Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Update for Episode # 6185 September 6, 2006

The management team at Underworld in an intense staff meeting.

The MacDonalds

Steve is up early in his flat and proceeds to trip over various and sundry bits of drum kit scattered about the floor. Liz comes out of her boudoir and tells him to keep quiet, because Vernon needs his sleep after a late gig and a night of shagging the queen of the Cougars.

Later at Streetcars Lloyd and Steve have a chat about the current sleeping arrangements with Steve and Ronnie. It seems Steve is Mister Cranky Pants because Ronnie spent the night in her flat. Her first night alone in her flat that is. Steve is turning into an insecure possessive git just like the ex-husband used to be. They kiss and make up in the the end though. Steve and Ronnie that is.

The Websters

Sally and Kevin come into the dining room and find Rosie crying into her breakfast. Being concerned parents they try to find out what is wrong - did something go horribly wrong at the Oak Hill dance the night before? Did Craig break up with her? Was there another girl? It turns out that during the dance Craig went to the loo and failed to return in a reasonable amount of time. Fearing the worst, Rosie went looking for him and found him in a compromising position - eating a sausage roll.

It seems that Craig claimed to be a vegetarian because of his love for Rosie, and if he is eating a sausage roll, ergo he must no longer love Rosie, hence the tears.

Later on after some awkward conversation, and Rosie finding Craig in another compromising postion the two young love birds make up and have a snog in the doorway of number 13.

The Baldwins

Adam continues to try and wind Danny up over the hotel bills and anything else he can think of. Danny continues to mutter into his scotch about sending his kilt clad kid brother back over Hadrian's Wall with a good kick in the arse. Leanne continues to whisper into Danny's ear about how he has to get into Mike's good books and keep Adam out of the big chair at the factory. Mike continues to be oblivious about what is transpiring between his sons.

Carol and Jamie have a chat in the cafe about what Carol can do in the future for work since she no longer has a job at the bookies. Luckily for her boss Eric from comes in to apologize for his caddish behaviour at The Clock and let her know that she was never fired after all, he thought she had left on her own volition. In the end, all is well.

The Platts

Gail and Phil are spending some quality time together and Phil manages to weasel himself a Christmas invite with Gail and her happy brood.

Gail gets a call on her mobile from the school informing her that David is truant, and not for the first time it would seem. When Gail sees David on the street later she confronts him about missing school but he deflects what his mom has to say and walks off.

Phil offers pyschological insights about David's behaviour, but to no avail. A phone call to Martin in Liverpool is of no help either, as he has to go the Christmas do from Robyn's workplace.

The Alahans

Sunita is shopping at the Corner Shop since it is too far to the Freshco. Her and Dev snipe at each other as is their wont these days. In the end Sunita doesn't pay for her goods and Dev can't carry her bags up to the flat.

Amber comes in and tells Dev 'I seriously hate you'. Nice. They have a chat about family matters and why things are the way they are. No resolution is reached but Amber seems intent on calling her father 'King Dev'.

Later when Craig is working in the shop Amber comes in and proceeds to behave in a suspicious fashion. Craig threatens to call the police and then tries to subdue Amber. Of course Rosie walks in at this moment and finds the two teens in what looks like some sort of an embrace. (see earlier compromising position reference) Craig says that Amber is barmy and has never seem her before in his life. Dev comes back and order is restored.

Norris and Keith and Kelly and Lloyd and Betty

Keith and Norris are in The Kabin talking about the good old days when you could buy a house for a tuppence and how foolish it is to waste money on lottery tickets.

Kelly comes in and buys a Scratch and win and wins 2500 pounds. Much rejoicing ensues. A short time later we see the girls from Underworld drinking champagne at The Rovers. Lloyd advises Kelly not to spend her winnings on drink but she puts him in his place, saying she is only spending her earnings.

Betty is done her Christmas shopping well in advance, seemingly because most of her loved ones are already dead.


Rob said...

papasmurf, that picture of Larry, Curly and Moe as the Underpants management team is a brilliant are my hero!

I was sure that when Ronnie first appeared her mole was missing, then the next scene at the Rovers it was back...maybe it was a trick of the light?

Is Phil looking a little less scruffy than usual?...maybe he's shaved for the holidays?

missusmac said...

I do believe Phil has shaved, probably in readiness for aftershave he will find under the Platt tree.

I love Amber! She is seriously going to take the wind out of Dev's sails, the pompousity out of his pomp so to speak.

What did Danny call Adam -- mini Braveheart? Some seriously good writing for Danny lately -- as there was in this update.

Thanks papasmurf!

Working From Home Today said...

Yeah, I'm with you on the whole Amber thing. Glad to see her. She is slightly annoying but then again, so is her father.

Jacqueline said...

I like the the 'King Dev' line. Bring on more Amber! She's the Blanche of the teeny-bopper set.

John said...

Thanks for the update Papasmurf. It's much appreciated.

I'm still sans computer these days but I'm taking my bit out to a friend's house on Sunday to see if he can fix it. I may end up with a Linux system when all is done.

John said...

Oh yeah, and Amber is awesome.

Anonymous said...

The First ever scene of Betty Turpin,

Also I have the first ever colour Transmitted Corrie.

From Tinyvi

Anonymous said...

Danny to Leanne on his wee step brother Adam: I'll have his bits for bagpipes if he gets on my nerves today... brill! (after the mini Braveheart line) Mactavish, lolz!