Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tuesday's Update

I missed the first 3 minutes of last night’s show, so feel free to comment.

We Got Boobies
I came in when Sally was telling the other factory girls about Sophie’s obsession with the padded bra. This led to much girly talk about everyone’s first bra.

Haley disassociates herself from the group and when Roy tells her to join her friends, she tells him no.

I’m thinking Haley’s feeling alienated by all the ‘coming of age as a woman’ talk.

We Aren’t Going on a Winter Holiday

Tracey convinces Charlie to foot the bill for a winter get away for 7 days and when he agrees she has to ask Steve if he will take care of Amy.

Steve jumps at the chance, but when he finds out that it is the same week he was planning to go on holiday with Moley, Tracey begs him to reconsider because she’s been planning this trip for a long time and she never gets a break.

He is about to cancel his holidays when he finds out that Tracey just that morning came up with the idea. He tells her too bad, she’ll have to find another sitter.

Tracey goes back to Charlie and tells him the bad news and he says it doesn’t matter because he didn’t book the trip. She looks very shocked as he says that if she can’t make it to Madeira, he’ll take someone else. Even more shock, when he continues, ‘If Madeira’s a problem; he’ll take someone else. Charlie tells her, ‘I chose when and where I take holiday, including cost and no two year old is going to factor into that.’

Oh come on, bastard that he is, didn’t you all like Tracey being put in her place?

Oh and the factory girls seem to follow Tracey like a greek chorus just to tell her that she’s a crap mom.

Mike and Jamie

Carol finally comes home after Eric has sacked her because she’s, ‘Late, dirty and can’t do the job’.

Jamie and Frankie confirm that she is late and dirty and that there’s a bit of ‘frow up’ on her jacket sleeve. Carol wants Jamie to go ask Eric for his job back, but he’s had it and tells her to get away from him.

He storms out and later Frankie finds him on the bus bench and gives him some words of encouragement. Jamie then goes to check on Mike who offers even more support.

There’s a nice scene where Jamie asks Mike if Danny slept with Leanne because he hates him. Mike explains that Danny slept with Leanne because….well, he’s a Baldwin.

There’s further discussion on the infidelities of the Baldwin clan but Mike reminds tells him that despite sleeping with his brother’s wife, he’s glad he did because Jamie is in his life.

Meanwhile, Back at the Factory.
Danny and Leanne find an engagement ring for Penny and start to worry. (But Mike has an engagement ring at the house…did he forget that he bought the first one?)

Portrait of a Hillary
Hillary keeps popping up like a muppet wherever Jack and Vera for some reason.

They discuss the portrait and she is now saying that she might not have to do potrait with their cremated remains, but rather with body part – or shall we say secretions such as….hold on to your hats…vomit.

This is all too much for Vera (and Glacia) who no longer cares how much money is involved, she’s not on for barfing.

Jack however, with dollar signs in his eyes makes a deal with Hillary to go back to the original plan of having only him sit for the potrait.


Rob said...

Jacqueline, you may have come in too late to see that Tracey had overheard Liz and Deidre talking about Steve and Moley's upcoming trip - so devious Tracey knew exactly what she was doing when she talked Charlie into booking a trip at the same time.

Or at least she THOUGHT he was booking the holiday...and yes, I enjoyed seeing the look on Tracey's face when she realized that she may have met her match in nastiness.

And how about the part of Mike's sweet advice to Jamie about finding someone you love...and seeing Jamie thinking "I already have..." Whoa, more great plotlines to come!

papasmurf said...

Hilary cracks me up.

I wonder if we'll get to see Moley in her swimsuit.

Maybe she's covered in moles..

John said...

I think Hayley's sad because she never came of age as a woman. Every now and again, no matter how nice and well-liked she is, she's reminded that she's not like the other girls. Sad, really.

But has anyone noticed she's wearing more make-up than usual?

Mike did forget his first engagement ring at the office. He intended to propose to Penny Xmas Eve. Then he forgot and bought a new one.

Again, very sad.

missusmac said...

I taped this episode, and admit that after about 45 seconds I fast-forwarded through the artist's conversation about body fluids.

For once, Vera and I had something in common. yeccccchhhh!