Monday, September 11, 2006

Update for Episode # 6189 September 11, 2006

Jack Duckworth - A wonderful wreck of a man

The Christmas Cheer Episode

Number 6

Keith and Craig have gone to visit Angela in prison, a surefire way to get anyone into the Christmas spirit. Audrey and Keith have a quiet chat about the experience and how Keith is ill-suited for the job of caregiver and family for Craig. Audrey tells him he is doing fine and invites the two to the Platts for Christmas. After much sputtering Keith accepts the invitation.

When Keith returns home he finds Craig and Rosie snogging on the sofa and blows his top. Rosie sensibly makes a hasty departure. Keith tries to apologize for his outburst but Craig ignores his grandfather and slinks off to his room.

Number 11

Eileen is in her sitting room looking morose, a picture of Todd prominently on display near the yet undecorated Christmas tree. Later she bumps into Phil on the street, who gamely offers to help her carry her shopping. The two end up having tea at hers and Eileen proceeds to pour out her heart, about how Todd was going to be absent for Christmas, about how it was his favourite time of the year, about how much damage had been done by the children of the two families. In the end Phil gives her a hug and helps to decorate the tree in the Grimshaw house, the job Todd used to have.

Number 8

We see Gail and Phil leave for work in the morning and get a nice closeup of a goodbye kiss between the two. Where are the censors when you need them? They return home a short while later because Phil forgot his satchel and Gail has to let him in to retrieve it. Gail then takes her house key and gives it to Phil, telling him it's only for a short while and besides, it's not a wedding ring or anything. It might only be me, but Phil seemed less than thrilled to have been given the key.

Number 7

Carol and Frankie are having a chat about life and family and men. Along the way Carol tells Frankie to remember that Jamie is not her son.

Frankie has been invited out for a drink by Nathan. Carol thinks this is good news, that Frankie needs to get out more. Jamie however, seems less excited by this prospect. Frankie goes out, looking fabulous as always, but is home fairly quickly. Carol has a bit of a go at Frankie, who goes off to bed. Carol and Jamie have words and in the end it seems that Jamie looks a bit jealous* of Frankie going out on a date.

*Thunder Bay pingfest regular Rob predicted this development a while back. Mind you he has pictures of Debra Stephenson plastered all over his bedroom.

Number 9

Jack is desperate to find some work so he can get some money to buy the right Christmas present for Vera - the Edward VII Coronation mug. He offers to sweep and brew at the garage but Kevin has nothing for him. Tyrone suggests Jack sell a few of his pigeons but he would rather sell his soul. He then tries his luck at The Rovers but Fred isn't interested in what Jack has to offer. Poor Jack is left feeling old and cold - suddenly made aware of little life he has left.

Later we see Jack in the cafe perusing the want ads. He sees an ad by an artist named 'John Smith' looking for models, regardless of their size and shape. This seems perfect so Jack repsonds and ends up meeting the artist in a random pub somewhere. It turns out that John Smith is actually Hilary Saunders, and that Jack is the subject she has been looking for all her life. She wants to capture his essence in life and in death. (whatever that means) Although the talk of death seems a bit ominous, Jack is willing to give it a go, providing Hilary pays him 200 quid up front for his services. Strangely enough she gives Jack the money. (having just met him and made no other arrangements)

So Christmas is saved for the Duckworths. Jack is able to buy a particularily ugly Edward VII Coronation mug for his beloved, thereby saving his wretched hide.


Jacqueline said...

for a second, when 'John Smith' showed up, I thought 'Oh my god, angela's escaped from prison and she looks like shit!'

Kristin said...

i know...i thought it was angela too. that's what hard time does to a person

missusmac said...

She looked to me like grown-up Molly!

I miss Angela, I liked her.

Hands up, everyone: how disastrous do you think Christmas chez Platt is going to be?

Ditto chez Clock?

Working From Home Today said...

I think it's going to be a truly disasterous Christmas on the Street.

Anonymous said...

If I was in Eileen's shoes I would say to hell with Jason and spend Christmas with Todd.

Why is that horrid Carol still living at Frankie's, she has a job why doesn't she get her own place!

GoBetty said...

Wasn't it last Christmas when my favourite and beloved Karen (ex of Steve) stompled off the street?

John said...

Yup. She even got the Coronation St. Extendamix theme when she walked off.

You can pretty much rest assured they won't spend the day quietly eating their turkey dinners.