Cash that she had taken from her crazed ex-husband's secret stash.

Yes, the one who tried to kill them.

Steve is undestandably upset by this line of thinking, wondering if Jimmy will try to finish the job of killing them when he gets out of prison. Ronnie defends her actions, saying she only took half the money from the stash. Steve accepts this logic, maybe Jimmy will only cut their legs off instead of killing them outright...

Vernon comes out of the cougar den and apologizes for his drums being in the way.

Meanwhile at the Barlows Blanche is giving Deirdre a hard time for not basting the turkey enough. Tracey shows up with Amy and there is some Christmas cheer in the house for a moment or two. Tracey is her usual bitchy self though and the good mood is quickly gone.

Steve and Ronnie show up at Number 1 so he can give Amy her presents. Bringing Ronnie along for the occasion seems to be a bad idea, she is clearly uncomfortable and is soon having a glass of sherry and a go at Steve. Tracey, always happy with other people's misery, changes her plans to go the pub and sticks around to watch the fireworks.

The Divided Household

Adam is opening the gift he has received from Mike. As is usually the case with Mike, it is an expensive gift, an Omega wristwatch just like the one Michael Schumacher wears. Penny shows up and opens her gift from Mike, which turns out to be a road atlas, not quite what she had expected one would suspect. Mike reminds her of the time they were lost on a trip because her car didn't have a road atlas. Gracious woman that she is, Penny thanks him for his 'thoughtful' gift.

The Baldwin clan show up at The Clock for their festive dinner. While waiting for Mom to arrive from London, the men go to the bar for a drink while Penny and Leanne have a special moment of bonding. Leanne asks Penny, since they are both dating older men, what happens when they (the women that is) are in their best years for doing the horiziontal limbo and their male counterparts are well past their sexual prime* Penny, again showing her grace and dignity, chooses to not to dignify Leanne's inquiries with a response.

*This is a myth perpetrated by the drug companies to sell their evil pills. Trust me ladies, experience is always better than youthful enthusiasm. (winkwinknudgenudgesaynomoresaynomore)

Also at The Clock for their dinner are Carol and Eric. Sadly for them Danny spots the two and makes his way over to spread a little holiday jeer to all and sundry. This is upsetting enough to make Carol have a small glass of wine, which leads to more wine, which leads to drinking too much and showing that unhappy side of her personality. A Christmas day that started so well for Carol looks sadly like it will end badly for her.

Mom still hasn't shown up for the famly do and the boys are getting deeper into their wine. Adam starts discussing Leanne's sexual past with different Baldwin men, how she has had three over the years, and if she had a go with Mike and Adam she could make a clean sweep of it. Danny tells Robert the Bruce to 'turn it in', else he get a 'festive fist in the face'. Leanne threatens to give him a slap as well. Mike, showing he still has a bit of steam left in his engine, gets everyone to calm down, telling Adam to lay off the wine and reminding Danny of what a cocky little git he used to be when he was younger. Calm is retored for the moment but I don't think a peaceful Christmas is in store for this bunch.


Jacqueline said...

*This is a myth perpetrated by the drug companies to sell their evil pills. Trust me ladies, experience is always better than youthful enthusiasm.


missusmac said...

Thank you for pointing out Ronnie looked unattractive in her outfit.

She looked downright matronly, which Steve, whose youthful enthusiasm I would excuse, does not deserve!

These Christmas episodes have been interesting because all the families are being included.

I believed traditionally Corrie focused on one family, or two, during these episodes. I always thought it was done to give the rest of the cast a Christmas holiday?

Kristin said...

leanne slept with jamie and danny. who was the third baldwin?

John said...

Now THIS was one of the two episodes I saw in Scotland last Christmas. I spent much of the time asking, "Who the Hell ARE these people?!" It aired Christmas Day, just before we switched over to the new Doctor Who.

papasmurf said...

I was pretty sure that Adam made reference to three Baldwin men and Leanne during the dinner, but I may have gotten it wrong. I did a little research but could find no historical reference to a third Baldwin liason avec Leanne. I will watch again on Sunday morning and see if Adam is any clearer then.

GoBetty said...

There was a third Baldwin mentioned but I didn't catch who it was. Leanne is a ho! And I love her!

Ronnie did look bad in her outfit but this is one of the fwe times we've seen her body. Prior to this we've really only seen her from the boobs up. She ain't no Karen but I do have a fondness for fuller figured women. Go Moley!

And for several minutes I didn't know why Fiz and Leanne were both chex Battersby but then it dawned on me - they're step-sisters. :-)

Em said...

The third Baldwin was Mike's OTHER son, Mark Redman, who Leanne dated until he fell for Mike's bride-to-be, Linda Sykes. Very complicated.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks Em!

John said...

I thought the actor just made a mistake when he said three because he made reference to a Baldwin hattrick.

I loved Penny putting Leanne in her place. 'I think we should talk about something else.' I like Leanne but my God, that woman is bereft of tact sometimes.

GoBetty said...

Come on, Leanne was SO taking the piss.

Em said...

No problem - glad to be of assistance. For the record, Mike's other son was a bit of a cutie!